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how to fuck hubby with a strap-on

From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 11:43:57 +0100

You'll see and hear a lot of fantasy stuff on the 'net, some of
it will be nonsense, and some may be the opposite of what is

If you indulge in anal play, always make sure the dildo, plug,
finger or cock is clean. Always use a condom on cock or dildo
and a rubber glove on fingers, and always use lots of lubricant.
You can never have too much lubricant.

If you are going to have him suck it, and then fuck him with it,
then change condoms as you change orifices. The bacteria in his
anus are not meant for his mouth, and the bacteria in his mouth
are not meant for the anus. Wiping the dildo clean is not

You can surreptitiously change the condom while you are out of
sight behind him, which will allow you to "mind fuck" him by
telling him to "lick and suck it clean" when in fact the condom
he is licking and sucking is brand new and already clean.

Of course making him suck it beforehand is fun, "Get my dick wet
and ready for you slut!"

So have him suck the dildo before you put the condom on it, and
take the condom off it before you have him lick it clean
afterwards. If he's blindfolded so much the better for the
potential mind games.

I like David wearing a hood with eye slits that I can cover and
remove thus allowing me to control what he sees and when. I like
him to the see the strap on in place over my vulva, and looking
powerful and threatening. The hood restricts his hearing all the
time so he can't tell whether I'm opening a condom packet, or
getting out another rubber glove from the pack of disposables in
my dressing table.

For entering the anus use a water based silicone type lube, and
do not use hand creams or other products which were not designed
for internal use and may cause irritation. A fairly good rule
for folk who don't have access to sex shops and specialist
lubricants is that if the pharmacist sells it for lubricating a
woman's vagina during sex, it should at least be safe for
internal use.

Ignore anyone who suggests you start out by going all the way in
with a ten-incher. Obviously males differ in size, and a newbie
may not be ready for ten inches the first time, and don't take
such ideas away from watching fantasy videos. Start out small,
and if he is into bigger and bigger stretching you can work up
to larger ones later.

A flesh and blood cock feels when it is encountering resistance,
and the user should adapt their technique accordingly. It's
harder to do that with a dildo, so small in size, straight, and
gentle in use is the best rule for beginners.

Do not take any notice of people who suggest using lubricants
with brand names that suggest they ease pain during penetration.
Pain is a signal to stop or change what you are doing, so it is
a very bad idea to hide or mask pain.

You cannot insert a dildo in your male slut's anus and expect
him to behave as if he were born to it... it usually takes a bit
of getting used to. It also helps if he is psychologically

I'll give David an order like:-

"I want you wet and ready for a good fucking tonight slut! And
you'll be doing some cock sucking first!"

This lets David know I want him to wash himself internally by
inserting a soapy finger with warm water over a bidet before
such an evening. He also knows to pre-lubricate himself, which
gets him good and ready for play later.

Washing helps a male slut be totally relaxed about "letting go"
as he will feel more confident that he is not "letting go" of
anything but his anal sphincter muscle.

Always be sure he has had a bowel movement before attempting
anal penetration. If you have the equipment, then giving him an
enema before anal play cleans him out and can make the whole
business nicer. And medical role-play type fantasies can be
incorporated into your evening.

I sometimes order him to wear a butt plug during the day so as
to accustom himself to what is going to happen later.

"Put that in, I'm going to fuck you later and I want you to be
reminded of that as you work today."

For such periods, I have him use a very small butt plug, not
much bigger than his thumb. It is secured to an external belt to
avoid it getting sucked up inside. (Which could make it hard to
retrieve!) Be sure that any butt plug or dildo that is inserted
in his anus has a wide base that will stop it entering fully if
it became disconnected from it's belt. This will save you from
having to go to the hospital!

Being ordered to wear a small plug all day as a reminder of what
is going to be 'done' to him in the evening is exciting while at
the same time helps gets him mentally and physically prepared
for the intrusion of the dildo later on.

When you have your slut bent over the end of the bed, or
kneeling upon it, start with your own fingers, using lots of
lubricant. Ease one finger into his anus, and when that is
comfortably accepted, try two fingers, and perhaps three. When
you think he is ready to try a dildo, make sure you lubricate
the inside of his anal cavity using your gloved fingers, and
apply lube to the dildo too. Ease it in gently.

If it hurts him, stop or slow down but do not immediately or
suddenly withdraw or the plug/dildo could cause fissuring as his
anus contracts around it defensively. Sudden intense anal pain
is sometimes caused by such involuntary constriction. Have him
breathe deeply for up to a minute until he wants to continue.
Give him a choice to stop altogether, because the pain could
signal a more serious problem.

I prefer to say something encoded like:-

"Are you ready for me to fuck you harder now slut, or will I
have to get my pleasure from spanking you instead."

This allows him to respond with something like:-

"Please be gentle with me Mistress"

if he can go on, or:-

"I'm sorry Mistress, please don't spank me too hard," if he
wants to signal that he thinks it safer to stop.

You might prefer instead to encourage him to signal when he is
ready to start again and have him push back towards you when he
is ready:-

"Show me how much you want it slut!"

A submissive shouldn't be seen to "top from the bottom" by
controlling what is done to him. But a male slut should be
responsible for his own safety, and should communicate how he
can make it easier for his Mistress to fuck him. So your
roleplay dialogue should allow for him to adjust his position.

For his safety you have to work out a method for him to control
the angle and rate of penetration. Only he knows if it feels
right and whether adjustment of his position or a breather is

"Mistress, can I have a little rest please, then maybe I could
make it easier for you to fuck me if I lay on my side."

The smaller a dildo is, the less likely to cause irritation and
the more pleasure, especially for someone new to anal play. Now
David is experienced, and only after he is well and truly
relaxed into the process, I find a smaller five inch dildo
allows me to thrust powerfully without fear of doing damage.

If you are sure that your 'male slut' is both willing and
relaxed but he is still experiencing internal pain I would have
him see a doctor before doing any more anal play. He may have
haemorrhoids, or something more serious like a fissure or

If he does have any health problems in that area I would avoid
inserting things without a doctors advice. Prostate massage is a
medical thing, not just a bdsm thing, so you should have no
problems or embarrassment in asking your doctor whether regular
prostate massage is a good thing in such a case.

For those with prostate problems, there are even devices sold,
resembling a curved finger, specifically for reaching the
prostate to massage it. Some folk advise using this if over 50
anyway. But although such a curved device might be suitable for
prostate massage, a curved dildo is not a good idea at all,
because you do not want to be pushing against the walls of the
anal canal when thrusting. You could cause a serious tear in the
anal canal.

If you ever see any blood during anal play, stop immediately and
withdraw slowly and gently. You should not see blood at all. But
he may have a haemorrhoid that he didn't realise was a problem.
A little blood from piles doesn't necessarily mean a serious
issue, but should cause you to stop anyway.

If he starts to bleed and the bleeding will not stop then get
medical attention immediately because it's hazardous for anal
bacteria to get into the blood-stream.

There are many posts regarding "Dildo play - size and safety" on
the member's web site. A good place to start is at:-


and then move on to:-




Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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Christine wrote:

>Do not take any notice of people who suggest using lubricants
>with brand names that suggest they ease pain during
>penetration. Pain is a signal to stop or change what you are
>doing, so it is a very bad idea to hide or mask pain.

I concur with Christine on this.

I'd also like to add that I had once used Anal-Ease and it
stripped the polish right off my manicure.

K-Y is beginning to make some very nice water based lubes now
which are quite a bit less expensive and much more readily
accessible than the type you find in toy shops.


Christine wrote:

>Always be sure he has had a bowel movement before attempting
>anal penetration. If you have the equipment, then giving him
>an enema before anal play cleans him out and can make the
>whole business nicer.


As usual a very well considered and written piece.

With regard to internal cleanliness, instead of the paraphernalia of a
full enema, unless it is part of your play, I find it more convenient
to use a small douche. This consists of a rubber bulb approx 50mm in
diameter with a detachable nozzle.

In use the bulb is filled with lukewarm water and squirted into
the rectum after first having a bowel movement. Discharge the
water into the toilet bowl and it is important now to flush the
toilet to leave clear water in the bowl because now one repeats
the process and one can see if the discharged water is clear. If
it is not then repeat the process until the discharge is
absolutely clean. It would normally only require two
applications. You will almost certainly find that the dildo
remains clean throughout the session.

The douche is very easy to carry and is obtainable from medical
suppliers and some gay toy sites.

Thank you Ms Christine for all the good work you do on Domestic.

Pussikat steve


Date: 6 Aug 2009 01:29:20 -0000
From: Christine

Hello Pussikat steve,

you wrote:

>Thank you Ms Christine for all the good work you do on

Thank you Pussikat steve for some excellent feedback on
something I missed from my own posts. This is why I'm always
telling folk who send their questions to me privately to post
their questions here.

DOMestic readers always have more to offer than David and I, and
that goes for everyone here. Thank you all.

I'll repeat your advice in the next digest, in case anyone
missed it.

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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Growing up in the sexual sixties there were no dildoes but when
they appeared I had no fear to take my husband to bed and give
his rear a grand opening. Strapping on a dildo opened a new
world of sexual exploration to me.


My husband lived to have his cock sucked, begging for it on a
constant basis, preferring fellatio over intercourse.

I sat him down for a long conversation telling him he wouldn't
have to fuck me any more, making him quite happy thinking I was
going to suck him off more often. But when I changed the
conversation to be about me being the stud with the cock he got
real quiet.

I started screwing him on a regular basis making that his only
sexual satisfaction.

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