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Jim's Story - part eight

Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:15:42 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part eight

It is morning, only my fourth day of slavery, it seemed I've
been doing this forever. I made the coffee. Took coffee to
Sarah, helped her on the potty, emergency pedicure, dressed her,
applied foundation and eye liner, left to prepare breakfast.

Granola and yogurt, juice and coffee. Not much but I got a big
hug. For Kathleen, English muffins and poached eggs with bacon
and coffee.

I followed Kathleen to her bedroom and removed the robe and
slippers and gave her a massage, then a manicure and pedicure
then I bathed her and dressed her.

I went back to the kitchen and cleaned up. I vacuumed the whole
house, cleaned Miss Sarah's room and Miss Kathleen's room. It
was almost noon. I found Kathleen in the family room watching
TV. I curtsied and stood next to Miss Kathleen and even though I
had put the perfume on her, its scent was making me heady.

I stood and waited. I knew she liked to keep me waiting and I
just had to be patient. Finally she asked me to kneel down and
my head was put between her knees. She told me to go to her
bedroom and remove all my clothes and lie on her bed and wait
for her. I remembered to curtsy and went to her room.

Of course I waited and waited. Finally she came in, lifted her
dress, pulled down her panties and sat down on my face. Since I
was naked she could see I had a very hard erection which is
conclusive evidence of lusting. My nose was in her ass and my
tongue was trying to get into her pussy but the angle was wrong.
Breathing was difficult.

She finally got off of my face but had not had a climax. I said:
"Miss Kathleen I apologize for my ineffective performance."

"So you should, but you will suffer seriously for it, I will
accept your apology then," she said.

"Now let's see if you can do better on your knees?" she said.
Then she sat down in the chair.

I immediately kneeled down and got to work. She was really
demanding. She pulled on my hair and grabbed the back of my head
and pulled tighter, and came once but demanded coming twice
before releasing me.

"Put on the girdle," she said.

Again I felt this was so unfair, but after the beating, I did
what she ordered. I realized it was getting late, I curtsied.

"May I start dinner, Miss Kathleen?" I asked.

"Bring me a glass of sherry first," she said.

"Yes ma'am," I said. And curtsied and went to get the sherry.

I returned with a 3 oz glass of Sherry, curtsied and then knelt
in front of her to present the glass.

"Stay there," she said and took the glass from me.

It was okay with me because now I adored this woman and wanted
to be on my knees in front of her. She had a few sips. "Go
prepare dinner," she said.

Of course I said: "Yes Ma'am" and curtsied and went to the

I fixed dinner, it was more opening packages and cutting a few
vegetables than cooking.

Was I now in love with Sarah's mother? But it was Sarah who
effectively was avoiding me.

Sarah arrived home. We hugged and kissed, she more energetic
than usual. "How are you Jim?" she asked.

"Very good, thank you Miss Sarah," I said.

"I understand you had a hard day yesterday," Sarah said.

"I was beaten with a strap and left in the stocks for a long
time," I said.

"I hope it wasn't on my account," Sarah said.

I said: "It was partially because I told Miss Kathleen you said
I needed work on lusting as you had instructed me to."

"Did it work?" Sarah asked.

"Yes Miss Sarah, it did," I said.

"Show me," Sarah said.

I pulled down my girdle and Sarah touched the welts on my

"Do you think you learned your lesson?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am, I did," I said. I knew this was to humiliate me and
I knew I had to just suffer.

"What else were you beaten for?" she questioned.

"I lusted after Miss Kathleen," I said. I didn't like the way
this was going.

"Are you now cured of that also?" she said.

"Yes Ma'am," I said and wished we could end this. "Would Miss
Sarah like dinner?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"That's very good. Did you make dinner?" she said.

"Yes ma'am, would you like me to serve it?" I said.

"I'm sorry that I don't have the time to discipline you myself.
Maybe after dinner I can add to your resolve to stop lusting,
would you like that?" she said.

"Yes Ma'am," I said, thinking that Sarah beating me would draw
us closer.

"Then let's have dinner right away so we will have time to do it
properly," she said.

I got Kathleen and served dinner, poured wine and stood at
attention while they ate and talked.

Sarah said: "Jim wants me to discipline him for lusting after

Kathleen said: "I think it's hard to get enough of a good

I knew I was being baited but I knew better than to enter that

Sarah said: "What do you recommend?"

Kathleen said: "I think he doesn't like the stocks and he hasn't
been caned so that would be effective, but I think a gag might
be in order, he was making a lot of noise from just the strap."

I shivered and refilled the wine glasses.

Sarah said: "Lets gag him now, if he is going to get punished,
he shouldn't get dinner. And besides I wouldn't want to beat him
with a full stomach," she giggled. "I mean his full stomach,"
Sarah said.

Kathleen said: "In my room on the dresser by the window in the
bottom drawer, go get it."

I curtsied twice and said: "Yes ma'am."

I found the device; it had a ball and straps extending out. I
was not real happy about any of this. I returned to the dining
room and curtsied twice and placed the ball-gag between the
ladies and asked if I might pour more wine.

Kathleen said: "Please fill our glasses. Then come here and I'll
put this on you."

"Yes ma'am," I said. I filled the glasses and then knelt down
between Sarah and Kathleen.

Kathleen said: "The ball goes in your mouth like this." She
placed it into my mouth which I opened wide for her. "Then the
strap goes behind your head and is fastened with this clasp. I
expect you to do this yourself when you're instructed to," she

Sarah said: "You may clear the table and clean the kitchen, I
think we don't have to tell you not to drink the wine." Sarah

I did and it was a strange experience having a ball in one's
mouth. It only took about fifteen minutes. I wish it took longer
because I was very nervous about Sarah's mood and I don't like
canes and I'm quite sore already.

The ladies went into the family room and had turned on the TV.
Maybe they were going to watch TV, but I dutifully went in and
curtsied to both of them and tried to stand somewhat dignified,
but it's hard with a ball in your mouth and a ladies long-legged
panty girdle for clothing.

I waited for some time until Sarah said: "Go fasten yourself
into the stocks, we will be along, and pull down your pants."

I said: "Yes ma'am," curtsied and left.

I fastened my ankles and pulled the waist belt over myself but I
couldn't fasten it, then I put my head and hands into the
stocks, but the top bar was up, so I was able to get back up and
pull down the girdle, and back into the bottom cutouts and

I knew that part of their discipline was making me wait, and I
indeed suffered, I kept wondering if it would be very painful,
could I stand it, will they make me wait in the stocks like this
all evening.

Kathleen came in by herself, she lowered the top of the stocks
so I was imprisoned and took out of her dresser a long hooked
cane. She swished it in the air and kissed me on the head and
said: "Sarah seems to be in a funny state tonight."

I was left alone. After a long time both ladies came in. Sarah
said: "I think you've needed this for a long time. I hope I can
do justice to the task."

Sarah continued: "Mom said she had you thanking her for the
strap and counting the strokes, it's too bad you're gagged;
maybe next time."

Next I felt more pain that I had in my life. It felt like a
knife cutting into me. I wriggled and groaned and then there was
another monstrous stroke. I think there were ten or twelve. No
one said anything, just stroke after stroke. It's a good thing I
couldn't break free because I would have. When I didn't get any
strokes for a while I assumed it was over. Then the lights went
out and the door was closed. I just hung there and sobbed with a
ball in my mouth.

After what was at least thirty or forty minutes, the door
opened, and I could tell it was Kathleen who came over and
removed the gag. She left with no word or gesture and closed the

Another thirty or forty minutes passed and Sarah released me
from the stocks and took my limp penis in her hand and led me
into the family room, while I hopped and struggled to keep up,
with the girdle around my ankles.

Then I was guided down onto my knees in the family room and my
face was in Sarah's pussy. I licked and licked for what went on
for a very long time before my head was released.

Then Sarah raised her legs into the air and said: "I want your
tongue in my ass." And again my face was buried, and again I had
to struggle to breathe and I felt her hands around my head and
then she grabbed my ears and started pulling. I suffered more
pain from this woman on this night than in our entire marriage.
Finally she let go, and she told me to pull up the girdle.

Then Sarah applied the now familiar handcuffs and told me to go
to the top of the stairs and face the wall and not move until
she came up.

I had to say: "Yes ma'am," and I curtsied twice and went

I had the feeling that these ladies were competing with each
other, who could discipline me more. Certainly all the suffering
today was unwarranted by my behaviour. And Sarah tricked me into
asking to be beaten; and then so hard.

I tried to stand as still as I could but I had taken a very
severe beating and I was feeling somewhat weak.

Finally I could feel Sarah coming up the steps. She was behind
me, she stopped. Then she walked into her (our) bedroom. She
took off her dress and dropped it on the floor and came and
unlocked my handcuffs and said: "You may follow me."

I did and when we got into the bedroom she said: "Pick up the
dress and hang it in the closet."

I glanced at her and she was in her undies. I would have lusted
but I wasn't in the mood anymore. I guessed it was the beatings,
maybe it worked. After I hung up the dress, Sarah said: "Now I
don't know what to do with you. Would you like to sleep with

"Yes please, Miss Sarah," I said.

She pulled the sheet and blanket down and we got onto the bed.

She said, "Start kissing my feet and work up, I'll tell you when
to stop."

I started with her toes but I really wasn't in the mood, but I
wasn't going to let an opportunity like this go by. I started
getting into it as I was kissing the backs of her knees and she
started touching me, I was kissing her ass and she started
running her hands in my hair, then I moved around to her pussy
and kissed all around and tried to kiss just inside, when she
told me to stop and to lie on my back.

Then she climbed on top so her pussy was over my mouth and she
had my now erect penis in her mouth. I had to think about the
stock market to keep from coming right away, but I managed to
hold on until she came. She sort of convulsed, tightening her
thighs (which squeezed my head) and swallowing motions with her
mouth and throat, and all that set me off.

I was amazed. This wild woman was my wife. I got Kleenex and
handed it to Sarah and lay down next to her and cuddled. I
kissed her head, and eyes, and face, and neck and lips,
especially the lips, softly and hard. I wanted to talk about us
but we just lay silently with our thoughts.

I guess I dozed off. But I was awakened because there was a
pussy on my face. Sarah wanted it again. I got to work. When she
was done she cuddled back and I kissed until she fell asleep.

What a day. I was beaten so hard I don't know if I will be able
to walk tomorrow, and my wife who viciously beat me gave me the
wildest sex of our marriage. I think Sarah has been liberated in
some way. I guess I was the oppressor, even though it wasn't
intentional. Now she is my oppressor, my last thought before
falling asleep was that I liked it.

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