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In The Bank Manager's Cupboard. Part Twenty-two

posted by: "Christine" at u4ds.com / MsChristine.com
posted on: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 20:39:14 +0100

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In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - by Ms. Christine
Copyright 1986-2009 Christine and David Stevenson

Part Twenty-two

He little realised that Karin's video system had the
benefit of such a sensitive microphone, and that she
had left it switched on as she was drifting peacefully
towards sleep. As he whimpered with pleasure, Karin
heard him. It brought her out of her warm reverie and
angrily she switched the light back on, catching him on
tape. He was sniffing at her knickers and abusing
himself. Totally absorbed in lust.

He stopped, shocked, and looked at the wall lens. The
speaker warned, "Yes I am watching you. You disgusting
. I want no more of this public
toilet behaviour." This time she left the light on, and
the video recorder remained on guard.

As David tossed and turned trying to get to sleep he
little realised that Karin was now deep in blissful
slumber. She had turned off the monitor and left the
recorder running, confident of her control she relaxed
and returned to dreamland. David's erection had
returned and wouldn't go away. But he didn't dare to
risk wanking, even under the covers, in case she was
watching. Eventually, still hard, he slept.

David awoke to a buzzing from the speaker. As soon as
he was roused Karin switched off the alarm tone and
ordered, "Monday morning, pervert. Up and get my coffee

He went to the cupboard to get his uniform and the
speaker stopped him, "Pronto buster! You should have
dressed earlier, it's too late now."

The electronic door locked clicked as he approached it,
and he found the door unlocked. He made his way to the
kitchen, scurrying quickly through Karin's bedroom,
ashamed of his nakedness. He found a menu pinned above
the work surface in the kitchen, and laid the table
with her breakfast requirements. When her table was
prepared, and her coffee ready, he returned to her room
to report, "Your breakfast is ready Madam."

She turned to face him, her dressing gown open, beneath
she was already dressed in her black lingerie. "Fetch
your restrainer," Karin ordered.

He scuttled away to return quickly with the restrainer.
She strapped him in as before. Taking hold of his
genitals from behind him, she frog marched him before
her into her bathroom.

In the bathroom was a perspex toilet which she
indicated he was to place his head into. He hesitated
and she slapped his buttocks with the palm of her hand.
"Don't try my patience after the way you behaved last
night," she warned.

As he lay on the floor, placing his head in the slot
provided, he couldn't believe she really intended what
he suspected. Was there no limit to the lengths she
would go to?

His neck was supported by the rubber beading around the
semi circular base of the slot. His head lay in the
rounded depression on the floor of the box like
construction. She slid another perspex panel into the
slot his neck had entered. This panel also had a
rubberised seal which fitted neatly around his neck.
Karin lowered the top, and then the toilet seat into
place and secured the whole arrangement with catches,
locking him in place. David begged, "Please don't do
this to me Madam, I beg you."

Karin interrupted, "Absolute silence wanker, I'll tell
you when you can speak. You behaved like a toilet
pervert last night, so I'm going to treat you like


Part Twenty-three is at:-



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