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nuked begins a new relationship

From: "Darryl Ducharme" nuked_potatoes
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2011 22:41:00 -0600

Hello all,

You may remember me from the past. I begin a new relationship.
Marjan has moved on. Very devastating for me... and after two
years of losing her, someone told me in a round about way i was
a stalking type guy.... when i realized this i stopped all
communication.... my love was very deep...

Then i met Mistress Mary a very beautiful woman. It was by
accident also online, but we live in the same city not an ocean
apart. She told me she was a sex addict and we were both raised
catholic.... and as it worked out i took her and her daughter
and grandson who i really love (the grandson) out to dinner, to
meet and say hello.

After a few months have gone by and i work often away out of
town, she kept me coming to her house. I have much to do at my
place but i wanted to see her more.. it's 5 months like this
now, and we play on internet but she does not know so well. And
lately, while i am away to work, we talk about a Mistress slave
relationship..... Well i did anyway...

She was SOOOOO HOT for this i could not believe, and she is
insecure about it... We are both in our fifties. I love her
grandson and her daughter.... Her daughter just adores me. Her
son just hooked up with me like magic and me him.... love the
little guy, i really do...

i am a little afraid the list died so i post.... i have been
working so much i forget the important things.

Thank You Ms Christine and david
loyal reader nuked_potatoes

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Oh it's so nice to see an email from Domestic! Yeaaaa

I promised to tell of this wonderful new relationship. I work in
the Oilsands and the men here are a pretty tough bunch. When
Women come into the picture, i for one melt and it's nice to go
for a dance or take them to supper :-)

So when i met Mary and had the pleasure of taking Her and Her
daughter and grandson out for dinner I was already humble for
this alone. As i Work in remote places the internet or phone is
my only link to the world, and Mary and i began talking, both
missing each others' company and affections, i was so afraid to
mess it up with her i just put aside my D/s preferences.

This one time we were talking and i said i'd love if You pee on
me. WOW! was i surprised! that brought on the proverbial flood
gates! She told me "i was so afraid i would scare You away".

When i got back into the city on my next days off, everything
changed always a gentleman with her but now She had me. I had
time to drop off my luggage and get into my house. ring ring on
the phone....

"Hello Mary I just got home was going to shower and shave....."

"You will do that here come right now...."

This is no fantasy or topping from bottom. She loves the
control.. and i loved her before we knew of this... Her favorite
thing so far is receiving oral sex while She uses a vibrator
called a silver bullet after we fuck. She pulls me into Her with
one hand and fucks my face i am totally lost in sub space....
Her legs cross my back that She loves to carve her nails into
when we fuck... and she squirts when she comes.

In the after glow She just holds me with her legs... i love it

slave darryl


Happy New Years to all,

On 22 May 2011 slave darryl Ducharme nuked_potatoes wrote:

>wonderful new relationship -snip- Mary

Mary and i had a falling out... i swear i did everything i
could... was like owning a boat, more and more and more money
poof down the drain and nothing coming from it - not her or i
going ahead, more like enabling... was nice though - lasted a

HEY! Ms Sabre - is it You from Texas?



Sorry it did not work out darryl, At least you had a year but
maybe next time.

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