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Jim's Story - part one

Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:15:42 -0400
From: randolphus

The attached story was written by me.

Thank you for what you have done. I've said this before,
Christine and David's work more than anything else made me
realize I'm only as weird as everyone else.

Very best regards,

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Jim's Story by randolphus

part one

My wife, Sarah is a CFO in a mid-size company. She often works
long hours and I'm left alone in the evenings, and I watch
television, work on our old house, and hang out being somewhat

In November Sarah's dad died after having been a little sick. We
were shocked and her mom decided to move in with us. I began
hanging out with the mom. She was still quite attractive and
more than average sexy. She was not as slim as Sarah, but she
wasn't fat either. I would call her luscious. She has dirty-
blond hair cut shoulder length and I liked the way it moved
around, it attracted attention to her face. She had a very nice
smile but her face changed to look serious by turning her lips
straight or even downward when she asked for something. I know
because I saw that look a lot.

Slowly she began asking me to do things. We both tired of eating
out and it became my job to fix dinner and wash the dishes. I
don't know how that came about but a theory is that it was my
house and I knew where everything was, I was the logical one,
and at first she stayed with me and helped, then less and less.

That led to her claiming the remote. Since I had kitchen duty,
she got into the family room first and picked up the remote.
Then TV watching became 100% less entertaining to me. We watched
lots of shows I guess are made for women. Mostly boring. At
first I was too polite to object.

Then it began when we relaxed "Some coffee would be nice," she
asked after I sat down. Then she would ask: "Bring my slippers
please." Then she would ask: "Please put them on for me." This
was a little erotic but then: "Don't leave my shoes there, put
them away." She also began 'relaxing' beyond what would be
'proper': taking off stockings, adjusting her brassiere cups
even unhooking her bra.

Perhaps I looked, but how could I not. But all the while, I now
realize I was being lured in and she was pulling the line

She asked me to run her a bath. I protested that she could run
her own bath, and immediately regretted my phrasing of it. In
hindsight I now realize how Machiavellian she was. Earlier she
let me watch a rerun of 'Law and Order' instead of another home
remodeling show so I would be interested in the TV and be
reluctant to leave.

Kathleen went immediately to Sarah complaining how 'unpleasant'
and uncooperative I had become. Sarah, nearly in tears asked me
why I couldn't be nice to her mother. Of course I promised I
would be very nice and suddenly out of the blue the words came
from her mouth, "Please try to be obedient".

I nearly exploded "Obedient, what are you talking about, this is
our house and she's a guest!", but I held my tongue.

The evenings were now tense. Who knows what she would ask me to
do, I tried to work later than I normally would. She seemed to
sense that I voluntarily was working overtime because she
questioned me pointedly and I have trouble lying even under
these circumstances.

In December, just two weeks from Christmas our company closed
down. I wasn't in financial trouble because my wife earned a
very good salary and we had been saving for years, and invested
our savings. Kathleen was also very wealthy from her late
husband's pension and insurance proceeds and the sale of their
house. But I needed a job fast or I would spend all day with

It was decided, by Kathleen, but she manipulated it so that it
seemed like Sarah and I decided that I would not seriously look
for work until the first of the new year. We would enjoy the
Christmas to New Year vacation. Then the next day, it turned out
my wife's company was getting a new computer system and she
would have to work during the anticipated Christmas break. Sarah
gaily said: "Kathleen and you will get to know each other very
well during the break".

The very next morning Kathleen came into my bedroom and
announced that there would be no sleeping in. "There is much
work to be done," she said.

She had dismissed the cleaning service because she said: "Since
you aren't working it was silly to pay someone to do what you
can easily do."

This was so ridiculous, first I was out of work temporarily,
second I didn't do house cleaning, and third this was my
vacation. But I'm naked under the sheets and she is standing
above me giving orders. If I kept quiet maybe she would leave.
But she didn't.

She pulled off the sheets, grabbed my arm and almost pulled me
out of the bed. I tried to grab for some clothes but she
interfered: "Here, wear these, no point in wearing dress clothes
to do housework", she said handing me blue jeans and a t-shirt
that she must have searched my wardrobe for, because I didn't
recognize them.

I was embarrassed being naked in front of this woman, she was
totally dressed even wearing stockings and high heels. I
couldn't argue while being naked. Then there was this other
weird thing of becoming aroused, I guess by being naked in front
of this woman. I didn't want her to see the evidence of my

She hurried me into the jeans and almost dragged me out of the
bedroom without any underwear, my keys or wallet. "Let's get
going, no time to waste," she went on.

Downstairs she had me get out the vacuum, but I had to go to the
toilet and I said so, she said, "since this is your first day I
will allow it, be quick."

I was so outraged but I really had to go so I said: "Why thank
you, that's very kind," hoping she didn't hear my sarcasm.

I vacuumed for what seemed like hours. I needed a rest. I walked
into the family room and said: "I'm taking a rest."

Kathleen said nothing but got up and went into the hall. A few
minutes later she came back and said: "You did a fair job in
most of the places but we will go over the rest."

I had difficulty keeping quiet. This was my house and she was
inspecting my work.

After resting for only a few minutes, Kathleen said: "Go into my
bedroom, make the bed, clean the counters and vacuum, I will be
in to inspect your work." I start getting up slowly when she
starts yelling, "Come on lets go, I want action now." And she
grabbed my arm and pulled me up as if I were a child.

I was so outraged, I didn't know what to say, so I just went
along. Her room was a mess, clothes were scattered around the
floor, her underwear, her shoes, the dress she wore yesterday. I
started by picking up the dress and folding it over the chair,
then I picked up her panties, and I don't know what caused me to
do it but I picked it up and sniffed it and of course she walked
in at that moment. I froze like a deer in headlights.

"What are you doing you disgusting dog?" she screamed at me. She
took long steps across the space and slapped me. I stumbled. She
pushed me down and took the dropped panties and rubbed it in my
face all the while yelling at me; "You are a complete pervert,
how could my daughter marry such an animal?"

"I'm sure she will divorce you"

"Nobody would want to live with such disgust"

She was breathing hard and kneeling on my chest. On one level I
was getting aroused having her sitting on me. I was getting a
view of her large breasts, at one point I saw up her skirt to
her panties. She was wearing stockings with garters which were
twisting her panties, I had the disturbing thought that the
bitch was attacking me while I'm studying her underwear.

She took a breath and slapped me again screaming: "Pervert."

I said: "Aren't you overreacting?" And this drove her into
another tirade of slaps and name calling. I decided to be quiet.
Hoping she would cool off and we could talk about the situation.

Kathleen got up and blatantly began adjusting herself from the
exercise. She pulled up her skirt and adjusted her stockings.
She wriggled her brassiere from side to side. Then she says:
"Get finished in here, you better do a good job and then we will

"Yeah you'll talk" I thought. I was getting more and more
aroused. What was going on here I wondered.

I worked hard, I picked up all the clothes and hung her dress,
put stuff in the hamper, cleaned the counters, arranged her
shoes in the closet, made her bed and vacuumed.

I went into the family room and collapsed on the sofa.

Kathleen screamed: "Get up! When you come into a room I'm in you
don't sit or flop down on the sofa!"

I jumped up.

That wasn't good enough for her. She yelled: "Stand straighter,
look straight ahead. There that's better. We'll have to practice

I asked myself, "how did I get into this? What should I do now?"
After what seemed to be a long time she told me I could sit.

She started: "So you like my panties..."

I interrupted: "It was just a moment.."

She yelled: "Don't interrupt me again.."

She said: "So I saw that you liked my panties, and took the
liberty to indulge your disgusting lust when you thought no one
was watching. I have contempt for such people but in your case I
might find a use for such as you."

read part two here

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