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Jim's Story - part twenty-one

Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 23:17:09 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part twenty-one - Carmen

Carmen entered my cubicle, and I stood and curtseyed.

She smiled and said: "I've been reading about Fem-Dom."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I was trying to think of a way to end this,
hoping the phone would ring.

Carmen said: "Are there a lot of guys like you?"

I said: "You mean in the wanting to be owned sense?"

She said: "Yes"

I said: "I think there are lots, I've heard numbers like five to
twenty percent, but I know there are way more guys wanting to be
owned than women who are into it."

She said: "How did you find each other?"

I said: "I met Sarah in college, and we got married as a
straight couple. Sarah's mom found me out and paired us."

Carmen said: "That's really weird, so why don't you keep it

I said: "I don't know. I think Miss Sarah talked to Miss Peggy
and I think we're participating in an experiment being conducted
by Miss Peggy."

Carmen said: "So let me get this straight, you have to do
whatever I tell you?"

I said: "Basically yes ma'am."

She said; "Do I have to do what you tell me?"

I said: "It's ambiguous, I don't think so, ma'am."

She said, "Are you cleaning the screens and keyboards every
morning because I told you to?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "You may sit down."

I said: "Thank you ma'am." And I sat.

Carmen said: "What would happen if you just ignored me?"

I said: "I guess you would tell Miss Peggy who would tell my
wife who would be angry with me."

Carmen said: "Would she beat you?"

I said: "I'm sure she would, but I feel bad when she's angry
with me."

Carmen said: "So why are you here if you can't boss us around?"

I said: "Miss Peggy's vision is that I can show you the
opportunities we have to be more effective, and that you will
elect to go that way."

Carmen said: "And if we don't?"

I said: "Possibly I'll be replaced with a conventional boss, or
we will all be replaced, or our inefficient ways will destroy
the company."

Carmen said: "Will I get to beat you."

I said: "I don't know."

Carmen said: "This is neat, thanks." And she got up to go.

I stood and curtseyed.

Later that afternoon Peggy asked me to come to the big
conference room. I felt a foreboding but I went. Sally was
standing outside the door and I curtseyed and told her Miss
Peggy had summoned me.

She took my arm and led me around the corner.

She said: "Face the wall and stand there, and stand very still."

I was amazed; my nervousness was increasing. What had I done I

After about ten minutes, Sally came for me and escorted me into
the conference room. There were about a eight people sitting
there, including my staff, Peggy, and Sarah. Sally took a chair
and left me standing at the head of the table.

Peggy said: "I learned this afternoon that you have been
disrespectful to Carmen. I discussed it with Sarah, and we think
it would be appropriate if Carmen were to give you a beating
with all of us present. Prepare yourself by removing your
clothes and bend over the table, your hands straight out."

I had been setup. I was going to be beaten. I could take that in
my stride, but with nine women watching, I was mortified. I did
what Peggy told me to. The table hid my locked up penis from
view, and I waited.

To my horror they started talking about my penis corset as if I
wasn't there. Sarah was explaining that I had to be deprived of
sex to continue to be subservient. Then it was how often I was
beaten, the chores I did, cooking, cleaning and she didn't even
spare talking about washing her and her mom's underwear by hand.

My head was down on the desk and I was glad I didn't have to
face them; I noticed that Carmen was staring at me and I caught
her eye, she was smiling.

Peggy said that Sarah normally used a cane, and they didn't have
one but they found a yardstick that Carmen would use. Peggy
asked Sally to sit on my back so I wouldn't move.

Sally wasn't too heavy but it made breathing difficult. Sarah,
my dear wife, gave Carmen advice: "He is trained to count the
strokes and thank you for giving it to him. He loves to scream
and moan, but you want to stroke him hard enough to see the
outline of the yardstick. If you hit him twice in the same spot
he really howls, but you can do it until the area gets really
red without worrying about permanent injury."

I felt like she was talking about a piece of meat at the
grocery. I'm pinned to a conference table, with a secretary who
was wearing a short skirt, sitting on my back, and my wife
trades whipping techniques with one of my employees.

Carmen said: "You have to count and thank me, do you

I said: "Yes ma'am." And I discovered it came out as a whisper
because of the weight on my back.

Carmen said: "I didn't hear that."

I sucked in air and tried again: "Yes Ma'am."

Then thwack, it hurt but not like a cane.

I tried to yell: "Thank you Miss Carmen, one."

Then thwack again and Carmen said: "You should count or you will
get more than I intended."

I sucked in air and tried to yell: "Thank you Miss Carmen, two."

Then thwack again and Carmen said: "No that was one. Start over
from the beginning."

Then thwack. I yelled: "Thank you Miss Carmen, one."

"Try to speak louder." Carmen said.


I sucked in air raising Sally a few inches, like I was a bucking
bronco and screamed: "Thank you Miss Carmen, two."


By the fifth stroke I was out of breath from the effort to
inhale against the weight of Sally but Carmen was relentless, we
repeated five.

To my mortification I was crying by nine. I couldn't breathe.
The pain was getting intense. I think we did nine three times.

Carmen took mercy and said she felt I would change my attitude.

Peggy said: "Thank you Carmen, you did a good job. Let's let Jim
recover, perhaps he should stand in the corner and you can watch
him for a while Carmen."

Sally got off my back, and I could take a deep breath again.
Everyone left except Carmen. She was very flushed.

Carmen said: "You can take your choice of which corner to stand

I said: "Miss Carmen, may I put my clothes back on?"

She said: "Not now, maybe later."

I got up, and faced the nearest corner. I have never felt so

Carmen said: "I hope you're not too angry with me, but I just
wanted to try beating a man."

I didn't know if I should be talking.

Carmen said: "I asked you a question, you know I could beat you
some more."

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Carmen, I didn't know if I was allowed
to talk while standing in the corner. I'm not angry with you at
all. I put myself into this situation and I'm entirely at your
service. That was the point of this punishment episode and I
already subscribed to the idea. You can do whatever you want but
I have to do what you say."

Carmen said: "I like that idea."

Carmen said: "Would you like to wash and iron my underwear?"

I said: "Yes Miss Carmen, I would, but I don't get to do what I
want. My wife Miss Sarah, her mother, and my boss, Miss Peggy
get to decide what I do, and of course you have already ordered
me to clean the screens and keyboards, which I try to do

Carmen said: "Maybe I could have you come to my apartment and
clean it and do my laundry. Would you like that?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "If you don't do a good job, I'll really beat you

I said: "I know that Miss Carmen."

I could hear Carmen stroking herself and making little 'mmff'
noises. After a while she made noises like sucking in lots of
air, suggesting she had climaxed.

I'm just a sex object on display for her.

Carmen said: "I'm going to ask Peggy if you can come out of the
corner yet."

Carmen said: "Peggy said you have to stay in the corner until
1:00 PM and I shouldn't tell you what time it is. She said she
wanted to know if you moved. Because she said you have been
trained to not move. Also you were right, you are not allowed to
talk, but I didn't tell on you. But I might if you don't please

Now she's blackmailing me, but I will do anything for her

Finally Carmen said: "It's 1:00 and you can come out of the

I said: "May I get dressed, Miss Carmen?"

She said: "You really are obedient, of course you can." She left
the conference room.

I got dressed and went to my office.

There was enough work so I focused on it and blotted everything
else out.

I asked my staff to meet in our conference room at 4:00.

I was embarrassed after the spectacle earlier but I tried to
focus. When everyone was seated: Judy said: "Are you going to be
whipped again?" Everyone laughed or giggled.

I said: "I've installed the new call logging software, and it
will automatically install on your computers when you log-on
again. The purpose of the software is primarily so that if one
of us knows something we will all know it, additionally in the
future, we will make the data available to our users so we will
effect a transparency in our operations. I want to warn you that
you should not make comments in the database you don't want read
by the users."

There were a lot of good questions and substantive discussion. I
had also installed software that made a list of all the
computers on our network and I linked it to the calls program so
they could see what hardware and software the user had when they
called for a problem. This pleased my programmers. I ended the
meeting on that up note. Judy came and apologized for the
remark. I thanked her.

I went to my office and Carmen followed me in. I had to get up
and curtsy and I said: "Hello Miss Carmen."

She said: "I talked to the other girls and we want you to take
care of the women's restroom."

I said: "Yes ma'am. Do you think I should do that in the morning
or after you have left?"

Carmen said: "No, all day, we want you to keep it clean and make
sure it's stocked with ladies personal items."

I said: "Isn't the cleaning service doing a good job?"

She said: "They are okay, but this is to keep you down. They had
a meeting and decided you were really doing a great job and
thought you might get too arrogant. Washing some toilets will
teach you humility."

I said: "I don't mind the scrubbing toilets, but I have two
concerns, my time is very valuable to the company and what about
the ladies coming and going, how can I be cleaning when they are
using the place?"

Carmen said: "I agree your time is valuable, but it was your
wife and Peggy that decided it. Your staff was consulted and we
agreed you could work on the stalls that weren't in use. We
won't mind."

I said: "But what if some other woman came in and found me

She said: "They will make it a private bathroom. Is this what
your wife calls tiresome arguing?"

I said: "No ma'am, I beg pardon. When do I start?"

She said: "I was sent to tell you, right now."

I said: "Will you show me which bathroom we are talking about?"

She said: "I'll take you there and tell you what to do and I'm
supposed to make sure you do a good job. Peggy said I could
spank you if I'm not satisfied with your work. And your wife
said she would bring a cane for me to use."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen got up and I followed her. Carmen is another woman in my
life. She is about my age, and I judge her as being attractive.
She is about five feet six inches. She has light brown hair
which comes down to near her shoulders; she has brown eyes and
looks serious most of the time. She was wearing a yellow dress
that just brushed her knees. Evidently she has taken an interest
in me.

My wife has handed me to Peggy who, together with my wife has
handed me to Carmen. And Carmen is about to assign me more
chores. It was she who has me cleaning the programmers'
computers in the mornings.

We arrived at the toilets, and Carmen said: "Open the door a
crack and announce yourself as 'Jim to clean the toilets?', wait
a second and go in. Check the sinks, the unoccupied stalls, and
the overall cleanliness, make sure the mirrors are spotless.
When you're done, report to me and I will check it. You can
start now, there are cleaning supplies in that closet."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen walked out, I curtseyed.

I used a scrub brush on the toilets, cleaned the mirrors, mopped
the floor, washed the counters and polished the chrome fixtures.
I reported to Carmen that I was done.

Carmen said: "It took you 40 minutes, you have to do it in less
than thirty."

I said: "Yes ma'am, when should I do it again?"

Carmen thought for a minute and said: "Do it at 9:30, 1:30 and
4:30 every day."

I said "Yes ma'am."

I curtseyed and went to my office.

A while later Carmen came in, I stood and curtseyed.

She said: "One of the stalls had paper in the toilet; I assume
it was occupied when you cleaned. The rest looked okay. I won't
give you a demerit even though you took too long."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen. I found a little cabinet had a
box of tampons, is that what I need to keep in stock?"

Carmen said: "I'll ask everybody if that's what they want;
meanwhile don't let those run out."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I was really busy because I was trying to run a department and I
was given these time consuming chores. I wanted to have meetings
concerning the call logging software and the graphical web
design software, and the day was slipping by.

I asked everyone if we could meet at 2:30. They all agreed.

At 1:30 I cleaned the toilets again and did it in twenty

Carmen checked it. She said: "The toilets looked very clean."

I thanked her respectfully.

At the meeting it was known I was cleaning toilets and a
discussion immediately began about what products should be
stocked in the little cabinet. Carmen wrote down a list. I was
beginning to appreciate her. I managed to get the topic onto
software and we concluded the meeting in an hour.

read part twenty-two here

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