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Jim's Story - part two

Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:15:42 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus

part two - first part linked here

Kathleen said: "It is no longer a question of your role here as
the husband. You will be a domestic live-in. Like a maid. You
will be very closely supervised."

"Do I have any say in this? What will Sarah say?" I asked.

Kathleen said: "I've talked to Sarah and she was going to
divorce you but I convinced her we could make use of a sex

I was dumbfounded; I thought we had a good marriage. I couldn't
believe Sarah was going to divorce me. "You're lying," I yelled
at Kathleen.

In an instant she was attacking me, slapping and punching. I
tried to grab her and pin her arms and we fell to the floor. She
ended up on top and started slapping me yelling: "You never talk
to me that way, you scum." The slaps were coming harder then
suddenly she jumped off and ran into the kitchen.

She came and jumped on me still lying on the floor, and started
shoving a cake of soap into my mouth. At first I was caught by
surprise and the soap was between my teeth and I tried to get it
out, I finally succeeded but bits had broken off and were in my
teeth and throat. This tasted terrible and made me feel
nauseous. I got up to get some water.

I had no fight left in me, I just wanted to get the taste out of
my mouth. Kathleen followed me: "Not so fast Jim, I want to know
if you now regret being so rude to me?"

I couldn't say anything because my throat and mouth were burning
and it was all too much, it was making me feel nauseous...

She continued: "This is a punishment for little children, but
maybe it will help you remember who you're talking to. I will
wash your mouth out whenever you speak to me disrespectfully.
Do you understand?"

I didn't answer because my mouth had an awful taste and my
throat hurt.

She pushed me into the counter and screamed: "When I ask you a
question you answer me." Then she slapped me twice.

I was feeling sick and I couldn't answer and I didn't even know
what she was asking.

I began crying. Then she grabbed me and half carried and dragged
me into the family room and shoved me onto the floor.

I laid there and sniffled. She sat on the sofa across from me. I
could see her shapely legs and her legs were spread just wide
enough so I was getting aroused again.

She began to talk in a nice conciliatory tone: "I'm sorry that
soap didn't agree with you. But I want you to become a good
servant. My methods are very strict and at times painful. But it
will get the results we need. You life here won't be too bad.
You will have lots of housework to do, Sarah and I will make
personal demands, but you can handle all of that in half your
time. We will travel together, you'll have two women on your
arms, and you'll get good food, not a bad life."

I listened to her amazed at the change in tone. Suddenly I heard
that maybe Sarah wasn't leaving: "You mean Sarah won't divorce
me?" I asked.

In the same pleasant tone she replied: "Sarah could not put up
with your attitude any longer and was or I should say is
planning a divorce. I told her I would change your attitude and
life here would be different. She said she would wait and see.
What I have in mind for you is that you will be totally
dependent on us and in exchange we will be able to use you how
we wish. All you have to do is agree to this arrangement."

I said: "I'll do anything to not lose Sarah."

Kathleen said: "That's very sweet, but let me be clear, you have
already lost her. It may be possible to persuade her to keep
you. Do you understand that you may not possess her or me. But
we may possess you. This is a great privilege for you. I hope
you can live up to it."

I said: "Tell me what I have to do."

Kathleen smiled, "It's very simple, do exactly what Sarah or I
tell you to do. It's a great honor and keep that attitude 24/7.
I will have many tasks and rules for you which you will learn or
suffer as you have this morning. Are you ready to get started?"

"Yes," I said.

"Let's get started with 'Yes madam', and when you address me
it's 'Miss Kathleen', understand?" she asked.

"Yes, madam," I corrected.

"Let's check my room and the vacuuming I asked you to do," she

"Yes madam", I said.

She smiled and helped me up. She walked around her room,
examining the counters and looked in her closet and seemed to be

I was very affected by this ability to please her. "I'm going
crazy," I thought. "I don't want any more soap or slaps," I
further thought. But if avoiding punishment was the goal I could
just leave. But I stayed.

She said: "I'm pleased with what you did here, it shows exactly
the initiative I require. If you do everything with enthusiasm
and creativity, I won't have to be hard on you. But remember I
am very strict and very attentive to detail, and I don't mind
making you suffer to get what I want."

She said: "To get off on the right foot, I'm going to give you
several experiences that will impress upon you the environment
we will have. Please pull your pants down."

I hesitated for an instant and when I saw another slap coming I
hastily pulled down my trousers. She then sat down on a chair
and patted her lap. I hesitated and I could see she was getting
impatient and then I crawled over her lap.

She had picked up one of her shoes and started whacking away. I
couldn't help struggling and screaming but she carried on. I
felt I must be bleeding and broken but finally she stopped and
rubbed my butt with her hand. It felt like it was all there.

"That was an introductory lesson, one of the rules is that
whenever you get a spanking, you will then stand in the corner
to think about why you got spanked. I want you to think about
how you talked to me, and what further punishment would be
appropriate. When your corner time is up we will discuss it,"
she conversationally said.

I was completely at a loss for words. I was putty in this
woman's hands. I had become incredibly sexually aroused and felt
such lust for her. "Whatever she wants to do to me is okay," I
thought. I had traveled to another world, lying across her warm
lap begging her to stop spanking me, she totally owned me. "Have
I fallen in love with her?"

"Now get up and stand in that corner there across from my bed.
Don't pull up your pants, it is a humiliation for you and maybe
a titillation for me. Whenever I put you in the corner, there is
no talking and no moving. Resolve yourself that you are there to
think about your behavior which got you there and commit to
improving it."

Here I was, an executive merely five days ago, and now my mother-
in-law had me standing in the corner in her bedroom with my
pants around my ankles. I could hear her moving around behind
me. I tried not to move, I guess I was going to try to "improve
my behavior."

I couldn't determine how long I stood there, she left the room,
then came back, I thought she would let me out, then she left
again, this happened several times. "What kind of further
punishment should I ask for?" I wondered. These and other
thoughts kept going through my mind. My legs and back were
getting sore but I didn't move. She had said not to!

Kathleen came very close behind me. She placed her hand on my
behind and asked me, "Does it still hurt?"

I said: "Not much thank you Madam."

She kissed me on the neck and said: "I'm so proud of how you
have changed your attitude. You will make Sarah and me very
happy. Okay no more talking, you have another half hour to go
and remember no moving."

I didn't think I could stand another half hour but to please
this woman I would stand there for the rest of my life. Then I
heard: "You may turn around now."

I saw her sitting in the chair where I got spanked, her skirt
was hiked up and she looked so desirable. I could see her
panties, and her breasts where straight out. She looked so

She said: "Come here and kneel in front of me."

I had the opportunity to look up her skirt but I didn't out of
respect and just looked at her knees.

She grasped my hair and placed my head between her knees and
squeezed. I had never been in such an erotic situation before, I
had trouble breathing. It was somewhat dark but I was caught in
this incredible place, maybe I can even smell her. We stayed in
that position for what seemed like a long time.

"What punishment shall I mete out to someone who behaved as you
did?" she asked me.

I couldn't speak nor think for that matter because I was so

She asked again and her tone was getting harder and impatient.

I tried composing myself, "Madame I will do anything you ask,
I'll stand in the corner all night, you can beat me until I
bleed, I'll do chores from morning to night. Anything you wish."

"I am very pleased with your new attitude," she said, while she
stroked my cheek, where earlier she had slapped me.

"Are you good with tools?" she asked me.

I said "yes ma'am, I can fix cars and bikes, do electrical
wiring and carpentry."

"I don't have anything so complicated in mind," she said.

She opened a drawer and took out a ring bolt with a long screw

"I want you to attach it to the wall so it won't pull out," she

"Where would you like it Miss Kathleen?" I asked.

"Can you tell where there is a stud?" she asked.

"There is an outlet here on the wall, and usually they are
attached to a stud on one side, Miss Kathleen," I said.

"Stand in the corner here," she said. She made a small pencil
mark on the wall above my shoulder. "I want it at this height
fastened strongly, understand?"

"Yes ma'am," I said.

She left. I got my stud finder and some tools and screwed it
into the wall, I had to use a screwdriver in the ring to wind
the last inch into the wall. It wasn't going to come loose no
matter what it was for, "I should have asked what it was for," I

read part three here

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