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domestic humiliation and paddling

Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 06:54:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: David R

We go through periods where every day. I spend 45 minutes
secured to the bed with a very wet diaper tightly taped around my

secured to the bed

Once that is done, the restraints are put on.

I am spanked as soon as the restraints are in place. Then my wife
will start the timer. And typically I will be spanked
sporadically during the 45 minutes depending on what my wife has
going on.

a diaper on my<br />

Before the restraints come off and I am allowed to shower. I
usually get the harder spanking. It is in fact a diaper on my

We aren't into AB stuff! The diaper thing is about humiliation
and creating my sub space.

This photo was of me getting ready to put my face in it.

getting ready to put my face in it

When my face is in a diaper. I am required to sniff it non stop
keeping my face down. Especially while being spanked.

Ms Christine, here is another photo too illustrate what I mean.
Feel free to post the photos.

pa is boss as everyone knows but what ma says always goes

Thank you for your understanding.


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Many men need a good spanking from time to time. The last time I
got a spanking was when I would not pleasure two ladies.

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