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Jim's Story - part twenty-two

Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 23:17:09 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part twenty-two - Carmen takes over

Carmen came into my office, and I asked her: "Miss Carmen is it
okay if I do the toilets a little early like at four instead of

She said it was okay with her, but everyone leaves at four and I
would find the place busy. I found her very sympathetic. Her
next sentence blew me away.

Carmen said: "Your wife, Sarah, and your Mother-in-law are going
to visit Sarah's sister for a week, and you will be staying with
me. Your wife told me to make you work hard and maintain strict
discipline. She gave me a cane."

I said: "I will serve you to the best of my abilities, Miss

She said: "Your wife said you can cook and do laundry and clean
house and do hair and nails and you can give a good massage."

I said: "I would be happy to do those things for you, Miss

She said: "Are you saying that because I have a cane?"

I said: "No ma'am, not at all, I look forward to pleasing you
every way I can."

She said: "Go do your afternoon toilet cleaning, and then we
will go to my apartment."

I said "Yes ma'am and curtseyed."

The toilet was a disaster area, there were towels on the floor,
un-flushed toilets, one of the sinks had water in it. There were
fingerprints, lipstick and tape on the mirror. Of course I
cleaned it all up, but it took thirty-five minutes.

I reported to Carmen.

She said: "It took you more than a half hour; I can't keep
ignoring your time. Since it was only a couple of minutes, I'll
let it pass, but you're warned."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

She said: "Here is your suitcase, and you can chauffeur me." She
handed me her car keys.

I carried my suitcase, her briefcase, and I followed her to her
tiny Corolla. I put the suitcase and briefcase into the tiny
trunk, and held the door for her in the back seat. And I got
into the drivers seat. She gave directions and it wasn't far
from the office.

I opened her door, took the stuff out of the trunk, locked the
car and handed her the keys. I followed her up a flight of
stairs, and admired her legs and behind.

She unlocked her door and I followed her in. What an incredible
pig sty; clothes everywhere; food left out; dishes in the sink.
It was a one bedroom, one bath apartment. There literally was
nowhere to sit. Stuff was on the chairs and on the sofa, the bed
wasn't made, there were clothes on the chair in the bedroom. The
table in the dining area had mail, newspapers, magazines, carry
out containers, and cooking utensils piled, maybe three feet, in

Carmen said: "The place is a mess and you're going to clean it

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Here is what we're going to do: first - I want the
hair trim, the pedicure, the massage and the bath, then I'm
going out. I'm going to put you into the corner. When the door
closes you will get busy and clean up and be done when I get
back and standing in the corner. Is that strict enough?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "This time you're not getting any slack for being
slow. I will really beat you if you're not back in the corner
when I get back."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Let's see what's in your care package."

I couldn't see a horizontal surface that was clear. She brushed
the clothes on the sofa onto the floor and put the suitcase on
the sofa. She opened it. Thoughtful Sarah had sent a paddle, the
cat with nine tails, a gag, collar with snap attached, and
handcuffs. She also had packed several shirts and slacks and
underwear for me. Carmen had me explain what each thing was and
my experiences with it. I guess they call it painful memories.

I said: "Miss Carmen, can we estimate the time we have before
you go out and a guess when you will come back?"

Carmen said: "You are not allowed to ask impertinent questions."

I said: "How can I budget the time if I don't know how much we

Carmen said: "Sarah said you like to argue and it is irritating,
I can see why she likes to cane you."

I said: "Yes ma'am, if we clear this chair I can start on your

She said: "Just dump it on the floor; you'll pick it up later."

I said: "Where are the scissors, Miss Carmen?"

She said: "Look in the drawers in the kitchen."

I trimmed her hair and thinned it a bit so it was 'looser.' I
had found the clippers and files and started on her hands, then
her feet, where I got my first look up her skirt. I found her
polishes and remover in the bathroom cupboard. While she was
drying I put everything I used away. I was memorizing where
things were kept.

She said: "I saw you look up my skirt, did you like it?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "For that you will wash my panties and bra by hand
and iron them."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "You may undress me."

I unbuttoned the dress in the back and pulled it over her head,
careful of her fingernails. I unsnapped her bra and noticed she
had lovely breasts, then I pulled down her panties and I wanted
to kiss her pussy. But I didn't.

I led her to her bedroom; I had pulled up the covers, and let
her lay on a beach towel I found. I also found some baby oil. I
warmed some in my hands and got to work. I love touching females
all over. I started with her toes, the backs of her legs, the
buttocks, the back and neck. Then I turned her over. She was as
relaxed as a rag-doll.

Carmen said: "Would you like to eat me."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

A bed is not the ideal place to massage or go down, but I wasn't
complaining. I was licking and sucking and she was really
getting into it. After she seemed to have come twice she pushed
me away and told me to finish the massage. I started at the
neck. By the time I touched her pussy she put her hand on mine
and I had petted her to number three going on four when she
pulled my hand away and told me to finish.

Her bathroom was a cesspool. I managed to clear enough away so I
could run her a bath. I used shampoo in lieu of bubble bath. I
made it extra warm. I used a washcloth and got to really feel
her up.

Then I got to dry her, another joy. Then we played the dress her

I'm not allowed to ask where she is going, how long she will be,
but I'm supposed to clean her house before she gets back.

She was leaving to go out and all I could do was curtsy. I was
not allowed to say be safe, or have fun, etc.

I started in the bathroom because of my recent experience. A
small apartment bathroom is easy. I would have done the kitchen
next but there were so many dishes all over the apartment, I had
to go around and pick up everything on the floor, put away or
throw away. I had a huge throw away pile. I went through her
mail. Bills and official correspondence, one pile, everything
else throw away. I was going to do the drawers and cupboards,
but what if she came in the door? Would I hear her car?

It was almost 11:00. I would much rather clean than stand in the
corner. But what to do? I had already washed her undies and they
were drying over the shower curtain pole. I had filled three
thirty gallon trash bags with stuff to throw away. I had
vacuumed the carpets; there were windows and drawers left. Then
I heard a car park. I ran into her bedroom and stood in a

I heard the key in the lock and Carmen came in and shrieked with
pleasure. She came into the bedroom and saw me in the corner.
She didn't say I could come out.

Carmen said: "This is so wonderful. I'm going to keep you
forever." I heard her undressing.

Carmen said: "Pick up my clothes and put them away, then you can
come into bed with me."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "I'm going to put into my notes that you stood in
the corner for four hours."

Carmen said: "In my opinion you get four gold stars."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen."

Carmen said: "You can come and worship my body until I go to

I thought that meant kissing her all over but she corrected me
and my nose was in her ass with my tongue. She went to sleep
pretty quickly.

I thought this was almost a vacation. But I had to remind
myself, she can do whatever she wants, I can only do what she
lets me. Perhaps she will let me clean her windows and
straighten her cupboards.

I woke early and checked out the refrigerator, there wasn't
much, no eggs, there was no coffee anywhere, I wondered what
this woman ate.

I slipped back into bed with her and cuddled up behind her. A
little later she woke. Her hand went to my corseted penis. Then
she turned over, facing me. She kissed me; I kissed back and got
my arms around to hug her. We kissed for a while then I sensed
she wanted me to slide down and I ended up between her legs.

The world had become the feel and taste and smell of Miss
Carmen. I recall there was no air. She was so responsive, my
lips touched her pussy and her ass and thighs tensed. I was
going to eat her forever. Finally she grasped my hair and pulled
me up. She said I was all red and perspiring, and I was
definitely out of breath. We hugged and kissed.

Lying in her bed, I said: "What do you eat for breakfast?"

Carmen said: "Nothing here, I go to Starbucks and have coffee
and a pastry."

I thought that was expensive and not the best for her health,
but I wouldn't dare say anything.

She said: "I go to mingle with my friends, not to eat."

She said: "I'm going in a little while, do you want to come?"

I said: "Miss Carmen, I have to do what you tell me to. I would
love to hang out with you this morning; normally I'm put to

She said: "Aren't you finished cleaning up?"

I said: "I haven't cleaned the windows, and I haven't
straightened the cupboards."

She said: "You can do that tonight during your corner time, I
have a date tonight."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I offered to help her get dressed. Her lingerie drawer was a
mess. But I found a pale blue set of panties and bra, and I put
them on her. I couldn't resist kissing her thighs, back and neck
as I put the clothes on her. She started responding, and in a
few minutes, her panties were back off and I was on my knees.

I used a warm wash cloth to clean my saliva off her pussy while
she sat on the toilet wearing only her blue bra. I kissed her
tummy when I finished. That set this woman off again. I was on
my knees on the hard tile floor in her bathroom.

Finally we were off to Starbucks. I asked for her keys and she
said she would drive. I opened the car door for her.

Starbucks was crowded but Carmen spotted her friends sitting at
a large table. We joined them there; I had to round up some
chairs. Carmen introduced me and no one cared. Evidently Carmen
has lots of guys coming around. I asked Carmen what she wanted
and asked the group if I could get something for them.

I brought back the coffee and pastries and tried to join into
the conversation. They were talking about someone who I didn't
know. Later I realized it was a television character; I kept

When we left, Carmen suggested going to the store. I thought
that was a good idea. I said: "Miss Carmen, I would love to go
to the store, but you don't have to ask me, I would love to do
anything you want to."

She squeezed me with her arm. She said: "You may not say that
after I get you back to the apartment. Your wife emphasized that
the most serious offense is failing to address me with respect.
I realize you didn't want to attract everyone's attention at
Starbuck's. But you have to be punished, and I will try out the

I said: "Yes, ma'am." I wondered why she felt this obligation to
carry out punishments.

It turned out that we did not go to the store to buy food and
supplies for the apartment, we went to buy the different kind of
personal products for the toilet at the office. I offered to
make breakfast every morning if we had food. Carmen filled a
separate basket with pastries, coffee, yoghurts and granola and
some fruit. I asked for some eggs. I had to check out with the
basket filled with a variety of tampons and other products not
normally bought at the same time, especially not by a man. The
checker gave me a funny look, but took my money.

We arrived back at her apartment and I put away all the food we
bought. I offered to help her get ready for the evening; washing
or ironing, or anything.

Carmen said: "You are just trying to delay your punishment.
Strip off your clothes."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And took off all my clothes.

She held the handcuffs. She said: "Hands behind you."

She handcuffed me and told me to lie across the chair she pulled

She said: "Here are the rules: You will say 'Thank you Miss
Carmen' and count the stroke. You may not shout or scream, if
you do, we will start over, you will be gagged and you will get
ten extra. Same thing if you move. I will rope you to the chair,
we will start over, and you get ten extra."

Carmen said in a sweet tone: "I know this will hurt, it's
natural not to want it, but you have to take it."


"Thank you Miss Carmen, one." My god that really hurt. I felt
her hand on my butt feeling where she had just struck me.

She said: "They will be a little harder now."

"Yeoww, thank you Miss Carmen, two." I was worrying I couldn't
take this.

She said, "no talking except what I told you." She felt my butt
again and said, "this is good."


"Thank you Miss Carmen, three." That really hurt.


"Thank you Miss Carmen, Nine."


"Thank you Miss Carmen, Ten." I was sweating, and my eyes were
filled with tears.

Carmen said: "Are you going to forget saying Miss Carmen."

I said: "No Ma'am."

Carmen said: "Get up, and stand in the corner."

She stood behind me and felt my butt again, rubbing all over.
She said: "You have nine clear stripes. I should have repeated
the first one so you would have ten. Oh well next time it will
be ten." She walked away.

I heard her turn on the TV. I heard the time several times. I've
been standing here nearly an hour. I thought Carmen was going to
be easy but I will have to be careful. I don't know what Sarah
has told her. The TV went off.

Carmen unlocked the handcuffs. She said: "Get dressed and make
me lunch."

I said: "Yes Ma'am." Just like with Kathleen I thought.

I said: "What would you like, Miss Carmen."

She said: "Surprise me."

I made a fried egg and cheese sandwich and I cut up some of the
fruit we bought. I served the sandwich on a plate, the fruit in
a bowl and a glass of water. I told her it was ready. I slid her
chair in and spread a napkin on her lap. Then I stood waiting
for her to eat.

Carmen said: "Did you make some for yourself?"

I said: "Yes Ma'am"

She said: "You don't have to stand there. Bring it in; you can
sit on the floor at my feet. If you look up my skirt, I will
spank you later."

I said: "Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am."

I wondered if she wanted me to look. I did. She noticed and
smiled. I ate my sandwich enjoying the views.

I cleaned up the kitchen, while Carmen lay down.

I started cleaning cupboards. There was so much trash like old
receipts, papers with notes on them, old telephone books and
other junk that all went into a thirty gallon garbage bag. I had
finished about a quarter of them when Carmen called me. I
curtseyed and waited for her.

She said: "Why don't you get undressed and come under the

I said: "Yes ma'am." I quickly undressed; slid under the sheets
and snuggled up to the warm Carmen.

She said: "I'm trying to nap because I will be out late tonight.
Help me fall asleep."

I was a little puzzled.

She said: "Your mouth on my pussy now."

Okay, I did that, and she came very quickly, then again.

She said: "Now worship me."

I knew what that meant. I tried to insinuate myself into her
ass. I think she has a thing about this. But I accept other
people's kinks after all. After a few minutes I could tell she
was asleep.

I thought I'd better take a nap too because I probably will have
to wait up for her.

I woke and it was five-thirty already.

I gently tapped on Carmen's shoulder: I said: "Miss Carmen, wake
up, its five-thirty."

I started filling the tub. I came back to the bedroom and she
had gone back to sleep. I nudged her awake again. She looked so
desirable, sleepy, naked, hair mussed. I gave her my hand, and
she pulled herself up.

She sat on the toilet, and I patted her dry and helped her over
to the tub. As I washed her all over I craved her body so much
that I know she noticed. But she was into her own imaginings. I
had to add hot water twice. I didn't find a robe, but she had
slippers, and a small blanket that I wrapped her in after I
dried her.

Carmen said: "I want the underwear you washed and ironed."

I put them on her. I worked on her hair and applied make up a
little differently than she normally wore it. I defined her eyes
more. I could tell she liked it because she kept looking at her

Carmen said: "I need to spank you, but I don't want to muss
myself now. Tomorrow I will give you double."

Carmen said: "I don't know what to wear.

I said: "I bet the black dress you have makes you look

She said, "I'll try it, you will have to hang it back up if I
don't like it."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I put a grey slip on her, then the black dress, and she did look
great. She has a slim body with excellent boobs and the dress
conformed very well.

I looked in her jewelry drawer and found white pearls, and put
them on her.

She said: "It really shows off my figure."

I feared telling her how much I liked her figure would get me
into trouble.

I said: "Will you wear hose?"

She said: "What do you think?"

I said: "If you wear something sheer it will enhance the
elegance, but if you wear something gray or black it will make
it look collegiate."

She said: "I have very sheer pantyhose."

I knew where they were and put them on her, which made me really
hot for her.

She said: "Your wife told me you had a problem lusting when
dressing her, but I don't mind you lusting."

I said: "You have a beautiful body."

She said: "I also know that you're not allowed to say things
that sound like you're making a move on me. So if I was inclined
I would have two good reasons to punish you."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen."

I found a pair of patent black high heels with straps. They were
dirty and dusty. I cleaned them up and offered them to her. She
said she really liked them, and I put them on her. The overall
effect was fantastic. What I did to her eyes made her look a
little more mysterious and wise. She looked in the mirror for
more than a minute, and liked what she saw.

She said: "It's six-thirty and I won't be picked up until seven.
So you can start standing in the corner in my bedroom now. When
I'm gone, you can clean the windows, clean out the drawers and
cabinets, and clean up the mess we made getting dressed, and I
want you to wash my panties and bra and pantyhose and find a
place where they can dry. Tomorrow you can iron them. Remember
you must be up and standing in the same corner when I come back.
I probably won't be back before midnight but I might be. Work
hard and eat whatever you can find. You may not leave the

I said: "Yes Ma'am." And I curtseyed. And I went to her bedroom
and stood facing into the corner.

I felt like Cinderella must have, I dressed the lovely Carmen to
go out on the town, she didn't tell me where she was going. She
left me to do chores. Carmen has gotten the hang of being a
mistress, but she seems more interested in getting the work done
than my punishment quotas. She evidently was given instructions
by Sarah.

From a few steps from the doorway, I was visible to Carmen. So I
had to stand still, but when she returned, I had only seconds to
get back into the corner.

I dislike standing in the corner or being restrained for long
periods. It's so easy for my mistresses to put me there and I
really suffer. About half an hour may not seem like a long time
but I was unhappy having to stand there while my lovely mistress
sat fifteen feet from me waiting to go out. Once again I was
facing how I was no longer a person.

Finally I heard the doorbell, the door opened, voices, the door
closed, and I concluded I was alone. The lack of a good-bye
reinforced my forlorn thoughts.

I got to work. Mostly the work was uninteresting. About ten-
thirty I was done. All her chairs had panties, brassieres and
pantyhose draped over them for drying.

I had dinner. I figured that I could be standing in the corner
from nearly anywhere in the apartment within the time it took to
unlock the door. The big danger was falling asleep. Kathleen
would have fastened me to the hook. Life is easier with Carmen.

I opened Carmen's lap-top and checked Kathleen's and Sarah and
my investments. I read some company reports, but I was getting
sleepy. I closed the lap-top down; it was not an allowed
activity. I made coffee to help stay awake.

It was almost two when I heard a car stop outside. I ran to the
corner and composed myself.

Minutes later the door was unlocked and my mistress entered. I
heard the door close. I didn't move.

Carmen said: "There's no place to sit in here."

I didn't know whether to reply to that.

Carmen came into the bedroom. She said: "There is a coffee cup
on the sink. I said you could find something to eat. I didn't
say you could trash the place."

I don't want to answer that.

She said: "Take off my shoes."

I knelt down and took off her shoes. She looked a little
disheveled and was a little drunk. But I could tell where this
was going.

She said: "Remove my pantyhose and panties."

I did; I said: "Miss Carmen, may I take off your dress also?"

She stood up and turned around. I unzipped the dress and she
stepped out of it. She sat back down pulling up her slip and
roughly grabbed my head. She said: "You better be good."

I licked and sucked for a long time before she came. I thought
she might have had sex earlier because she smelled different and
the alcohol may have played a role. It took so long that her
hands were behind her supporting her. She didn't say to stop so
I carried on. I think we set new endurance records, but she
finally came again. And said "Stop; finish undressing me and
hang up my dress."

I said: "Yes ma'am." And took off her brassiere and hung up her
dress. I went with her to the bathroom and washed her pussy.
Then tucked her in and she invited me to worship her until she
fell asleep.

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