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Introduction - Domestic Discipline

Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2012 02:48:07 -0000
From: "David R"

Ms Christine and everyone,

Let me begin by saying hello to everyone. My name is David and my
wonderful wife and I have been involved with Domestic Discipline
for a number of years.

My goal here is to meet others who share the same interests.

Hopefully share experiences and ideas.

Look forward to meeting you.


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Hello and welcome David,

"David" wrote:

>My name is David

Snap. That's my name too.

>and my wonderful wife and I have been involved with Domestic
>Discipline for a number of years.

That's a major interest for us too. My wonderful partner,
Christine, and I could be described similarly.

>My goal here is to meet others who share the same interests.
>Hopefully share experiences and ideas.

As you can tell by the group name "DOMestic" - you've come to the
right place, although people seem to have dried up on sharing
here recently.

Maybe you can start the ball rolling again by telling us a bit
more about what Domestic Discipline is to you and your wife.

David at Ms-Christine.com




For both my wife and I, it's been a journey of learning about
each other. When we first began exploring BDSM. We didn't really
have much information or experience. So it was more about playing
and doing roleplay scenarios.

Before there was such a term as Domestic Discipline. I knew that
was the kind of relationship I was wanting.

My wife enjoyed the power she had over me. Enjoyed the personal
servitude and power to address behaviors and actions she deemed

Then came the Disciplinary Wives Club which changed our whole
approach to what we had been doing up to that point. Since then,
my life has changed in many ways. I am held to a fairly strict
standard of behavior.

I refer to my wife as, Ma'am! And I suffer real consequences when
I misbehave or disobey her. Corporal punishment, cornertime and
humiliation are tools along with enemas, mouthsoaping and bondage
that are used in our household to enforce her authority.

I love it! Everything about it. And when I'm restrained on the
bed getting my behind blistered. Despite the pain, I know that in
the end. I would rather be there than not.


Isn't it lovely, boys don't like the pain, don't want the pain
(well some of them) but would rather have the pain and know that
their wives are getting what they want than not be in D/s

Personally, I do the punishing because it makes a difference to
his behaviour and gets rid of my feelings of being upset and
disappointed with him. I would rather not do it but if it needs
doing then I try to do it so it only has to be done once for that
offence. I would consider I had really failed if I had to do it
more than once.

But I do like having him over my knee. That is how we start off
most mornings (when he is here) and that is what happens soon
after he gets here. Puts us both in our proper positions, a
proper frame of mind. For me that is Domestic Discipline.

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