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The Prisoner - Chapter 85

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The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 85

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Lang hoped in a futile way that the ground, or at least the
carpet would swallow her up and she would be free of this
humiliation. She was now at the absolute mercy of not just her
ex-husband's new wife but a whole group of females who seemed to
revel in the power their relative position gave them. It had
been decided that she would be punished and now she had to wait
for them to decide what form that would take.

Mrs Maxton was the first to comment on her thick underarm hair
and the way her equally dense pubic hair protruded from her
panties. She presumed that it was yet another indication of what
a slut Lang was when left to her own devices and how they would
have to try to make her aware of the need for personal
cleanliness at all times.

"I mean, it's fine for her to be allowed to wear your used
panties Sophie, but you will need to have them thoroughly washed
and scraped free of her rank hairs when she takes them off and,
by the way, would it not be better for us to decide her
punishment in private and then call her back to announce it?"...
she asked, more a statement than a question.

This was immediately agreed by the others and Lang was duly
ordered to leave them whilst her fate was decided.

Once again it was Mrs Maxton who led the deliberations using
words such as "taking her down a peg or two"..... "something
that she will really feel"..... and "this is not a time for

Sophie called her golfing husband on his mobile so that he could
give his views which, as she expected, added to the severity of
the sentence.

It was decided and agreed unanimously. Sophie called Lang back
in and ordered her to 'the present' in front of the group to
hear what form the punishment would take. She then acted as the
judge and spoke:

"Well Lang, we have considered your offence and what the
suitable punishment should be. Much as we would like to be
lenient, we feel that such is your attitude that any such
kindness would be taken by you as a licence to commit further
slovenly and careless acts. You will therefore receive fifteen
strokes of the cane across your naked buttocks. As your owner I
will lay them on and you will remain in position, accepting my
discipline. Have you anything to say girl?"

Lang said nothing but simply nodded her acknowledgement of what
was to come. She knew that remaining in position would be her
major problem and looked back to what now seemed the luxury of
being strapped to various punishment devices that eliminated the
incredible need for self control to remain in position when the
pain commenced. She would be thrashed simply for the enjoyment
of these women... and she would just have to take it.

The position Sophie chose was the worst possible. Having totally
stripped, Lang was told to take up the schoolboy position,
bending over to grasp her ankles in the centre of the room.
There would be no comforting chair to cling to or any other form
of support. To add to the difficulty she was then ordered to
spread her feet wide so that her crotch was fully displayed and
her buttocks spread as wide as possible and presenting the
largest possible target. Her large breasts hung down either side
of her face as she stared at the seated females from between her
shamefully parted thighs.

It was Sophie's first experience of laying on a cane and it
showed. There was none of the precision that Lang had
experienced from the wardresses who had previously caned her,
nor were the strokes quite so bitingly harsh... but they were
bad enough. They fell all over the area rather than in neat
lines and much of her right flank took the worst of the welts.
Even though the target area was large, there were several
overlays as the strokes fell every few seconds.

It hurt. It hurt like hell, but as, in her inexperience Sophie
laid the strokes on quickly the actual peak in the pain occurred
some seconds after the final stroke had fallen and she had been
ordered back to 'the present'. Lang stood in front of them, red
faced and with tears running down her cheeks.

Sophie announced that she was to remain at 'the present' until
told otherwise as they watched her contorted face try to deal
with the surges of pain from her beaten buttocks. The relief
that could have been gained from rubbing the large mounds had
been denied to her as had the privacy of being alone. Fully
exposed she would have to watch them enjoying her agonies until
they became bored and found another area of amusement. She had
to hope that it would not include her.

Later, when wine had flowed, Mrs Maxton related an incredible
story about two friends of hers: The wife was the daughter of an
extremely successful businessman who had been in at the start of
the micro-chip revolution. This had given the family everything
from houses around the world, to executive jets and a fantastic
life style.

This had, unfortunately, resulted in the woman, Jayne Hough
turning into what could only be described as a totally spoilt
bitch. She was now in her early thirties and shortly after she
married a decent but somewhat downtrodden male by the name of
James who was five years older than herself, her father had
died, leaving the entire business and associated fortune to her.

Outwardly charming to her employees and all who met her she
decided that she was less than enamoured by her new husband, but
that she would be prepared to continue with the marriage but on
somewhat different terms than he had originally envisaged.

To emphasise his new status she even called him into her huge
new office, had him stand facing her desk whilst she lounged in
her chair outlining how things would be from then on.....

James, who had no rights to any of her income or assets under
the pre-nuptial agreement, could keep the benefits of being
married to her such as the designer clothes, Ferrari cars and
world travel... but at a price: She would no longer be available
to him for his sexual needs but he would have to continue to
satisfy any such needs that she had. He would be totally
subservient to her in private whilst appearing a devoted husband
in public.

In brief, he would be her servant and a means of relieving any
frustrations she felt with life. Frustrations that her position
in society would prevent her taking out on a third party.

Faced with an alternative he didn't relish, the loss of all the
luxuries that had become so important to him, he agreed.

Had he thought back to the many hints that he had received
during the short marriage, he would have realised that Jayne had
a strange twisted personality that preferred domination and
causing hurt rather than the normal sentiments of a young wife.
When dismissed from her presence, he went back to his own
spacious office and so-called executive position, little
realising how his life would now change.

He arrived home in his Ferrari to find Jayne had already arrived
in the company Rolls having decided that henceforth they would
travel separately. Their housekeeper and cook was a Mrs Brady, a
pleasant enough Irish lady in her forties. She was short and a
little plump with a round smiling face and greying hair done in
a firm bun at the back. Having prepared the evening meal she
retired, as usual, to the servants' quarters and left them to
eat... in total silence.

Jayne had spent some time on deciding how she should discipline
her husband and had been researching the net. One site in
particular, known as DOMestic, took her eye. It had a Fem Dom
which you could download with "Instructions on how to
properly train and spank your husband
" which she found

There were not only the usual playful bedroom spankings for
erotic fun, but serious punishment designed to hurt for several
days afterwards too. That idea really appealed to Jayne. There
were also suggested rules and guidance on positions, implements
and duration.

It was suggested that failure to the keep to the household
budget, accounting errors made with finances and similar could
be made punishable along with things like forgetting household
chores, using foul language, being late and all the naughty
things like unauthorized masturbation.

This site, and many others that she found helped her decide on a
regime that would not only result in a fully trained and
subservient husband but also give her a large degree of sexual
excitement and satisfaction.

She expected that the suggested rituals such as making him wear
a special pair of punishment panties would humiliate him into
submission but had already decided that his penis was not to be
available to either of them and would require some form of
restraint at all times and not just when under a punishment

Following the meal, during which even James deduced that things
were about to change for him, his wife called him through to her
study and soon had him standing in front of her desk for the
second time that day.....

"I have already outlined how things will be from now on James
but there are several somewhat personal areas that I have yet to
cover. Firstly, any time we are alone you will only address me
as 'Madam'. Secondly you will, in situations like this, stand to
attention in front of me when I am talking. I intend to
introduce a strict regime for you that will result in you
becoming fully attuned to what I require in all aspects of our
life together."

"I realise that even though you have agreed to go along with my
ideas you may yet find a reason to disagree and to try to go
back on this agreement. I should tell you that your rather
foolish removal of company funds into what you thought was a
secret account has not only been reported to me but has also
been written up into a document that would earn you at least
five years in jail should it ever be released to the police."

"From now on James, when I say jump your only response should be
to ask me how high... and don't forget to add the word 'Madam'!
What is more James, I am more than aware of your disgusting
behaviour with one of the young secretaries during the night you
spent at the recent conference. I am more than prepared to use
that alone to divorce you but, provided you toe the line... my
line... from now on you will remain married to me."

...James shoulders visibly slumped at this information. He was
obviously shaken to the core but still tried to offer whimpering
reasons and excuses, all of which were laughingly dismissed by
his wife.

He thought back to when they had made such an impressive couple
to all their friends: She 5'10" tall slim with long blonde hair
great looks and great figure. Him, slightly shorter but with a
good athletic build, short cropped dark hair and good looking in
a manly way.

He realised that the only way he could hang on to both his
freedom and lifestyle was to go along with whatever she wanted.

She continued: "In case you wonder about Mrs Brady finding out
about this new arrangement, just remember that she really values
working for me and is well paid, very well paid for her
discretion. She has been fully briefed and as she went through a
very nasty divorce from a violent husband only recently, I think
you will find her very much on my side, should you try to garner
sympathy from her. She has been told to address you as 'James'
from now on rather than 'Mr Hough' as before."

"She has also been told to expect some fitters from a company
that I have been in contact with who will be arriving tomorrow
to make certain alterations to one of the empty rooms in the
basement. It will normally remain locked and you will find out
why in due course."

"As to sleeping arrangements, your clothes and personal items
have been moved to one of the guest suites where is now a
communication system that I can use to summon you to what is now
my bedroom any time I so wish."

"As to what we might call personal functions, I will no longer
tolerate seeing or touching that ridiculous appendage that you
seem so proud of let alone allowing it to penetrate me. You will
however carry out such sexual services that I do require and you
will do so without hesitation or question. In a few minutes a
lady that has been invited here by me will join you in your room
and fit a device that will prevent any further displays of lust
by you. You will treat her with respect and do exactly as she
says. Now go to your room, it is the smallest guest room with a
single bed just down the corridor from mine."

With a sinking heart James did as he had been told.

The door bell rang not long after and Jayne answered it. There
was a short rather over made up woman in a nurse's uniform
waiting and Jayne welcomed her into the house. They had met
when Jayne visited the local punishment centre when she was
investigating the plans she had for her husband and she had been
most helpful when Jayne needed to know about chastity devices.
She had offered to fit one on a home visit and Jayne had jumped
at the chance of avoiding any contact with her husband's
genitalia. She showed her the types available, the ones that
punished any attempt to erect and the ones that fitted
comfortably but prevented anything other than simple urination.
The one that Jayne had chosen was clear plastic and recommended
by the lady as one that would cause instant discomfort leading
to actual pain if the subject allowed himself to erect. Having
heard that he was of a larger size she had also selected one a
little too tight to ensure that it did its job thoroughly.

The nurse was taken to his room where James stood in nervous
anticipation. When Jayne had left, the nurse looked at him with
utter contempt as she slipped her raincoat off and left it still
dripping on his bed. She then told him to get himself naked...
immediately, as she donned her latex gloves.

James, still in a state of shock at the pace of events, removed
his clothes leaving them on the bed and soon stood nervously in
front of the nurse. Her uniform was in some ways reassuring.

Unfortunately for him his penis immediately started to erect...
even before Nurse Peel, as she had announced herself had
unpacked the large briefcase that she carried. Looking around
the room she picked up a straight backed chair, placed it in the
centre of the bedroom and sat in it with the opened briefcase on
a small adjacent table.

She then casually pulled up her tight skirt to expose her heavy
stocking clad legs and motioned him to come to her. She then
ordered him to place his bare legs either side of her knees and
his hands on her shoulders so that his genitalia were over her

Grasping his now fully erect organ in her right hand she spoke:

"Make the best of this display James as I am here to prevent any
further erection until such times as your wife decides you
should have one. This chastity device has two purposes: The
first is to deny you or anyone else any access to your penis for
any personal pleasure. The second is to prevent any erections by
making the internal area too small for an erect penis and,
listen carefully to this... cause you some pain should you
decide to ignore that fact and allow your penis to swell. It is
lined with sharp plastic tips around the glans that will really
hurt should you erect in the least. I have found that, properly
and tightly fitted males who are forced to wear this eventually
lose the ability to erect after many months of wearing it. They
become so frightened by the pain of the erection that they are
unable to erect even when it is removed."

"Now let's fit the retaining device that encircles your penis
and scrotum."

This plastic collar came in two half semi-circles and it was
with some effort that the nurse made the two halves engage
around the root of the penis and rear of the scrotum. In pushing
the two halves together she trapped several of his pubic hairs
but made no attempt to release them or apologise.

"We now have the problem of how to get rid of that disgusting
erection before we can fit the penile tube. I am not a heartless
woman, so I will give you a few minutes to think it away, but I
warn you, if you cannot do it by thought, my methods will be
somewhat unpleasant."

James could not believe that she was serious about him losing
his stiffy just by thought. He stood, legs wide looking down at
the nurse's ample chest and stocking clad thighs whilst he
gripped her by the shoulders. She retained a firm grip of his
penis and even moved her hand slightly along its shaft. He
desperately tried to think of non-sexual things but knew that
there was no chance that he would soften in the slightest.

Which is precisely what Nurse Peel expected and had, indeed,
planned for.

"Right then young man... if you insist on disobeying me... we
will have to do this the hard way."

She reached into her case and removed a tube of some sort of
cream which she rubbed vigorously all over his exposed glans and
shaft. It took only seconds before the burning started and
instinctively he let go of her shoulders to try to stop her
hands rubbing even more of the cream into the stinging skin. She
stopped, looked up at him with a threatening expression and
ordered him to grip her shoulders... "NOW!"

He had no idea of how much power this woman wielded, but obeyed
out of instinct. Certainly the cream had worked and she was able
to clamp the device on the now deflated penis and closed the
lock in place.

As he backed away clutching his device, she stood up and turning
towards the door called his wife to tell her that he was ready.
Muttering to him over her shoulder she said: "You will pay for
that insolence and for trying to assault me boy!"

When his wife entered the room James stood clutching his covered
penis with an expression of pain on his face. Jayne casually
asked the Nurse if she had had any problems in dealing with him.

"I most certainly have Mrs Hough and I can see only too well why
you have decided to place him in a restrainer. He seems a little
too proud of that organ of his and as to his general attitude...
I fear you have an uphill task ahead in breaking his appalling
lack of respect to us ladies. Had he been in one of the
Correctional Centres his grabbing my hand when I was trying to
fit the restrainer would have meant him being placed on report
and almost certainly receiving a severe punishment with the cane
for assaulting an officer."

Jayne was mortified and struggled to offer an apology by asking
the Nurse if she thought a punishment should be awarded right
now so that James might appreciate the seriousness of his

Nurse Peel realised that Mrs Hough's delivery of equipment had
not yet arrived and suggested that a good old fashioned beating
might suffice. When a lady was reduced to a level of rage by a
male she always felt that a timed beating was the most
appropriate way of working off her temper and ensuring that the
male would learn from his error. A brief search revealed one of
Mrs Hough's hairbrushes... an old fashioned wooden one with a
heavy oval back... that the Nurse, having slapped her palm a few
times with it, declared to be ideal.

But first, as she explained, she needed to do a couple of
functional tests on the new device.

James was sent to find a plastic bucket and when he returned was
told that he would need to urinate into it in the presence of
Nurse Peel and his wife to ensure that his restrainer was
correctly fitted. He was clearly shaken by this order and it was
only the Nurse pointing out that he was in enough trouble
already without making things worse that had him holding the
receptacle in one hand and pointing his plastic ensnared penis
into it with the other. It took almost a minute to overcome his
inhibitions and achieve a healthy flow through the end of the
device, but once he had managed that the Nurse ordered him to
stop - leaving him in a state of some discomfort as he tried to
hold back the stream.

Having placed the bucket to one side there next came the other
test. The Nurse explained to Jayne that she would induce an
erection to check that the swelling would indeed be painful and
that the device would contain and restrict any enlargement. She
sat in a hard chair and unbuttoned the front of her uniform to
expose her white bra that covered her not inconsiderable
breasts. Next she had James sit astride her lap facing her. She
then ordered him to place a hand on either breast and squeeze
them. He initially appeared inhibited and reluctant but soon
started to massage the firm breasts with enthusiasm...
enthusiasm that started to change to an expression of concern as
the device started to do its job... then an expression of
outright pain. The Nurse undid the front of her bra to let the
breasts become fully available to his hands. It was obvious to
Jayne that his pain was steadily increasing but his primitive
urges were preventing him from releasing the object of his
arousal and distress.

The Nurse suddenly pushed him to his feet where he stood almost
doubled up clutching his trapped penis, unable to either lose
the erection or release it from the cruel constriction. It took
some minutes before he was able to stand erect without pain by
which time the Nurse was decently dressed and satisfied that his
device was functioning correctly.

Jayne Hough then had James stand in front of them.

"I cannot believe that even you would treat a lady guest of this
house in such an insolent manner James. I had intended to start
your training when all my equipment had arrived but your
behaviour has forced my hand. Nurse has offered to beat you and
I think two minutes with the hairbrush on your buttocks will
suffice. Naturally, as your wife, I will then give you another
two minutes to really make you aware of how things will be from
now on. Nurse, would you please start."

She picked up her husband's Rolex from the bedside table, "I
will time you with James' wrist watch which, conveniently, has a
second hand."

James was now clearly still in discomfort from his over-tight
restrainer and the cream that had been applied earlier to his
penis. He followed the nurse's orders and knelt by the side of
the bed from which she had just removed her raincoat and bent
over it face down. Explaining that he had better be held in that
position Nurse Peel climbed up onto the bed and sat astride the
small of his back facing the target area. This caused her
uniform skirt to ride up almost to her waist displaying the
stocking tops and panties with the crotch pressed firmly against
his lower spine... but well out of James' line of sight. He was
surprised as to how heavy she felt and how difficult it would be
to escape.

She rolled up her sleeves, grasped the hairbrush and looked
towards Mrs Hough who held the Rolex in her hand. Jayne counted
down from five and finished with the words:

"Commence beating."

There were at this point several options open to Nurse Peel:
Should she deliver all the strokes alternately or to just one
buttock? Should she concentrate on a specific spot on the
buttock or spread the impacts? Should she deliver a rapid rate
or slower but with more force?

James soon realised that just his right buttock was the target
and a very rapid delivery would be employed. Mercifully, even
though he was in no position to appreciate the kindness, the
brush was brought down all over the entire area.

The intense burning sensation took his breath away. By the time
Jayne had called stop at the end of the rather generous minute
almost a hundred slaps had been given and his entire buttock
felt as if boiling water had been poured over it.

He was allowed four minutes for the pain to peak and start to
subside then the second buttock was beaten in the same
determined way.

Watching this Jayne found herself becoming more excited than she
thought possible. She could hardly wait to mount James but took
the Nurses advice and waited another four minutes. Then it was
her turn.

She sat down hard on his back having pulled her skirt high to
keep it out of the way. She leant forward to run her hands over
the vivid crimson buttocks feeling the heat rising from them.
Picking up the implement she waited for the order to commence...
and then let fly as fast and hard as she could.

Long before the first long minute was up she could feel the
muscles in her husband's back flexing and arching as the pain
got worse and almost giving her thighs a massage. When she
stopped she ran her nails over the right buttock and felt James
whimper and squirm his back in an effort to make her feel

Sympathy was most certainly not what she was feeling at that

The final minute came and went (actually it was almost 15
seconds more that the supposed time). She climbed off him,
embarrassingly noting a sticky damp patch where the crotch of
her panties had been in contact with his spine.

The nurse ordered him unsteadily to his feet and made him stand
in the corner whilst his bottom was visually inspected.

"A pretty nominal punishment for someone of his size Mrs
Hough... but perhaps a little foretaste of what will be in store
for him when you are fully up to speed."

Nurse Peel soon packed her equipment and Jayne showed her to the
door then returned to James' bedroom.

"Just to check that you have accepted that particular lesson
James, you can now display your respect for me: I will now lay
on the bed and you will lick my feet with your tongue until I
tell you that you may stop."

James had half expected that he would be required to show
respect to another area as this was a favourite service that his
wife enjoyed. He was somewhat relieved that, given his lack of
interest in feet this wouldn't be causing him pain with a
partial erection. Although things did get a little tight and
uncomfortable in that area as he had to watch his wife remove
her stockings as she sat on the end of the bed. She was soon
laying face down with her feet hanging over the bottom of the
bed and James was kneeling submissively and assiduously licking
the somewhat sweaty soles and between her delicate toes.

This total licking took some ten minutes before Jayne felt
satisfied. She toyed with the idea of having his sore tongue pay
homage to some more interesting areas... but then decided that
could come later in the week when she had all the equipment
needed to ensure his total obedience. Right now she ordered him
to bed where she knew he would sleep restlessly with his sore
penis and throbbing backside. A thought that brought her some
pleasure during the night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To be continued.

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