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Vicky Takes Control - part one

Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2009 13:43:33 +0000 (GMT)
From: Humble Serf

Hi Christine,

I hope you and the DOMestic readers enjoy this first part of my
story 'Vicky Takes Control'. I am the author and own the

Best wishes,
humble serf

- - -

Vicky Takes Control

Part 1

Vicky sits on the edge of the bed looking at her husband Pete.

"I don't know how to say this... I do love you, but, it's just
not the same," she said. "I mean we've been together for years.
And I've never had an orgasm. Never. Not without finishing the
job myself. How many have you had?"

Pete has no idea. He opens his mouth to answer and closes it

"Exactly. And you do love me don't you honey?"

"Of course!" Pete not only loved Vicky deeply, but thought she
was the sexiest creature on the planet. Right now, this was
reinforced by the pink silk thong and tight white cut-off t-
shirt she was wearing as she got out of bed. But what he liked
most about her was her winning smile and good heart. She was
always looking for the best in people. Always generous. Always

"And I love you. But we can't be expected to be as passionate as
we once were with each other, can we? Not after 7 years."

Pete didn't like the sound of this at all. He'd always been
really proud of having Vicky by his side. He knew he was
punching above his weight with her. All his mates were
gobsmacked when he introduced her. She was a world class looker.
Pete knew he was in good shape, with a decent cock, but nowhere
near the same league as Vicky.

"We haven't had sex for nearly six months," she added.

This drove Pete crazy. It was so unfair. "Not for want of me
trying!" he commented sarcastically.

She touched his cheek and caressed his face. "I know sweetheart.
It must be hard for you. But I just don't seem to fancy you any
more. I mean I love you. And don't think I'd ever leave you. But
should we really resign ourselves to a sexless life from now on.
Is that what either of us want? Is that what you want Pete?"

"Uh... no! Of course not. Let's fuck each others brains out
right now!" Pete says playfully reaching out for Vicky.

She pushes him off. "I'm serious. I want to try someone else.
Just for sex. It won't change anything between us. It might even
be better for us."

Pete is shocked. "You want someone else? Who? I'll kill the

Vicky rolls her eyes. "Oh calm down. There isn't anyone else.
Not yet. I want you to be part of it. I want you to help me

"You want me to help you choose a man to have sex with you?"

Vicky smiles sweetly. Pete is stunned.

"Why would I want to do that?"

"To make me happy dear. And because I never want to go behind
your back and threaten our wonderful loving relationship."

Pete is at a loss what to say. Vicky cuddles up next him.

"I knew you'd be adult about this. I knew it. You're my big
strong man. You can take anything!"

Pete felt his cock stiffen as she placed her head on his
shoulder. She smelled fantastic.

"We could go clubbing and find someone. I wouldn't do it with
anyone without your approval. We'll do it at our place for
safety. But you'll have to make yourself scarce upstairs. You
can't watch. It would put me off."

"Just once?" Pete asks.

"I don't know. Let's crawl before we can walk, and walk before
we can run" she pecks him on the cheek and stands up. Pulling
her thong unconsciously out from between her cheeks, Vicky fires
one of her big smiles at Pete. She looks good enough to eat in
the bright morning sunshine.

"I'll see where we can go tonight."

"Tonight? So soon?"

"I don't want you getting cold feet" she giggles, blows a kiss
and leaves the room.

Pete is left on the bed with a raging hard on wondering what the
hell he seems to have just agreed to.

read part two here

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