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never done this - some guidance appreciated

Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 18:52:41 +0100
From: Sylvia D


I am seeking advise, if this is okay or if indeed possible for
you to help me. I am probably going to ramble but will do my
best to say this.

I am a member of a social network site now for 5 months, and a
Dom has taken interest in me, so much so that now he says (in
mails) I am his (MINE).

He has been in a relationship before with another member two years
ago he ''ended'' it because it was too draining for him and he
couldn't give the woman enough time and this he knew would hold
her back, and gave her nearly one year of after care, this woman
is now in another relationship with a Dom. In fact she has been
collared as they say, in the past 4 years been with 5 different Dom's,
makes me wonder if she is addicted.

He today now says I am in training, in his mails, he already
knows I am and have never done this before, been a sub, but the
idea of it is exciting and I do have slight submissive
fantasies, just not to lengths of the other woman in there..

I rather still find it a bit bizarre, He has sent me
instructions as to what he wishes me to do today, nothing nasty
or anything, I am only trying to paint you a picture of the
scene. He has mentioned that he isn't wanting to upset my home
life just enhance it somewhat to make me feel like a real woman.
He is married himself and lives overseas. He is trying to get me
to start to beg for my wants so to speak, and call him Sir. I
did call him it for the first time today and I quite liked it.

In my head I keep thinking (as this is all new to me)
*manipulation* keeps coming to mind. I am married and my husband
and I do not have sex for health reasons.

It is very early days in talking to this man, but I am starting
to feel confused and I am to put it bluntly, horny all day since
talking to him. I am masturbating at least three times a day, I
haven't done this for quite some time. I don't have any one to
talk to. I am sat here now and have already relieved myself once
today and am feeling I want to do it again, it's all so new to
me, these feelings.

Okay I have never done anything like this before it is exciting
and new.

I guess you may wonder what do I want you to say, I am not sure
really, just some guidance would be very much appreciated.

thank you
Sylvia D

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