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Jim's Story - part twenty-seven

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 18:26:40 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part twenty-seven

Carmen untied me from the chair and led me to her closet. The
collar was attached and lights were turned out. The doors were
closed. I was left alone standing in her closet. I guessed I got
her angry. Carmen was disciplining me to impress her boss. She
also felt that Sally got some of Peggy's attention that should
go to her. I guessed I had a reason to be afraid.

It's very hard to stand still, but when it's dark you can move a
little bit. I leaned on the wall next to where I was standing.

The lights went on, I stood up straight, Carmen opened the
closet and unlocked the handcuffs and removed the gag. She said:
"You can go to the bathroom and then come to bed. You will be
handcuffed again. I was going to give you another whipping but
your behind looks so bad, I'll wait until morning."

I curtsied and said: "Thank you Miss Carmen."

I unhooked myself and went to the bathroom. My shoulders were
sore from being handcuffed and my butt had ridges like a wash-
board and was very sore to the touch. In the mirror it looked
all red with some purple areas.

I got into bed and put my hands behind me and Carmen handcuffed
me. Then I wormed my way under the covers to Carmen's ass and
started kissing all over, ending up with my face buried. Carmen
turned off the lights. I kissed and nuzzled until she fell
asleep. Then I kissed all around. I was a little afraid she
would wake up, but I had a feeling for this woman that made me
want to kiss forever. I fell asleep too.

My handcuff was open so I got up and prepared Carmen's breakfast
and boiled water for tea and put my bread on a napkin on the
floor. I cleaned the kitchen and scrubbed around the bathroom.

Carmen woke and I tried to keep my eyes down but I could see how
beautiful she was naked. I hoped she would use me.

Carmen said: "You may assist me."

I tried very hard not to touch her except through the toilet
paper. I was afraid of her and attracted to her.

She wanted to shower and wanted me to wash her. I used a wash-
cloth as a proxy for my hand. It went into her ass and pussy and
around her breasts, but I never touched or looked at her. I
wanted to kiss everywhere. I wrapped her in two beach towels.

I brushed and combed her hair. I evened out the back by cutting
a little hair. I put on a little make up and pencilled her
eyebrows, painted her lips. I put a brassiere on her, and pulled
up matching panties.

Carmen said: "Bring me the paddle and the gag."

I got up curtsied, and said: "Yes ma'am;" I couldn't have been
more loving and gentle what had I done? I wondered.

I gave her the paddle and gag. She applied the gag and motioned
me to lie across her lap. Carmen said: "This is the morning
beating. But your ass is in such bad shape that I can't cane you
as I would like."

She gave me about twenty strokes of the paddle. It mostly hurt a
lot but there were some bruised spots that were really
unbearable, but she held me tight. There were tears in my eyes
when she finished.

We went into the dining area, I made tea for her and sat on the
floor by her feet, which I wanted to kiss, and I ate my bread.

Carmen said: "Clean this up."

There was almost nothing to clean. I put Carmen's dishes into
the dishwasher and threw away the trash.

Carmen was sitting in the easy chair sipping tea. She said:
"We're early, come here and face the wall."

I didn't know the time, or how long I would have to stand here
under Carmen's watch.

Finally Carmen said it was time to go. I think she finished her

It was Thursday, and maybe the end of the bread and water and
maybe a forgiving from Carmen.

The trip to the office was silent as was the walk to my office
and her cubicle.

I received a call from Sally saying that Peggy would like me to
join her for lunch and to bring my baggy with the two slices of
white bread. Of course I said I would be there. Sally said to
come at least 15 minutes early. I said: "Yes ma'am;" because she
wanted me to face her wall for that amount of time.

I couldn't think of any way of avoiding that. I was amazed that
everyone was conversant with my bread and water punishment.

I had to clean monitors and keyboards, and toilets and then I
would get a short time to work.

My staff all like the new keyboards and LCD's I put in. I clean
everything every morning by order of Carmen. Sometimes there is
a user at one of the stations and they are very nice about
letting me squirt Windex on the LCD and clean it. I use the wet
tissue I used on the monitor to wipe the keyboards, since the
staff snacks at the computer, some of the keyboards take some
time to get clean.

Carmen comes along and says: "You have thirty minutes to clean
the monitors and keyboards."

I said: "Miss Carmen it takes longer than that. And I have to
clean the toilets at 9:30. We didn't get here until 8:30, what
should I do for the half hour between."

Carmen said: "You can come to my cubicle and tell me you have
completed the cleaning and then I will decide. Jim you can't
just take as much time as you feel like doing these tasks."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" Everyone stopped what they were doing and
watched this exchange.

I took much less time on the keyboards. They only cost $15; I'll
just replace them when they get too dirty.

I went to Carmen's cubicle curtsied and said: "Miss Carmen I
finished cleaning the keyboards and monitors."

She said: "Good you can stand facing the wall until its time to
clean the toilets. I'm trying to erase one of your demerits, I'm
going to credit you with a half hour, but it will be only 25

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen;" This is not better than me
working, this is bitchy, I thought.

Finally Carmen said: "You may go down to the toilets and clean
them. Wait for me facing the wall."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am."

The toilets needed a lot of work. I swept and mopped, cleaned
sinks and mirrors and it was nearly a half hour. All the toilets
had been flushed; I thought I'd better start standing at the
spot in front of the door. Everyone who came through the door
would see me first.

I didn't wait long before someone did come in. It was Carmen,
she walked around and checked the stalls, the sinks and the

She said: "I think several of the toilets are not clean. I can't
accept this as a done job."

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Carmen, I need more time."

She said: "I think you need more caning. I have told you
repeatedly that you have thirty minutes to clean this place and
you wasted your time. I have to give you a demerit and it gets
doubled. I can't punish you enough to reduce your demerits."

I was still facing the wall.

She said: "I should let you stand here until 1:30 when you can
have another chance to clean up."

I said: "Miss Carmen I have an appointment with Miss Peggy at

Carmen said: "How will we settle the demerit account?"

I said: "I'm at your mercy, Miss Carmen."

Her pacing made clicking noises on the tile.

She said: "I have to pee, come and assist me."

I was delighted to serve her. In my perverse way the more she
hectored and complained, the more I was infatuated. I would have
paid for the opportunity to kneel before this goddess and peel
off her jeans and panties and smell her peeing and I wanted to
touch and kiss her. I think she knew that and her prohibition of
touching and looking diminished the experience. I kept my eyes
down but I could see snippets of her loveliness at the edges of
my gaze.

Carmen said: "You may lick me dry like you did Karen."

I tried not to get saliva on Carmen's pussy and lick any urine
left in her hair. But like Karen, I seemed to have agitated
Carmen, because she grabbed my head and pressed me into her. I
was overjoyed. I did the very best I could, and she came, then
she came again. I continued licking but after a while she
pressed my head away. I patted her dry and pulled up her panties
and jeans.

Carmen said: "Stand there against the wall. In five minutes, I'm
going to log you as having stood there a half hour. One demerit

I stood facing the wall.

Carmen said: "I'm going to my cubicle. I want those toilets
scrubbed and then report to me. Count to 300 slowly and you can
start." She left.

I counted to 300 slowly as the goddess ordered. But is it stupid
or what? Who would know? I scrubbed the toilets, I polished the
chrome and I washed the mirror again.

I went to Carmen's cubicle, I curtsied and said: "I completed
cleaning the toilets Miss Carmen."

Carmen said: "You may go to your office."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen;" curtsied and left.

Conversions in the data processing world are infrequently talked
about, there are few popular products, but it's what makes
possible the continuous march of new hardware and new operating
systems and new programs. I was so absorbed in the conversion I
would have missed my meeting with Peggy if Sally hadn't called.

I raced upstairs and knelt at Sally's desk. I said: "Miss Sally
I am so sorry, I'm late."

Sally said: "Stand under the clock for five minutes and I'll
forgive you this time."

I said: "Thank you Miss Sally."

I was on a roll, two ladies cutting me slack within hours of
each other. A guy could get used to that. I stood as rigid as I
could for my Sally who I know was watching. At the stroke of
twelve she took my arm and led me to Peggy.

I curtsied and said: "Good afternoon Miss Peggy."

Peggy said: "Welcome Jim. My lunch is in that Styrofoam
container, there are several waters there. Bring one to me and
take one yourself."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Peggy said: "Let's eat. I'll keep talking."

I opened my baggie, and put the bread on a napkin, opened my
water, and waited.

Peggy said: "My friend Karen is an executive at the auditor
company. She told me that the auditors think your efforts turned
our IT department around. I interviewed the IT staff and to a
person, including Carmen, they said that we had daily disasters
and now everyone is relaxed and smiling. The IT users, everyone
else in the company thinks we must have 'kicked some ass'
because now the IT department wants to help them. So Karen and I
discussed it and you will have to stay here and be the IT
manager. I talked to Sarah and she said she agrees to that. You
may talk Jim."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy, I'm fond of my staff, I find them
very capable. I have found the Miss Peggy management style

Peggy laughed: "Again Sarah predicted what you would say. You
may ask questions."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy, are we not in danger of one of
the ladies feeling that this is a sexually hostile environment?"

Peggy said: "You ask good questions Jim. Before you came we had
a meeting where I exposed my views to the staff. I wondered what
would happen if I took someone like yourself who was comfortable
with taking orders from women, into a situation like we had.
Sarah told me about you and I met you at your house. I described
you and your lifestyle and everyone agreed we could give it a
try; I asked them what if we spanked this new boss, they liked
the idea."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy, what inspired you?"

Peggy said: "Sarah, Karen and I go back to even before college.
I've developed my views of the roles of men and women and
sexuality. Sarah told me what her mom and you worked out and I
was impressed. I recognized that the ladies here were
individually very competent. Together they turned on each other.
I asked Sarah if you would help out and the rest you know."

Peggy said: "I have a question for you. What do you think of

I said: "Carmen manages the customer service activities. It's a
constant zoo and she runs it like a railroad. I think she is
doing great managing the staff and the technology and she can
defuse problems with the clients. On lifestyle matters she is
not into fem-dom like my mother-in-law or Sarah. She is doing a
great job because she has great mentors, yourself and Sarah. I
am disciplined by her because it's an assignment for her. I'm on
bread and water because she is diligently carrying out her

Peggy said: "That was my impression also on every point you
made. She's definitely a leader. I had hoped she would adopt
more of my views."

Peggy said: "Do you have any complaints?"

I said: "Miss Peggy, I love being here, I even like doing the
chores I have been assigned. But there are only so many hours. I
would like to make use of those hours to best serve the

Peggy said: "Are you saying you don't think scrubbing toilets is
the best use of your time?"

I said: "No ma'am; I'm saying that perhaps that is so. Or
perhaps my cleaning toilets has such a positive effect on the
staff that they work harder; then maybe it's the best thing for
me to do. Of course I can't possibly make those judgements."

Peggy said: "I hear you saying that you don't know who assigns
these chores to you and you wonder if they have the perspective
to weigh those trade-offs. My reply to you is that it's been

I said: "Thank you, Miss Peggy."

Peggy said: "I see that you have finished your lunch. I think we
have finished our meeting."

I said: "Thank you, Miss Peggy;" I curtsied and left.

Carmen was sitting in my office when I returned.

I curtsied and said: "Hello Miss Carmen."

Carmen said: "What are you working on?"

I said: "I'm working on converting our HTML code to a higher

Carmen said: "Why are you working on that?"

I said: "Because we are going to do our web pages in the new
language and it would create a continuity if our old stuff was

"Who did you ask?"

"I didn't ask anyone, I'm the manager here."

"You may be the manager but you don't do anything without asking
me. How long have you been working on this?"

I said: "Just yesterday and a little bit today."

She said: "When will you finish?"

"I don't know."

Carmen said: "That is not acceptable, you have to tell me when
you expect to finish, how else can I hold you accountable?"

I said: "Five more days."

Carmen said: "You're getting demerits for starting a project
with out my permission, and I haven't heard any Ma'am or Miss.
You may start on the toilets. At 2:00 you will stand in front of
the door. I want to find the toilets spotless."

I curtsied and said: "I'm sorry Miss Carmen;" and I went

The toilets looked well used. I picked up the paper, swept,
mopped, scrubbed, toilets, seats, sinks, polished mirrors and
chrome; I even started washing the walls. I took my place facing
the wall waiting for Carmen to come. I wasn't told by Peggy that
I had to get Carmen's permission to do anything. I wondered if
Carmen was going to end my penance. She seemed sympathetic
earlier, now she was bitchy.

Someone came through the door, I think it's Carmen because of
the clacking noise on the tile when she walks. Also whoever came
in is inspecting the stalls. I'm trying to stand extra rigid.
Carmen makes me fearful. She is exacting and aggressive, I've
had the most painful beatings at her hands.

Carmen said: "This is much better; you may come in here and
assist me."

I entered the stall Carmen was in and closed the door and
curtsied. I got on my knees; she had already pulled down her
jeans and panties. I tried to keep my eyes down, but I found
myself staring at her pussy. I wondered what her mood was.

Carmen said: "You can start by using your tongue to remove the
drops on my hair."

I was glad to do that. Even though there really weren't any. My
tongue made her more moist than she had been. But Carmen was
getting predictably aroused. I continued my search for moisture.
Finally a hand forced my head to more direct contact. I wanted
to do the best job ever, I wished I could touch her.

I thought of the bread and water, the standing for hours, the
severe canings and paddling and I was between her legs. I was
getting inflamed. I forced my head further in, the smell from
the toilet was acting like an intoxicant. Finally she came but
didn't want to stop. I didn't want to stop. I lost control and
wrapped my hands around her for purchase. That seemed to light
her up too and she started coming again. I wanted to be coupled
like this forever, even though my knees were hurting, my eyes
were filled with my saliva or her.

Then she pushed on my head, I grabbed toilet paper for her and
then for me and I wiped and dabbed us dry.

Carmen said: "You gained two more demerits for touching me:" she
stood up.

I pulled up her panties and jeans. I said: "I'm sorry Miss

She said: "I promise you will be." And she clacked away.

I washed my face in the ladies toilet and went to my office to
work on my html conversion.

I had to clean the toilets again but Carmen wasn't around. So I
did it as fast as I could and Carmen still wasn't around when I
finished. I went to my office and got back to work.

A little later Carmen came to my office. I rose and curtsied.

She said: "I've been promoted to be the IT manager. You have a
new title, CIO. But you report to me. That means you don't
breathe without my knowledge and permission."

I said: "Yes ma'am, Miss Carmen."

She said: "Peggy told me what you said about me, and Peggy said
she was of the same opinion."

I said: "The only arguable thing I said was that you weren't
into fem-dom like Peggy and my wife are. But you do a damn good

She said: "I really made you suffer."

I said: "That is subjective; I wouldn't necessarily call it

She said: "You liked it?"

I said: "Hell no; but I would prefer you to beat me and restrain
me than ignore me but that's not all."

She said: "I want to go out and celebrate."

I said: "I'm dying to eat real food."

She laughed: "Okay, you're forgiven, your penance is completed."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, I would be delighted to take you

Carmen said: "I was thinking I would put you into my closet and
call my friends."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "I'm amazed that you accept that, I'm not that big
a bitch."

I said: "I know that. Where shall we go?"

We went to a nice restaurant that had a lounge with a dance
floor attached.

I wanted to know where Carmen stood on the Mistress role.

Carmen said: "I like the concept that you have to do whatever I
tell you, I like to hand you demerits, but I also like to know
what you think, I don't always want to have the responsibility."

We got back to her apartment very late for a weekday night. I
asked Carmen if this was my last night at her apartment. She
wasn't sure but she thought I would go home tomorrow night. I
told Carmen how much I was going to miss her and she told me she
will miss me too.

I still helped Carmen undress, and picked up her clothes, I
assisted her in the toilet and my face ended up in her ass.

In the morning; I made her breakfast and brought her tea. I was
going to stand while she ate but she invited me to sit with her.
What surprised me was after breakfast she said: "Bring me the
paddle and the handcuffs."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I was too conditioned to do anything else,
I brought them to her.

She said: "Drop your pants and shorts."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I pulled them down.

I ended up across her knee and I think she gave me thirty hard
strokes, she kept saying it's not red enough yet. She kept
telling me to keep quiet, she was going to gag me and give me
extra strokes, but the paddle was making a loud pow sound at
every stroke.

She said: "This is how I want you to remember me."

I thought she was incredible.

Carmen said she was taking me home tonight and we were all going
out to dinner. After work Carmen and I drove to my home.

No one was there yet, I had a key and Carmen and I went in.
Carmen said she would like a little wine. I didn't know Carmen
was a wine drinker but I found some zinfandel in the garage and
it was nice and cool.

I brought in two glasses and while I was opening the bottle
Carmen said: "I said I wanted a glass of wine, I didn't say you
could have some too. Put the second glass away."

I started to object, but I don't like zinfandel all that much
anyway and after all I've taken from Carmen, one more surprise
is not a big thing. I thought.

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I poured her a generous amount of wine on an empty stomach. And
I put my glass away.

Carmen said: "Show me around."

I showed her the kitchen, our bedroom, the guest bedroom, and I
was going to show the outside.

She said: "Where is the stocks I heard about?"

I was not going to show that to her, but I did because she

She said: "I want you to get into it."

I said: "Can we do this later Miss Carmen?"

She said: "I want to do it now, and take your pants off."

I was going to plead with her but that never works with these
women. I stripped and fastened my feet, and leaned over. Carmen
seemed to know what to do, and I found myself fastened into the

Carmen said: "You look so forlorn."

I said: "I was looking forward to seeing my wife and partying
with you and her. I realize I'm here for hours."

Carmen caressed my face. She said; "You poor boy. The plans are
that I'm going to go out with Sarah and Kathleen. When we come
back we will each give you a good spanking. We thought you would
like that."

Then she gave me a kiss on the lips. Turned off the lights and
left me in darkness.

I could hear Sarah and Kathleen arrive, lots of talking. I think
they were drinking up the wine.

The lights went on. Sarah, Kathleen and Carmen came into the
little room. Sarah said: "I have heard all sorts of reports
about your behavior. But I'm still so happy to see you;" and she
gave me a passionate kiss that lasted many seconds.

Kathleen said: "When we come back, Carmen wants to use the cane,
I want to use the strap, and Sarah wants to use the cane. Since
Sarah is your wife, she will use the cane, Carmen will use the
strap, and I will use the Cat. We want you to think about that,
so you can hold the cane in your mouth and the strap in one hand
and the cat in the other. Don't drop them."

I have to be very philosophical at times like this. A masochist
has a misery scale, where being ignored is the worst thing, and
lots of attention from his mistress is the best. Three pretty
ladies surrounding my incarceration in this tiny room is near
the best. I should be happy, but I know they will cause me great
pain and I've become a coward. And of course they will get
Carmen's spin on the week with no input from me.

Finally I told myself there is no escape, I will survive, I have
been beaten before, they love me, relax. I tried to nap. But I
was afraid I would drop the cane or strap or cat. I had to stay
awake and alert and contemplate my impending beating.

Carmen was the first in the door. She said: "We brought you our
leftovers, but they only gave us one box and it all got mixed
together but I'm sure you will eat it all up."

For someone who is not into it Carmen is an awesome mistress.
She took the strap from me and swung it around.

My dear Sarah took the cane out of my mouth and went: "Yuck you
slobbered all over this, I might give you extra."

The lovely Kathleen took the cat and said: "We decided I would
go first;" she gave me a big kiss on the mouth.

Kathleen said: "You will count and thank the person dong the
whipping. You will get extra if you miss the count. We decided
not to tell you how many strokes you're going to get, but in
each case it's an even number. This is not a punishment; it's
just a welcome back."

Kathleen lashed me hard with the cat and I cried out but managed
to say: "Thank you Miss Kathleen that was one."

Kathleen said: "Carmen told us that you are capable of
suppressing the screams. Any utterance other than the counting
will get you extra. Do you understand?"

I hurriedly said: "Yes ma'am, thank you Miss Kathleen that was

I hoped that: "Thank you Miss Kathleen, that was ten;" would end

I said: "Thank you Miss Kathleen that was eleven;" I wondered if
she had been practicing on someone.

The strokes hurt because the little tips bit into the flesh and
it seemed it was the same place over and over, I thought I must
be bleeding.

"Thank you Miss Kathleen that was 18."

"Thank you Miss Kathleen that was 19."

"Thank you Miss Kathleen that was 20."

And it stopped.

Carmen said: "Would you like a rest, or do you want to get it
over with?"

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen."

Sarah said: "Lets let him rest a while."

Sarah used a Kleenex and wiped my eyes and then my nose. I heard
Carmen say: "Is there any wine left?" Then the lights went out
and I was left alone.

It was probably half an hour when they came back. Carmen said:
"Are we ready?"

A huge pain exploded, and I tried to break free but the stocks
held me immobile.

I remembered: "Thank you Miss Carmen, one."

I wanted to beg, but I knew that they would enforce the warning
against utterances.

"Thank you Miss Carmen, two;" it was so painful, the edges of
the strap were opening the holes made by the cat.

"Thank you Miss Carmen, three;" at this point I started crying.

"Thank you Miss Carmen, four."

"Thank you Miss Carmen, five;" I hoped I it was the last.

"Thank you Miss Carmen, six."

"Thank you Miss Carmen, ten;" If there is another I'm going to

It was over. I was whimpering.

Sarah brought another Kleenex and she was comforting me. She ran
her hands through my hair. She said: "Rest for a while, the cane
is going to hurt a lot more and I want you to be ready for it:"
She kissed me.

Again the lights went out as well as the ladies.

Again about half an hour later, only Sarah came back. She kissed
and caressed me. She said: "You do want me to beat you, my

I can't believe I said: "Yes Miss Sarah."

She said: "It will hurt more than Kathleen's and Carmen's

I said: "I know Miss Sarah."

She said: "You're sure? Would you like a gag?"

I said: "Yes Miss Sarah."

She put the gag on so I couldn't scream or count.

She gave me twenty hard strokes, I kept hoping to pass out, I
tried to break the stocks but I couldn't. I rejoiced when it

Sarah took off the gag; and helped me out of the stocks.

I said: "Thank you Miss Sarah;" I felt totally possessed by my
Sarah. My body and soul was hers. I only live for her.

read part twenty-eight here

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Fantastic! Very Hot!

i would love to be in Jim's shoes...


Wow! This was incredible! I only just found this blog and I
already can't wait for more!


Wonderful! I loved the finale of this chapter... the beating by
Miss Carmen, Miss Kathleen, and Miss Sarah! Jim suffers much at
the cruel hands of these Ladies, but both he and they know how
much he needs it! Great story!

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