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Jim's Story - part twenty-four

Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 23:17:09 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part twenty-four - Carmen the tigress

At eleven-thirty I arrived at Sally's workstation, outside of
Peggy's office. I said: "Hello Miss Sally, I'm here to visit
Miss Peggy."

Sally said: "Miss Peggy isn't ready yet; you're to wait standing
facing the wall under that clock." She was pointing to the wall
across from her desk.

She said: "When I check the time I will see you." Meaning that
she was going to watch me.

Sally said: "There is no moving or talking."

I couldn't understand why all these women had become so mean. I
was hoping I wouldn't have to stand here while Peggy went to
lunch. I have so much work and my time gets wasted.

Finally Sally said: "You may go in now Jim."

I remembered to curtsy to Sally and then to Peggy. I had to keep
standing while talking to Peggy.

She said: "You have done a good job with the toilets. It's been
looking very nice."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy."

She said: "Carmen told us that she has you down there for less
than a half an hour three times a day and it was a struggle on
her part to make you take less time."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "So what have you come to tell me?"

I said: "Linda and Janet are going to the web design class in
San Diego." I explained why that was going to lead to using a
much more powerful web design tool and the benefits accruing
from that.

I said: "That will accomplish the last objective. We have
accomplished the others."

Peggy said: "That's why I encouraged Carmen to find you other
tasks like taking care of the toilets. Your work in IT will end

I wasn't looking for more tasks, I wanted to go back to live
with Kathleen and Sarah, and get away from this madhouse.

I said "Yes ma'am."

Peggy said: "That was good news, thank you Jim."

I curtsied and left.

I resolved to talk to Kathleen and Sarah.

When I returned to my office, Carmen was sitting in my chair. I
curtsied. I said: "Hello Miss Carmen."

She said: "I told you, you were driving us to lunch, you've kept
us waiting."

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Carmen, but I had a meeting with Miss

Carmen said: "You're going to get punished for making us wait."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "Let's go now."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

There were eight women including Carmen. Carmen said: "Five in
the back and four in the front. Jim, get the door."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I held the door and helped squeeze everyone
into the back, then the passenger door in front and Carmen,
Sally and Janet jumped in. I went to the driver's side and there
was Sally half way onto my seat. I snuggled up to her and
managed to close my door.

Carmen gave directions. In the parking lot she had a specific
place where she wanted me to park. It wasn't shady and it wasn't
even the closest spot. I jumped out and opened the front door,
and they waited for me to open the back door.

Carmen said: "Lock the car and give me the keys."

I said: "Yes ma'am:" I locked the car and gave her the keys.

Carmen said: "You will stay here with the car. You can lean
against it or touch it but I want you in contact with this car
while we have lunch. You are being punished."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" Half the ladies witnessed this but I wasn't
as embarrassed as before, I was more concerned with the sun.

About fifteen minutes later, Jenny, one of the help desk agents
came out with a Styrofoam box and a plastic fork and napkin.
Jenny said: "Everyone gave you a forkful of what they ordered.
It's a lot and it got a little mashed together. Carmen says you
have to eat it all."

I said: "Thank you Miss Jenny and please thank everyone."

Jenny said: "Everyone was watching and you didn't curtsy when I
brought you the food."

I said: "I'm very sorry Miss Jenny."

She said: "I think you will be because Carmen is displeased with

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Jenny."

She left and I curtsied.

The food was a little disgusting, some parts were delicious, but
there were unknown substances here and there and mysterious
sauces; stuff that looked like pasta but was meat; but I ate it

About twenty minutes later they all returned. Carmen gave me the
keys and I opened all the doors to let the heat out. Everyone
squeezed in, and I closed the doors, and I managed to squeeze
into the drivers seat and we drove back to the office.

Carmen said: "It's one-fifteen now so you can clean the toilets,
you must be done by one forty-five. Wait there for me."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

The toilets were reasonable, but the counters and mirrors could
use wiping and polishing. All the women using the place slowed
my progress, but I got done and while waiting for Carmen I
polished the chrome paper towel dispenser, the soap dispensers
and the faucets.

Carmen came in and said: "You're not done."

I said: "I was done Miss Carmen, but while waiting I decided to
polish the chrome."

Carmen said: "Then you weren't finished. When I tell you to
wait, you wait by standing at attention facing the wall or a
corner. This after you were late for our lunch. You have no
sense of time."

I said: "I'm sorry ma'am."

She said: "You will be sorry when we get home. Now you can
assist me."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And followed her into a stall.

I knelt on the tile floor and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled
her panties down. She had ordered me not to look at her so I
kept my eyes on her pussy. Okay with me.

She said: "Do you know when my period starts?"

I said: "No ma'am."

She said: "You buy feminine products and take no interest in
what they are for?"

I said: "I'm sorry ma'am."

She said: "Mine starts sometime this week, you should know that,
and you should know what to do."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I should, I will note it and learn more."

She said: "Finish me up."

I said: "Yes ma'am." Carmen keeps amazing me. I patted her and
pulled up her panties and her jeans and buttoned them. I never
looked at her.

She said: "You may go to your office."

I curtsied and got out of there fast.

The phone was ringing. It was Sally. She said that Peggy wanted
me right away. I told her I was on my way.

I curtsied.

She told me to stand facing the wall as yesterday. She said:
"You may not talk or move; I will be watching you."

After a few minutes she said I could go in.

I curtsied and said: "You asked to see me Miss Peggy."

Peggy said: "I heard you had a humiliating lunch hour because we
made you late."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Would you like to talk about it?"

I said: "I have a lot on my mind Miss Peggy."

She said: "Why don't you take off all your clothes, Sally will
come in and handcuff you and you can sit on the floor and talk
to me frankly."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy." How about she gets naked on the
floor I thought. But I took off my clothes and Sally walked in
and handcuffed my hands behind me. She led me to a corner behind
Peggy's desk and helped me sit on the floor.

Peggy said: "Go ahead and talk frankly to me like an employee to
his boss."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy, first, I appreciate the
opportunity to work on the IT department, the change has been
amazing. I learned that I could do more with little or no
authority than I would have imagined possible in a normal

"The most amazing thing was the us versus them mentality turned
180 degrees because we had a talk about it, second, I installed
software so that when someone in the company reports a problem
to the group, everyone in the group has access to all the
information. The ladies love using it. The third initiative is
evolving and we discussed it earlier. A fourth initiative to
make all the IT jobs interchangeable is moving along. At this
point I had thought I would be saying 'so long'."

"What has been happening all along is that the ladies, Carmen in
particular has found additional time consuming tasks for me.
While they may be humiliating tasks, I look on them as
opportunities to serve. So I am not complaining in any way. That
of course is different than humiliating punishments like the one
today at lunch that serve nobody. Again I'm not complaining."

"My only point is that I have two mistresses to serve and I was
not looking for additional ones. It is of course not my decision
to seek or reject additional mistresses to serve. What is
Sarah's position about your plans to place me at the service of
additional mistresses, Miss Peggy?"

Peggy said: "I don't think you are allowed to ask what your
mistress is planning. You only have to know that she and I are
in accord. I'm very impressed that you have a positive attitude
about your circumstances. And I want you to know that I am very
pleased with the work you did for our IT department and the
ladies are to a person delighted. I will even tell you that
Carmen wants you to stay head of the department. But this is my
company and she understands that. Have I told you enough?"

I said: "Yes Miss Peggy"

Peggy said: "Sally has been dying to take control of you. So she
will take you out. Thank you for coming in."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy."

Sally came in and helped me stand up. We walked out of Peggy's

I curtsied.

Sally said: "Stand under the clock and no moving or talking and
I'll be watching."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I also curtsied.

I wondered what would come next, having me stand against the
wall is no biggie.

I felt the handcuffs being unlocked. Sally grabbed me by my
corseted cock and led me to a room that was decorated in the
style of a library, lots of books, long table, it was probably
one of the executive conference rooms.

Sally sat in a big leather easy chair. She pulled my cock
downwards in front of her spread legs. I knelt and got a lovely
view and an inkling of what was coming next.

Sally said, "Take off my pantyhose and pull my panties down."

I said: "Yes ma'am." Someday I will say 'gladly ma'am', or 'my
pleasure ma'am'.

I know that this is not the moment but Sally is a big girl about
five foot eight or even taller, she's has an athletic build, not
overly skinny, her hair is light brown, not quite blond, her
eyes are nice but her eyeliner is too high, excellent boobs,
pussy is trimmed, not shaved. Definitely desirable; meaning I
definitely appreciate the honor.

She said: "If you don't please me, I'm going to thrash you."

I took the initiative and started kissing her thighs, working
toward her pussy. I like doing that until they become impatient
and take my head and place it where they want. It didn't take

My knees were beginning to hurt, and she had climaxed only once.
I didn't want to move or do anything to change the rhythm
because she seemed imminent. It must have been another five or
ten minutes before she spasmed again, and she seemed exhausted.
But she didn't indicate any way for me to stop.

I continued on, by this time my hands were on her butt,
supporting me and leveraging myself into her. She smelled
different. I didn't exactly like it, but I didn't complain. We
were both getting wet and sticky. But I would happily do this
forever. Then the third and most violent explosion, and she
pushed my head away.

I smiled at her and she smiled back.

She said: "You're not allowed to look at me."

I said: "I'm sorry ma'am, I didn't know."

She said; "I'm going to tell Carmen."

I said: "Yes ma'am; would you like me to wipe up the mess I

She led me to a private bathroom. I carried her shoes, pantyhose
and panties. I moistened paper towels with warm water, and wiped
it all away. I put her panties and hose and shoes back on her.

She was holding my head for support then grasped it in both
hands; she said: "I hope I don't get you into too much trouble
with Carmen."

I have no idea why I said this: "Why don't you punish me
yourself, Miss Sally?"

She said: "You may regret that suggestion;" She pulled my hands
behind me and handcuffed me. She pushed me into a corner of the
conference room and told me not to move.

Unbelievable that a woman one minute can caress me and the next
treat me like a derelict. I was surprised at the strength she
showed pushing me into the corner; I had to ease myself back a
bit because of the pressure.

I wondered if this was the punishment or if she was working
something up. I started meditating, when she came for me.

She said: "When they built this place, we found this closet
where we have been storing printer paper and party decorations.
I cleaned it out for you. I think ninety minutes in Sally's
cupboard will change your attitude about looking disrespectfully
at ladies."

She then opened this half sized door and helped me squeeze into
this space. My knees were at the same height as my head. This
was impossible, but then she squeezed into my mouth some sort of
gag and closed the door.

I could probably lose the gag but then I couldn't get it back
with my hands cuffed. I began feeling the discomfort starting
with the concrete floor, then the pain of being so scrunched up.
I tried to meditate. The total darkness helped me go to sleep.

I started awake when the door opened. Sally mistook the impact
of the bright light for rousing from a sleep so I didn't get
into more trouble.

She was sat in an office rolling chair, and when she opened the
door, the first sight was her crotch. I tried to look away, but
I couldn't look directly at her, maybe looking at her panties
was okay?

Sally said: "Remember Sally's cupboard is always available for

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Carmen called for you and I told her you were in the
cupboard but would be down in a half hour. So hurry up." She
unlocked my hands, which had lost feeling.

I curtsied; And I saw a wry smile on her face out of the corner
of my eyes; I didn't look at her.

I went to Carmen's cubicle and curtsied. I said: "Hello Miss
Carmen, Miss Sally said you wanted me."

Carmen said: "Why did she restrain you?"

I said: "Because I looked at her."

Carmen said: "Why didn't she just report you to me?"

I said: "I suggested to her to punish me herself."

She said: "You thought you would get off easier at her hands
than mine?"

I said: "No Miss Carmen, not at all."

She said: "Then why?"

I said: "I don't know."

Carmen said: "Maybe a little caning will help you know."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "Clean the toilets and we'll go home. It's four-
fifteen; I want you facing the wall away from the door by four
forty-five. Move it."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am."

I found the place in pretty good shape. I counted the feminine
supplies; and I cleaned the mirrors. I even had time to polish
the chrome.

At four forty-three I stood facing the wall. This was designed
for maximum humiliation. I didn't know who would come through
that door. And knowing Carmen, she wouldn't come through the
door until after five; And plenty of people came in, used the
facility and went out. I wondered what they were thinking.

Finally I heard Carmen: "I need to use the toilet, and you may
assist me."

I said: "Yes ma'am," and curtsied; I pretended there was no one
to witness this exchange. I followed her into the stall, and
knelt down. I looked at her shoes to know where she was.

She said: "Unbutton me, this is not your first time."

I said: "Yes ma'am," unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled down her
panties. She sat. I find this very sexy and humiliating at the
same time. What is Carmen thinking? I keep wondering if they are
doing this for me, or am I really being used by them. Who is

With a start I realize Carmen had stopped peeing. I grabbed
paper and tried to focus. Could one express affection with

She stood and I pulled up her panties and jeans. I stood so she
could pass, and I flushed and followed her out.

I had her keys from lunch time, and I opened the rear door for
her and she got in. I walked around the car and got in the
drivers seat. I was actually afraid of going to Carmen's
apartment with her. She said nothing during the drive.

She closed the door, turned the dead bolt and put on the chain.
I felt like we were locked in. She said: "Strip completely."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She handcuffed me and said: "Lie across this chair."

I did.

She said, "You have these demerits that I need to punish you
for, but right now I want to know how you ended it up in Sally's
cupboard. Start counting."


"Thank you Miss Carmen, one;" I said.


"Thank you Miss Carmen, two;" I yelped; it hurt so much..


"Thank you Miss Carmen, three;" I said trying to be stoic..


Finally... "Thank you Miss Carmen, ten;" I said; I was sniffing
and tears filled my eyes.

Then nothing, a few minutes later she tied a rope around my
waist and the chair seat.

She said: "I wanted to remind you what the cane feels like.
You're going to stay here and get caned until you explain to me
how you got yourself into Sally's cupboard."

She went into the kitchen and boiled water and made herself tea.
She sipped it and pulled out a chair and sat in it facing me.
Actually, I was bent over the chair so she was facing the back
of my head.

She said: "Would you like to talk or shall we resume the

I said: "I will try to explain, Miss Carmen."

Carmen said: "Go ahead, explain it all."

I started with the earlier visit that caused me to be late for
lunch, then Peggy saying she was sorry, then saying that Sally
wanted to control me, then the sex and my feeling of affinity or
something. At least Carmen wasn't caning me.

She sipped her tea and didn't say anything. She went into the
kitchen and found something to eat. I began having a feeling of
deja-vu of when Kathleen and Sarah confronted the use I was put
to by Lucy. I began getting frightened again. What if Carmen had
feelings about me that were violated when I serviced Sally.
Being tied down and handcuffed is not good when a tigress like
Carmen is considering my fate.

Carmen said: "You've become a real whore. I thought you had
feelings for me, but you betray me at the first opportunity."

I said: "Miss Carmen, please don't think I'm trying to avoid the
punishment you will give me. I have very deep feelings for you;
you mean so much to me. I am not free to either betray or be
loyal, I'm only obedient to my wife who has handed me over to
her mother, then to Miss Peggy, who handed me over to you, and
then Miss Peggy handed me to Miss Sally."

Carmen said: "I dislike you arguing with me. I can see why your
wife sent along a gag. But you are right; you will get a beating
tonight that you will remember for a long time. You will learn
not to trifle with women's feelings."

There was nothing I could say. She was feeling frustrated; logic
just made her angry and here I was conveniently trussed up.

I'm telling myself not to worry; I've had beatings before,
probably even worse than anything Carmen would do. Besides,
there was nothing I could do to prevent it.

She was foraging in the kitchen; of course I was hungry too, and
thirsty, and I could have used a trip to the toilet. I didn't
ask for anything because I was afraid of her.

She gagged me. She said: "I don't want you screaming your head
off on a Monday night."

I heard her boil water, she made herself more tea. She said:
"You have no idea how you hurt me. But I will hurt you back."

She hit me hard and faster than normal, I guess not having to
thank and count allowed her to go faster. By habit, I remember
counting to twenty-three, it really really hurt. I strained at
the handcuffs and tried to tilt the chair but she caught it.

She said: "Don't tip the chair, you're going to make me angrier
and I don't recommend that."

I think after the twenty-third stroke I passed out. Not so much
because of the pain, which was unbelievable, but I wasn't
getting enough air, or the hunger or the thirst, or all of the

I came to on the carpet, no handcuffs; Carmen bent over me her
hands on my face. I looked up at her and remembered to look

She said: "I beat you so much you passed out."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen."

She said: "I was so scared; I thought I had killed you." And she
kissed me.

She said: "Get up and get into my bed."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

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