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International FemDom Day July 24

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 21:09:07 -0700
From: Subiam Subiam

Hello Ms. Christine and David,

I was curious if you've heard anything about International
FemDom Day on 7/24 (or 24/7)? It appears to have started in St.
Louis (dadungeon FemDomDay) and has spread to a global day of
representation (fetlife private post). I also believe that other
locations are hosting events to recognize this day but I was
wondering if you or your members have heard anything?

Perhaps you can query your members?

In male submission,
subiam{to Queen-T}


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subiam wrote:

>I was curious if you've heard anything about International
>FemDom Day on 7/24 (or 24/7)?

Let's call it 24th July, it's more universally understood that
way. Although the date of 24/7 was deliberately chosen to
signify FemDom relationships that are 24 hours a day and 7 days
a week.

A quick google on "International+FemDom+Day" shows that there
are now a lot of sites around the world celebrating it.

>Perhaps you can query your members?

I'm inviting all readers to post details of their public or
private experiences to celebrate International FemDom Day here
on DOMestic. And even if not doing anything yourself let us know
what is going on in your area. It would be interesting to see
how universal it's become.

I'll be celebrating it with a private ceremony, and giving David
31 strokes of my thick red handled cane, the one he really
dislikes a lot, as a disciplinary reminder. I'll be sure to
remind him that he is fortunate I'm such a kind Mistress and I
only used the "plus" sign in my sums. 24+7 only comes to 31.

He'll be able to take it without too much problem as he got
precisely 31 of the same cane, (which is still my favourite)
just the other day to celebrate our 31st anniversary. (we got
together in June 79)

When he begs me to stop I can soon convince him he really wants
me to continue. I just lift the hem of my skirt to reveal a
stocking top and ask if he wants to earn the privilege to see a
little more.

With the humbler in place exposing his balls to danger at the
rear, and his hands cuffed behind him, he dare not risk
displeasing me, and is bound (excuse the pun) to agree that he
wants me to finish his celebratory discipline. But I know that
the little teasing glimpse of stocking top is enough to make the
suffering a little more bearable.

Although with his face pressed into the bed cover supporting his
weight, he does have quite a struggle to turn his head to enjoy
the view.


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On IFD, I hope to be doing all of the following (apologies in
advance for links to FetLife but it is a good, free site):

Wearing a rubber band on my left wrist as a subtle sign (FetLife

Wearing an Ownership symbol t-shirt to be a little less subtle
(zazzle linked).

Hoping to make at least one new friend in the FemDom world.

Making a donation to a women's cause to promote the welfare of
women (FetLife linked).

Doing my best to put my needs completely aside to serve my wife
with 100% attentiveness.

Hoping to attend a local IFD event, if I get lucky (FetLife

Anybody got any better ideas?

subiam{to Queen-T}



How I admire your thought in giving David such a treat as being
allowed a glimpse of your stocking top. Have you thought that
either in celebration of FemDom day or as a special treat for
your 31st Anniversary you could continue to use the plus sign
and say 3+1 = 4 so he could have the same treat of the red
handled cane and a glimpse on four successive days. I am sure he
will realise that you have put a lot of effort into giving him
this treat and will be properly appreciative.

How he will look forward then to each successive anniversary. He
will never become one of those poor men who forget the day they
were accepted.

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