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In The Bank Manager's Cupboard. Twenty-seven

posted by: "Christine" at u4ds.com / MsChristine.com
posted on: Fri, 05 Jun 2009 14:57:21 +0100

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In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - by Ms. Christine
Copyright 1986-2009 Christine and David Stevenson

Part Twenty-seven

David dejectedly climbed on the bed as Karin grinned at
his frustration. He was beginning to realise the
lengths she would go to, to keep him in this permanent
state of frustration.

His hopes rose again when Karin climbed astride his
hips and started to writhe her vulva against his penis.
Perhaps after all she had only been teasing.

One hand massaging her breast, the other stimulating
her clitoris, she was warming up quickly. After all
this had been in the back of her mind all day, and
especially over dinner at Christine's.

When David started to moan with pleasure Karin moved
back and slapped his penis. "See what I mean, thinking
of your own lustful desires again." She reached for a
ruler on the bedside table and slapped his prick with
it, stopping only when it was red raw. Karin now found
David's moans much more exciting to listen to!

All the perfect ingredients for Karin's pleasure and
excitement were now there. Male humiliation and
degradation, frustration, pain. These were her

Karin moved up, placing her clitoral area over David's
eyes. The dildo resting between her buttock cheeks. Her
fingers moving in a blur as she stimulated herself, she
teased, "Two peepholes for you to peek through, Creep."
As she neared her first peak, she moved back a little
and lowered herself onto David's 'new penis'. Moaning
in ecstasy, her first orgasm followed almost
immediately. Her second was a long time coming,
primarily because Karin was enjoying delaying it.

She had converted a man's face into an object to be
used for her pleasure. The concept was as
psychologically stimulating as it was physically. She
had managed to turn intercourse into an act of cruelty.
In the very act of taking pleasure she could
simultaneously indulge in such glorious wickedness. She
rode her new 'toy', bouncing up and down, subjecting
the face below her to a pounding. For her third orgasm
she leaned forward, using David's nose as a clitoral
stimulator, she writhed upon his face, keeping the
dildo deep within her.

The thoughts and feelings that passed through David's
mind as he lay there watching her through his two
eyeholes, defy description. He was passively indulging
in intercourse in a way that would have been beyond his
wildest imaginings only days before. Yet no physical
pleasure was given to him. Every man's dream, a woman
riding him passionately, had been perverted by her. The
intensely erotic sensation of watching a woman
vigorously writhing in intercourse now distorted. The
pleasure of knowing that you were giving her such
ecstasy, had been transmuted into a grotesque mockery.
The indignity was amplified by the excitement he felt
while being used in this way. The intense arousal
caused by watching her take her pleasure.

Karin eventually collapsed and fell off of David. She
reclined on the bed, ordering, "Undress me, Prickface."
Her joke caused a giggling fit as she watched David
attend to her, with his second prick waggling
ridiculously in front of his face. When he had
finished, Karin, still giggling, repeated the joke, "Go
to bed now Prickface. Wash the useful prick in warm
soapy water, douse the other one in cold water."

The lock clicked behind David as he entered his room.
Karin set the video to record before she fell asleep
leaving David's light on. Satiated, and too tired to
play any more games she resolved to check on David's
behaviour in the morning. Now that these video
recorders had fast scan modes, it would be easy to see
if he had misbehaved during the night. It would take
but a few moments to check. It was ironic to think that
such 'man made' technology could be so gainfully


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