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Chastity, foot worship and the feeling of being gelded

Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 14:06:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: slaveboy

Hi All,

It's been quite some time since I have posted here such that
maybe no one remembers me. My Wife/Mistress and I have enjoyed
almost ten years of lifestyle D/s. I bought her our first
chastity device for our wedding and we took D/s vows, after the
actual wedding, in private.

Chastity has long had a deep hold on me, but after trying so
many different devices my Mistress settled on her favorite as
the Club Fem mcd because she liked the spikes and the pain I had
to endure with every arousal.

She enjoys using me for oral and she has redefined what "sex" is
for me.

For me, "sex" has been reduced to simple foot worship.
I once posted years ago on one of the ways she did this,
but I think it's worth retelling.

She would allow me to take my cage off, and then fetch the
petroleum jelly. She would often dress up for my "lesson in self
control" as she would call them. She would have me masturbate in
front of Her. She would tease me with her foot, dangling it and
pointing it at me and would order me to stop masturbating before
I could cum and then she would have me scurry over and kiss her
foot as she told me how nice it felt to have her feet kissed and
worshipped. I would be on the edge but unable to cum, with very
pleasant sensations going through me as I kissed and worshipped
her feet. After she was done, she would make me get back in the
cage and she would refer to my worship as my relief.

It was a long time until I was able to accept that I was being
conditioned to be sexless for her.

She had other, similar activities she would put me through, all
conditioning me to enjoy the pleasure of foot worship more and
more, which I learned to do in a serious way. She even began to
call me her eunuch, she said sex was only for her, and that
males are dirty and that making a "mess" in her bed was
disgusting and unacceptable.

It has evolved over the years to where we are now... "foreplay"
for me is now kissing her hand (first base) kissing Her down
there while she is clothed (second base) kissing her feet from
toes to ankle (third base) and, when she is pleased with me, she
will lift up her foot and allow me the intimacy and pleasure of
kissing the bottoms of her toes and feet (which is going all the

When she wants me to pleasure her, after she is done, she always
sends me to her feet saying "you may have your pleasure now
slave". At this point, I find it intoxicating, mostly because of
all the conditioning and training to make me realign my wants to
her wishes, and now I find her feet are highly eroticized for

Newest development:

She got me a new cage recently and things took a very different
turn after that. It's custom sized and when Mistress realized
how comfortable it was, she took everything a bit farther,
telling me that I am to stay in it for a year in her honor. She
made me take a vow that I would remain caged for the year as
long as there are no physical problems.

It's been over five weeks and I can hardly even feel that it's
there. I feel it is the best cage for many reasons. Mistress
loves it and the really cool thing is, neither of us had any
notion that very first time when she had me put it on that it
might actually stay on me forever, but that is what she has
since implied!! She said that as long as there is no reason to
remove it that it will stay on. The darn thing is so comfortable
it's amazing.

When she asked how it felt after a couple weeks in it, I told
her that it felt more like I had been gelded, because most of
the time it feels as if there's nothing there anymore. She
smiled and looked very pleased and said she liked that, adding,
"you do know that once a male is gelded there's no going back
for him" leading me to think that, should I make it for the
year, she'll have a little celebration or something to
acknowledge my 'achievement' and then expect me to continue on
as her eunuch.

New rules, implemented because of this new cage are;

I will remain caged as long as there are no physical reasons to
take it off (I can shave and clean myself easily because of it's

I may not cum. To the end, if and when it happens I must consume
it, because the thought of that deters me from wanting to cum.
Because she says that my fluids must continue to build daily in
her honor, if there is some loss it must be consumed. If she
isn't there I must report it to her.

I must accept that it is disrespectful and disobedient to her if
I do cum and that I will be punished for doing so, in addition
to having to eat it.

I must exercise daily to work off frustration and stay in shape.

I must not bring up the subject of wanting to get out because I
took a vow to stay in it.

This is all true and is not a joke or a fantasy, nor is it
embellished. Has anyone else been kept chaste for such a long
time? (assuming I can do this).

Also, how long is the longest time anyone has gone w/o cumming?
I went the first 3 1/2 weeks but had some spillage in the early
morning 2 weeks ago and swallowed it for the first time in my
life... found it disgusting and don't want to do that again so
I'm trying my best to do as she wishes.

She calls me 'patience' now and says i'll earn the name
'chastity' if i can do this for a year.

Private emails are always appreciated.

email address info

[Password] [Books] [Fem Dom Software] [Victor Bruno] [Videos / Dvd]



slaveboy wrote:

>how long is the longest time anyone has gone w/o cumming?

I have personally gone 30 and 45 days several times with my
personal best being 105 days. But I know many guys who have
literally gone months and a couple who have several years under
their 'belts'.

Super A


slaveboy wrote:

>She got me a new cage recently and things took a very different
>turn after that. It's custom sized

hello slaveboy

perhaps I am blind (i did just wake up) but I can't for the life
of me see in your post what design your new cage is? we are
awaiting a new one that was custom made by maturemetal

more to follow when it arrives



jboy wrote:

>I can't for the life of me see in your post what design your
>new cage is? we are awaiting a new one that was custom made by

I didn't post pics, but I will now. images display here:-


Yes, I work with him and they can be ordered from either of us.
You should be getting yours very soon. Please let the readers
know how you like it when it arrives. These are the two I most
highly recommend. The more enclosed one is the most comfortable.

I'll have another, better website up soon and I'll send the link
when I have it up and running.

I've sent in another more detailed posting about why these are
so good. Thanks for your interest jboy.

Re: chastity and not cumming, Super A wrote:-

>I have personally gone 30 and 45 days several times with my
>personal best being 105 days. But I know many guys who have
>literally gone months and a couple who have several years under
>their 'belts'.

WOW!!! And is this with no cumming at all?

I'm resigned to wearing my cage indefinitely as Mistress is
quite serious about that. However, it's another thing entirely,
at least for me, to not cum, even when wearing a cage. I am
trying to go as long as possible but 3 1/2 weeks is it so far
for me, so I applaud your ability to go that long.

I can manipulate any cage enough to cum if I've been in it long
enough, so Mistress made additional rules to help prevent me
from cumming. It's kind of funny how this got going, so maybe a
little background will help.

We were watching an episode of Entourage one day and someone
made a remark in it that a friend hadn't been laid in so long
he's almost a virgin. I looked at Mistress and asked how long
she thought a person would have to go without sex to be
considered a virgin. She said "at least a year" and the subject
was dropped.

A couple weeks later She brought it up and said She would like
me to become a "virgin" in Her honor. I agreed of course, and
She decided that the year would begin on my birthday, which was
coming up at the time. She added that a virgin could not even
cum, or it would lose it's status as a "virgin trainee" and
would have to start again. She said the only way to stay on
track would be to consume my accident and be "fluid neutral".
So, to maintain my status as "virgin trainee" i had to either
not cum or immediately consume the fluid that I had "stolen"
from Her.

I think it's disgusting to have to do that, so any accidents are
few and far between but I cannot seem to go as long as I would
like or as long as Super A has achieved. I've since eaten my
discharge twice and found it disgusting so am trying hard to
avoid that again.

Mistress tells me how much She enjoys training me to be
'virtuous' in Her honor. As frustrated as I get, I'm also really
proud to be doing this for Her. I'm really looking forward to
completing the year and attaining "virgin status". I'm sure
there will be a nice celebration when it happens.

I'm also thankful that I'm doing this in my new chastity cage
because it makes staying caged much easier and more comfortable.
I've posted more info on the cage at:-


telling people how they can arrange to get one for themselves if
they're interested.


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