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The Lady's not for twittering

From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 15:12:11 +0100


I replied to the sender of one of those spam invites from one of

Book_a_ Twit_Sit_on_My_Face_Fill_a_Space_Get_a_Life web sites.

As usual I told the person sending the "invitation" that I had
better things to do with my time.

I suggested that DOMestic which has now been going for 13 years
provides plenty of ways to stay in contact with everyone in this
community and/or me. It also does this without sending spam to
anybody in your address book.

I received an apology which made two key points that I felt the
need to reply to...

1. They hadn't sent the invite. It was because their address
book had been hacked.

2. MsChristine.com is "only" for femdommes and their slaves.

Both those points are plain wrong.

In answer to (1):-

Your address was not hacked. It's in the small print. You
specifically agree to it when you sign up for one of these so
called social networking sites. Your address book is
incorporated into their system and everybody in your address
book gets at least one spam message. Many of these sites keep
pestering your address book, and in our case at DOMestic we just
respond to this by blacklisting the senders so that all mail
from them goes into junk mail thereafter.

One benefit of DOMestic not sending out email addresses of the
folk who post here is that it makes it most unlikely that one of
these twitterers will have your address in their address book to
send the spam to.

In answer to (2):-

"Only FemDom"?

That's not what it says anywhere on the DOMestic site, and I
have constantly reiterated that this is not the case every time
anybody says that on DOMestic. The list description and welcome
message says otherwise.

I quote from....


where it has said the following for the last thirteen years...

"The moderators primary interest is FemDom, so it is likely that
the list will attract this kind of post. But we are open minded
and like to read about other variations of dom-sub. Male
dominants and female submissives are welcome
to participate."

Also at


Note the key words include "and"

"DOMestic Bdsm and Female Domination"

"Domination, Submission, Sexual and Sadomasochistic Role Play
for Loving Couples."

Now, to return to the matter of those:-

Book_a_ Twit_Sit_on_My_Face_Fill_a_Space_Get_a_Life web sites

To paraphrase a well known political comment in the UK.

"You twitter if you want to. The Lady's not for twittering!"

DOMestic is not for twits and if you think you can say anything serious
and worthwhile in less that 140 characters, you are probably wrong
and it's usually not worth reading or hearing.

But perhaps it is the short attention span of "twitterers" that
causes these very same folk to not read the conditions or
welcome messages when they sign up to DOMestic, or indeed when
they join any of these so called social networking web sites.

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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