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The Prisoner - Chapter 86

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The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 86

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Jayne was busy at her desk the next day when she took what she
later thought to be one of the most interesting 'phone calls she
had ever received. A representative from the firm that was going
to be installing the equipment in what she would later call her
training and discipline room called and asked if she was free to

The young girl explained that as part of the package for clients
that were prepared to pay for the best, they offered a home
visit by one of their Consultants who would be able to show her
the various punishment implements they had for sale. They would
also advise her on their use.

They could also offer her a full training session with male and
female training aides on which she could practice and so fully
appreciate the relative benefits of each implement. The girl
then went on to explain the advantages of prior practice so that
she, in a manner of speaking, hit the ground running with her

The cost was well within her generous budget and Jayne readily
accepted, and an appointment was arranged for the Saturday
afternoon, when she would have the house to herself.

At precisely two in the afternoon on Saturday a knock came at
the door. Mrs Brady had the day off and James had been allowed
to play golf so it was Jayne who answered the door.

Waiting outside was a well dressed lady in a business suit. A
little heavy around the breasts and thighs, short bobbed hair
and a cheeky looking face. She greeted Jayne with a broad smile
and introduced herself as Karen Toomer from the firm Tools for
Discipline. She waved towards a large black van that stood in
the drive and asked if it would be convenient to start unloading
her samples. When Jayne agree she went over to the back of the
van, unlocked the doors and out stepped a male and a female in
their twenties dressed in what looked like sports gear.

They hurriedly started to carry various cases and boxes into the
house passing Jayne with a deferential downward lowering of the
eyes. She showed them into the recently equipped training and
discipline room where they carefully placed their boxes on a

They were then joined by Miss Toomer who whispered a curt order
to stand at attention as she walked by them. Which they did.

Karen Toomer explained that the boxes and cases contained her
demonstration implements and that when Jayne placed an order, a
brand new and sealed item would be brought from the van. When
Miss Toomer noticed Jayne staring quizzically at the two persons
in sports kit she spoke:

"Ah yes, sorry for not introducing them, but I take the presence
of these two demonstration subjects for granted I'm afraid. I
have no idea of what their names are as we get a different pair
every day. That way they get a couple of days rest before they
are on the road again. As it happens you are the third customer
we have visited today so they are feeling rather sorry for
themselves and no doubt hoping that you won't be needing to try
my implements out on them. In fairness the last couple, a man
and his wife were most particular in trying everything really
thoroughly before they bought and I'm delighted to say, they
bought a lot of my implements and devices to use on their new
female prisoner-servant. So from where I stand a few bruises
here and there are not really my concern as long as I keep my
sales figures up."

The male, a well built tall man with short dark hair kept his
eyes downcast as did the female, a tall blonde with a good
figure and long fair hair in a pony tail.

Jayne could not believe that she would have these two people to
try any item she liked on but soon found herself, at Miss
Toomer's suggestion, casually inspecting them.

The female wore a short skirt and standing behind her Jayne
could see parallel lines across the backs of her thighs that
gave some indication of what she had been used for. When ordered
to stand legs apart she could see that those lines were also on
her soft inner thighs. When she ran her finger nails up and down
them the girl flinched as an indication that the area was still

The male displayed no such signs and when Jayne asked what he
wore under his shorts she was invited to find out for herself.
Apprehensively she cupped her right hand where his genitals were
and soon found that he wore nothing. She felt the signs of an
erection almost immediately and complained to Miss Toomer.

May I suggest Mrs Hough that to carry out a real inspection you
need to have the servants in a better position, let me show you:
Both of the subjects were ordered to the "present" position.

Jayne cupping the male's genitals immediately appreciated how
much more exposed he now was. She was surprised that she found
handling him so exciting as she was generally repulsed by her
husband's nakedness. But this was different. Here she could
squeeze and pull without any restraint knowing that he would
have to accept without complaint. She was just wondering what to
do next when Miss Toomer suggested that he be told to strip so
that she could really see what he had to offer.

He quickly removed his shorts and t-shirt and went back to the

Jayne circled him. He had certainly been used to demonstrate
some implements that day. His firm muscular buttocks were
heavily bruised and bore the weal lines of the cane right down
to the join between his legs and the buttocks. Starting to
really enjoy her new found power she ordered him to bend and
grasp his ankles. Then she slowly dragged her nails over the
area hearing him gasp and feeling him flinch beneath her hands.
His position exposed his anal cleft and she noted with some
surprise how even that recessed area was bruised, especially
around his puckered and exposed anus.

She knew that the two questions now uppermost in her mind: what
caused the small pea sized bruises and how painful was it to be
beaten there would be answered in due time, but for now she was
enjoying herself too much to waste time on that.

The male found himself fuming, as he usually did, with the cruel
humiliation of having to be handled and ordered around by this
woman that he had never met. No doubt she would be just like the
other two females that he had met earlier in the day who had
loved using him as they wished to try different paddles and
canes on.

Jayne's hands moved down and cupped his hanging testicles as if
to remind him of her authority to inflict pain. She slowly
applied enough pressure to make him stiffen in anticipation.

"As this one appears to be incapable of controlling his lust,
can I assume that you will be offering some ideas or equipment
that can be used in this somewhat tender area?"

Miss Toomer readily reassured her that they would be dealing
with "that area" later in her sales pitch. She then invited her
to inspect the female subject.

With the male back at the upright 'present', but with his penis
still sticking obscenely to the front, she moved and stood in
front of the clearly nervous girl.

This would be a first for Jayne as she had yet to have sexual
knowledge of someone of the same sex. She certainly had a
healthy curiosity about some of her friend's bodies, but had
never taken things any further. In truth she had no idea of
whether she would find any contact in any way exciting, but
thought some form of examination would be worth experiencing.
The girl's views were of course totally immaterial. She would
accept or do whatever Jayne wished... or suffer the

Jayne reached forward and corrected the girl's position slightly
by lifting her chin a shade and pushing her elbows further back.
The latter left her covered breasts looking, and feeling, even
more vulnerable. To emphasise this Jayne ran the back of her
knuckles up and down over the nipple areas and soon had the nubs
visible under the material to the evident shame of the girl who
held her eyes forward position.

"Do you keep girls shaved?" Jayne enquired casually.

"As you will see in a moment Mrs Hough, in this case she is
shaved apart from the crotch. We do keep some of them in the
stable fully shaved even there. I can have her changed for one
of those from the stable who has been shaved if you prefer."

Jayne declined the offer, stood back from the girl, and told her
to remove her T-shirt.

The girl then resumed the 'present' and stood there displaying a
supporting brassiere. Her breasts were slightly above average in
size with thin red lines visible across the upper surface. This
time Jayne did ask what had caused them.

Miss Toomer explained that the husband of her previous customer
had raised the subject of the punishment levels in female
correctional centres. He had heard that breast punishments were
the norm and felt that their new female prisoner/servant should
not go unpunished should she commit what the prison system would
determine to be a breast offence. Miss Toomer knew that strictly
speaking such punishments were not approved for females in
community service... but on the other hand... the approved
breast canes were expensive and carried a high level of
commission for her. She had therefore agreed to show the couple
the breast cane and allow them a few strokes in the hope that
they would buy one for their servant. Naturally, the pain and
humiliation that this would cause the female let alone their
servant, was not of any concern to her.

Jayne then snapped the order to remove the bra, which the girl
rapidly did. Her breasts were pointed with unusually large
aureola and long nipples. Both were red and swollen where at
least one demonstration stroke had been laid across them and
Jayne could see, by lifting both breasts by those nipples,
during which the girl sobbed in pain, that the underside had
also received strokes. She was curious as to how uncomfortable
the girl had found the caning in that area.

"How painful was this application girl?" she enquired.

"Please Ma'am it hurt a lot. My breasts are always sensitive and
I am due to start soon so that made them more so. I had
difficulty in remaining presented for the strokes and it took
the Gentleman several attempts to land a stroke exactly across
the tips."

Jayne grasped both breasts tightly in her hands and watched as
the girl visibly flinched. "Still sensitive are they? You will
have to hope that I don't want to test the breast cane myself
won't you girl?"

With her lips tightly clenched the girl nodded her agreement.

"Get those shorts off," came the next order, this time from Miss

Now she stood with just a small pair of white panties.

Jayne, standing behind, snatched them down to her thighs until,
with the thighs parted, they could not be lowered further. Her
buttocks and the backs of her thighs were even more bruised and
marked than the male.

When the girl was bent to grasp her ankles the small pea shaped
bruises were visible inside her inner cleft as well. There were
several areas where it seemed that small clumps of dark pubic
hair had been pulled out by the roots and that also intrigued
Jayne. But from the way Miss Toomer was laying out her wares on
a table, the time had come to try some samples.

The first one on offer was a small leather paddle that was
described as being ideal when smacking buttocks to prevent any
discomfort to the spanker's hand. Jayne tried this for three
slaps across the bent girls left buttock cheek... with some
force... just to let her know that there would be no leniency to
be expected from her.

They progressed through a range of paddles made from various
materials with the female and the male being used alternately by
being made to bend over a heavy stool. Jayne restricted herself
to just three whacks with each implement, however, the very
number to be tried out soon resulted in both pairs of buttocks
becoming changed into a deep red colour and each of the 'aides'
looking increasingly distressed as their turn came around each

Having put Jayne's selection into the order form on her lap top,
Miss Toomer moved on to the range of straps she had for sale.
She explained how these ranged from a lightweight tawse for hand
strappings to some real brutes that would not be unsuitable for
the most severe punishments. She told Jayne that she would have
to restrict her to just one trial stroke of each implement as
there were many more items to try and the two subjects were
already marked somewhat.

She did however make an exception for the hand tawse in
suggesting three to each hand.

The advantage of this form of punishment was that the recipient
was obliged to watch and could see the strap falling. Remaining
with hand outstretched knowing the pain that was to come was an
excellent discipline.

Jayne thought for a moment and then indicated the male to step
forward. Then, watching the look of relief on the female's face
dissolve, ordered her to stand next to him, and had them turn
facing each other. He was told to hold out his right hand and
the female her left. Both hands were at right angles to Jayne.

She raised the strap over her shoulder and brought it down with
a resounding crack across his palm. Then gave a similar stroke
to the female. She waited for around a minute knowing that the
pain would be increasing every second and make it increasingly
difficult to keep the hand in the position where it would soon
receive more pain.

But they both held position, having to watch the strap descend
to their throbbing palms without daring to move their hands to

The third stroke had the girl with visible tears forming. Jayne
kept them there for a good two minutes with them both
desperately hoping that their hand punishment was over but
dreading that it wasn't. As she turned away to place the strap
in her wanted area, both victims visibly relaxed.

"You may well imagine," spoke Miss Toomer, "the effect that say
a dozen on each hand will have. I recommend it for any cases of
clumsiness with their hands or when you want to sensitize the
hands or fingers before giving them some task such as intimate
body washing. It will certainly make them gentle with their

Jayne nodded and was thinking, 'and it would certainly
discourage a male, like my husband, from wanking!'

There were six straps of various width, length and thickness and
each of the two subjects had to take three of them across their
already seared nates. It took a superhuman effort to remain in
place as the customer and the sales lady discussed the relative
punishing power and effects of each with the implement being
laid on the buttocks prior to being raised for the stroke. The
female was nearly at her limit by the time the final strap was
brought lashing down and it left her sobbing with the pain and
humiliation after it fell.

Again, Jayne made her selection and the sales pitch moved on to
the collection of rods. These it was explained fell into two
types, there were the old fashioned but still effective wooden
type and the new acrylic versions. In view of the somewhat
sensitive state of the demonstration backsides Miss Toomer said
that the sales 'aides' would better be secured over the new
black leather horse and the girl was soon strapped down. She
then solicitously enquired whether the room was soundproofed as
the subjects may well give the odd yelp.

As she was bound to squeal a little a gag would be appropriate.
She produced a leather wedge with straps that fastened behind
the head forcing the soft leather into the girl's mouth.

Jayne elected to use the acrylics on the girl first making sure
that each was swished several times and stroked across the
waiting nates to ensure she was kept on edge.

The three stokes were delivered harshly and with little time
between each. Jayne achieved less of a wrap round but the female
was past caring and dribbling around the new leather tasting

The male was next and Jayne, using the leather buckles soon had
him immobile with his backside thrust up and legs indecently
apart displaying his genitals. He was not allowed the comfort of
a gag.

It was her first experience with the traditional cane and she
found herself enjoying the event with more pleasure than she
would have originally thought possible. Inflicting pain on
someone who had no ability to complain or resist was a most
pleasurable feeling she thought.

Her male victim would not have agreed. It was true that he had
become hardened whilst in the system, but he had never had such
a hard day as this in being used over and over again to test
these whip like implements. He braced himself against the
leather as the first whippy cane slashed down. There was then a
long pause as Jayne flexed and swished the next heavier rod.
This, when it hit him was a real bitch made worse by catching
him on the intensely sore area at the top of his thighs.

In comparison the third cane, described by Miss Toomer as being
of a "Judicial Quality" was even worse. Even the inexperienced
Mrs Hough was heard to comment on its thickness and lack of
flexibility with Miss Toomer stating that this was one for
special thrashings where you really needed to get a message
home. It was a "thudder" in style and left deep seated bruising.

It descended with a whooshing sound across the broadest part of
the target. Jayne put all her force behind it then, after it
landed, stood back as the male tried to get his breath back and
bucked against his bonds. It raised a thick weal in seconds and
from the gasps and grunts from the male... it was decidedly
effective in inflicting pain.

The atmosphere in the room then relaxed somewhat, at least it
did for the two ladies. Miss Toomer produced a selection of what
she called "toys" and handed each to Jayne to peruse. There were
two loops attached to handles, the first a loop of thin bamboo
and the second of flexible, but shaped plastic.

Then came a series of clamps that would grip any part of the
body but were intended for the more sensitive areas. Both
subjects found themselves at the present with a different clamp
on each of the four available nipples.

Jayne's earlier puzzlement about the cause of the small bruises
in the anal clefts was resolved when Miss Toomer produced what
she called an anal whip. A short wooden handle had a one foot
length of leather cord a quarter of an inch in diameter at the
end of which was a knot.

"This really tests your aim," she said smiling. "It's used on
the anal cleft and you aim at the centre of the anus for maximum
effect. As you can see from these two subjects the user often
misses but when you are on target the results are most
rewarding. Naturally, a miss is also, I understand,
uncomfortable. Would you like to try it?"

Jayne soon had the girl bent over, legs wide and with her hands
behind her pulling the bruised cheeks apart. She allowed herself
five shots at the target, a pink puckered rose bud that was
visibly contracting and dilating in fear and anticipation. It
was harder than it looked and three times the knot hit the soft
tender inside of the cleft and the girl flinched with a short
yelp of pain. The fourth time it hit dead centre and the girl
yelped even louder releasing her cheeks in protection. Ordered
by Miss Toomer to re-present she received the second dead on
target. As she stood, with buttocks now clenched, the look on
her face demonstrated the effectiveness of the anal whip on such
a sensitive area.

Finally, in answer to Jayne's earlier question about treatments
for the male's tender areas, Miss Toomer showed her what looked
like a fly swat but with a thin leather tab at the business end.
The male subject looked somewhat concerned as she explained that
it was ideal for laying across the scrotum. She ordered him to
bend over with legs wide then showed Jayne how to squat behind
him, raise the 4 inch square of leather... and bring it slapping
down on the dangling bulbs.

The reaction was immediate. He gasped and his whole body
lurched... but remained in position. "If you want to give more
than a couple of slaps I advise that you have him strapped down
on the flogging bench so that you can really lay into his balls
without giving him the opportunity of moving around. It probably
won't damage anything... but it certainly seems to hurt and
frighten them." She added with a grin.

In no time Mrs Hough had presented Miss Toomer with a
substantial order that the two subjects were told to collect
from the van once they had dressed themselves. Unfortunately the
gag that the girl had used proved to be the only one. Rather
than have Miss Toomer go to the trouble of sending another,
Jayne happily accepted the still wet used one muttering that
this wouldn't be the only well used item that her husband would
have to get used to.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To be continued.

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