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Jim's Story - part thirty-five

Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 00:20:35 -0000
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part thirty-five

Sunday - The rules

I woke and by the dim light filtered through the sheets I saw
her lovely pussy and boobs. I eased out from under the sheets
and quietly got dressed.

I made coffee and I got breakfast ready to go. I took a cup to
Betty who was awake and waiting for me.

I curtsied and said: "Good morning Miss Betty, how may I serve

Betty sat up exposing her nakedness to me. I tried not to stare,
I handed her the coffee and got her gown; and wrapped it around
her shoulders.

Betty said: "Kneel here in front of me;" she was pointing to her

I knelt almost touching her.

Betty said: "Are we working you too hard, I noticed you seemed
somewhat glum yesterday."

I said: "Oh no Miss Betty. I was depressed for no reason and I
apologize for that and beg forgiveness. I love the opportunity
to serve you and Sarah and Kathleen. I'm the luckiest person in
the world and you are the very best mistresses in the world."

Betty said: "Do you need to be punished for being depressed?"

I said: "I don't think so Miss Betty."

Betty said: "Am I punishing you too hard?"

I said: "Miss Betty I am in your hands entirely, I love and
respect you."

Betty said: "I want you to write out all the rules that you have
been given by Sarah and Kathleen, also on another piece of paper
I want all the rules that apply to you at work. You can do that
after you have served breakfast, helped everyone get dressed and
cleaned the kitchen."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "What else do you have to do today?"

I said: "Of course there is lunch and then Kathleen and I work
on finance and then dinner, and after dinner I would like to
iron the clothes I washed yesterday."

Betty said: "You forgot to say Miss Kathleen and Miss Sarah
several times aren't you supposed to refer to them that way?"

I said: "I'm not sure Miss Betty; I thought only when I was
addressing them."

Betty said: "That's why we need it written down. It would be a
shame if I punished you and it was not a rule. Don't you think?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Then I assisted Betty in the toilet and she let me pick her
underwear, I couldn't resist matching black panties and bra. She
looked so lovely.

Betty said: "Take care of Sarah and mom. I'll finish myself."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and curtsied. She looked so desirable, I
was sorry to leave.

The rules at home

I call Sarah and Kathleen 'Miss Sarah' and 'Miss Kathleen'. This
applies to other certain unspecified other women. Also when
answering it is 'yes ma'am.'

I have to do what Sarah, Kathleen, or Betty tell me.

When encountering or departing the presence of the ladies I
curtsy to each one. Again also to other unspecified women. When
I serve food or drink I stand and wait while it's consumed,
additionally I hold a folded towel in my elbow at lunchtime.

Arguing is forbidden. Pointed questioning is forbidden and may
be designated as tedious or impertinent.

Sullen behavior or any attitude is forbidden.

Wine drinking is forbidden except when offered by one of the

House cleaning and laundry will be performed, underwear will be
hand washed and ironed.

Food will be prepared and served. The kitchen will be kept

When reporting and waiting for recognition, there is no talking
or moving.

There is no free time. Every activity is monitored and
previously authorized by Betty.

The rules at work

My boss is Carmen, who reports to Peggy. Carmen monitors all of
my activity and tasks must be authorized by her.

I have to do what any of the staff tell me to do. I cannot order
them to do anything.

I address the IT staff as 'Miss' and 'ma'am'.

I have to stand at meetings.

I clean the ladies toilets three times a day.

I clean the computer monitors and keyboards in the morning.

When I report to Carmen I have to wait for recognition without
moving or talking.

My responsibility is the IT department reporting to Peggy, but I
have no authority over the workers.

I wrote this on two separate pieces of paper and Betty studied
them both. Of course I had to stand while she did so.

I had very lusting thoughts about her. She had picked out a very
short skirt, and a yellow blouse that had epaulets. Betty had
her thighs spread a little but I couldn't enjoy the view where I
was standing.

Betty said: "I think I'll have a meeting with Carmen, and maybe
lunch with Peggy tomorrow."

I didn't think that I would like the outcome of those meetings
but I wasn't asked any questions.

I fixed lunch for the ladies and while I stood there I overheard
a conversation about my cooking. One opinion offered is that I
serve the best food and wine when a punishment is scheduled.
Betty suggested I go to a cooking school maybe a Cordon Bleu.
Then they talked about Lucy and told Betty the arrangements
which I had previously learned from Lucy. Actually Sarah and
Kathleen paid more than Lucy got. I am so amazed at these
ladies. They know how to operate every button in my head. I am
so lucky they selected me.

In these situations the sub is often accused of controlling the
scene. I feel that any observer seeing me standing here with a
stupid towel on my arm can see that this scene is not the
product of my control. I really think that the genius here is
Kathleen. If there hadn't been a Kathleen, I suspect Sarah would
have filed for divorce and I would have become alone. This is so
much better.

I busied myself with refilling water and wine and offering
seconds and offering special dessert.

Kathleen and I worked on our bills and investments, I became
even more impressed with her shrewd instincts, in the few months
we've been doing this I deferred to her because she was the
mistress, but we have made lots of money. She can read a
financial report and get a good and bad feeling that seems to be
right every time. I don't know how she knows.

Then I made dinner, it was spaghetti and Trader Joe's sauce and
hot spinach and tomato salad with a great Chianti. There was no
talk of sending me to cooking school. They ate it all so I had
to eat what I could find.

I brought glasses into the family room where the ladies
assembled to watch television. I poured more Chianti. I lost
track of how many times I curtsied.

I brought in the ironing board and a basket with the laundry and
just like Sarah said, I thought of each lady as I ironed her
panties and brassieres and garter belts and folded their
stockings and panty hose.

Then I delivered the laundry to each lady's dresser drawer where
I straightened out all the contents as well as what I was
adding. Toying with their underwear this way makes me feel very
much owned.

I finished and put away the iron and board and stuff, and came
back to the family room and stood waiting for somebody to ask me
to do something.

Betty was talking to Sarah saying that if they needed me at the
office they wouldn't have me doing these stupid things.

Yeah Betty, go girl! I thought.

Sarah said she had nothing to do with it.

Betty said she was going to talk to Peggy and Carmen.

Meanwhile no one was talking to me. I stood like I was supposed
to and waited. Finally Kathleen said to go to her room and stand
in front of the hook.

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and curtsied three times.

The hook is screwed into the wall so Kathleen can easily fasten
the collar so I could be confined with little effort on her
part. I adore Kathleen but she is conflicted between having me
provide her with sex and the propriety of a mother-in-law's
role. I think I have suffered because of her conflict.

I feel anxious because I don't know what will happen. Kathleen
has that effect on me. I think I won't be punished because she
could have sent me to the stocks, but it could still go either
way. She thinks making me wait is a good thing.

Finally I heard her come into the room. She said: "Strip and go
back to standing there."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am;" She has said she likes to look
at me, or she's getting me ready for a beating, or for sex. I
waited some more.

She said: "You may assist me;" I followed her into the bathroom,
and knelt in front of her and drew down her panties. I wanted to
tell her how much I admired and adored her but I'm not her
lover, I'm her slave.

After she peed, she pulled my head into her pussy, I was
delighted, and I would have stayed there forever which was
fortunate because she took a very long time coming, I didn't
stop then but later she had enough.

She said: "You may undress me and put away the clothes."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I found her beautiful when she was naked. I
wanted to touch her body.

She said: "You can get into bed with me. I want your hands on me
until I fall asleep."

I have sensed for a long time she could read my mind. I
hurriedly undressed and caressed her back and neck and butt, and
she turned over, and I was all over her boobs and I kissed her,
and immediately worried I was going too far, but she pushed my
head down and I was between her thighs and resumed eating her
until she pulled me up by my hair. I was kissing her belly when
I heard her breathing change - she was asleep.

I tried to fall asleep, but I was a little worried about Betty.


In the Morning I'm sure I was the first to wake up. Kathleen was
sleeping, Sarah was sleeping and I think Betty was too. I wrote
a note to Betty.

Dear Miss Betty,

Everyone is asleep and I would like to prepare coffee and cut up
fruit for breakfast and set out various cereals and yoghurts and
set plates, silver ware and glasses. I am planning to bring hot
coffee to my beloved ladies.

Begging permission to do that,
Your servant,

I brought coffee for Betty because I knew she would be the first
up and she said: "I want you on your knees and tell me how you
felt writing the note."

Betty was naked warming her hands on the coffee. I said: "Miss
Betty in a word I felt I was owned by you and that feeling
continued while I did the preparations and still do."

Betty said: "Isn't that better than facing a hard whipping."

I said: "Yes ma'am, but even worse than the whipping would have
been you being cross with me."

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