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In The Bank Manager's Cupboard. Thirty

posted by: "Christine" at u4ds.com / MsChristine.com
posted on: Sun, 05 Jul 2009 04:14:37 +0100

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In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - by Ms. Christine
Copyright 1986-2009 Christine and David Stevenson

Part Thirty

Catrina Strikland pulled up outside Karin's apartment
block. She locked the car and opening the boot, she
took out her briefcase with her toys.

"Follow me," she ordered abruptly as she strode ahead
of Brian in her long leather coat, her high heels clicking
authoritatively on the pavement. Brian followed as
always, ten paces behind, having climbed out of the
boot and closed it behind him. When he was dressed as
he was, Catrina liked to make him walk alone and

It was just as well that Karin had warned the doorman
that she was having a fancy dress party. Brian was
wearing the full slave garb; shorts, ankle cuffs, tee
shirt, collar, wrist cuffs, and hood. 'D' rings were
attached for later bondage treatment, his outfit was
black leather.

The doorman downstairs politely showed Catrina to the
lift, "Good evening Madam." He raised his eyebrows as
Brian scuttled in after her, just before the doors
closed. In the lift, Catrina took out a rubber plug
gag, blindfold and lead, and snapped them all into
place on Brian's hood and collar. She led Brian to
Karin's door.

Catrina was the last to arrive and Karin was pleased
that finally the party could get into full swing. She
buzzed David to let her in. By now David had become
accustomed to his duties, less embarrassed as nobody
seemed to notice or acknowledge his presence.

As the door closed behind them Catrina took off her coat
and dumped it on David's arm. Handcuffed to the door,
David had difficulty reaching a peg to hang it on. As he
turned back he was caught by Catrina, gawping at her
outfit, or rather the barely covered body enclosed
within it.

Catrina was wearing black shiny patent boots, with
heels that must have been over four inches long. They
strapped tightly at the top of her legs, around her
thighs, barely three inches from her mound. The black
shiny material over her vulva was so soft and supple
that her features were visible through the glossy

Her outfit was a gleaming black that formed like a
second skin over those parts of her body that it
covered. It would resemble a one piece swimsuit,
except for what it left uncovered. It plunged from a
high collar style neckline, down between her totally
exposed breasts, covering the rest of her shapely
torso as though it had been painted upon her.
It passed over her mound of venus and reappeared
as a thin strap of material between her cheeks,
separating the buttocks into two shapely orbs.

Her shoulder length gloves were of the same material
and with straps to hold them in place they completed
the outfit.

Catrina slapped his face twice, "Lust is a punishable
offence, I will ask Karin for the pleasure!" She turned
on her heel, to make her entrance.

David was left with both cheeks glowing and hoping that
Karin would deny her 'the pleasure'. Although he was by
now realising the chances were slim indeed.


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