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codifying kinkiness (for doggies)

Date: 5 Sep 2010 22:45:06 -0000
From: quitodoux

i am a sub with some precious experiences in the past. But now i
am an oldie and my type of kinkiness seems not to be very
appreciated in the bdsm world. i belong to those subs who do not
like pain but crave to be trained as slaves, doggies. my first
Lady called me a fetishist for female taste and odor.

Whenever I approach FemDoms in the community, i am far too often
rebuked by the statement: how boring, always the same male
attitude of so called subs.

I wish i could show by a simple sign or code the identity of my
kinkiness, so i need not go through all the explanations. Does
anyone in the community know a system of categorisation by signs
and codes, which would allow these FemDoms to see what i am and
only those few, who are interested, would be able to show it?

It is over 5 years back, since i posted here. i live in Berlin,
Germany and am fluent in English, French, German and speak
reasonably Spanish.

Salut, quitodoux, the soft sub

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