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The Prisoner - Chapter 88

From: Boz 4444
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 10:11:17 -0000

The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 88

The previous episode, Chapter 87, is at:-

It was Friday night and the inevitable session in the basement
room had come around all too quickly. At eight pm James stood
outside the door at rigid attention awaiting the arrival of his
wife. She arrived, dressed as usual in her short sports skirt
and vest like top.

He, of course was showered and stripped but still wearing the
degrading pair of his wife's white sports panties that he had
never been allowed to wash since an unfortunate incident. This
greatly added to his humiliation.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The unfortunate incident was some weeks before when carrying out
work for Mrs Brady he had been denied the use of the toilet when
he asked to use one of the ones he was cleaning and preparing
for the use of the ladies in the local fitness group. She had
earlier encouraged him to drink a large glass of water as the
floor scrubbing around the toilet bowls had made him sweat

When the liquid had inevitably worked its way through his system
he found that his bladder was uncomfortably full, but his
request was denied as this toilet block was "for ladies only"...
and she didn't want it soiled by any "mere male".

As the minutes passed she found more hard and difficult work for
him cleaning the inside of the bowls with a hard toilet brush
and chemicals. He had to frequently flush the toilet and the
sound of the running water added greatly to his discomfort.
Again he requested her permission and again it was refused
saying that he should have attended to his personal needs

A full hour after his initial request he was in some pain and
desperately needed to release the pressure in his bladder, but
bearing in mind Mrs Brady's propensity to use the large wooden
spoon on his inner thighs and the freedom she seemed to have to
slap his testes whenever she felt like it, he was too frightened
to ask again.

Just then his wife appeared on a visit to Mrs Brady's part of
the house and to inspect the work he had done. They kept him
waiting at attention while Mrs Brady showed Jayne the work and
added frequent unjustified complaints about his behaviour and
work ethic.

This prompted Jayne to tell Mrs Brady that the solution was
entirely in her own hands and that she, Jayne, was the last
person to complain about heavy use of her "punishment spoon" or
any other form of discipline that still left his buttocks un-
bruised for her personal beatings.

Thus encouraged, Mrs Brady mentioned her belief that a male's
testicles, being his most vulnerable area, should also be
considered for discipline.

Jayne was doubtful as she had taken a dislike to even having to
look at his genitalia, hence his painful restrainer. To cover
them completely she had also insisted that he be made to wear
that pair of her sports panties.

The housekeeper then suggested that she demonstrate how she
believed he should be disciplined, and should Jayne approve, she
would feel more confident in using these methods more on him in
the future.

He was ordered to strip down to the punishment panties and Mrs
Brady soon had him sitting on the heavy scrubbed kitchen table
with his knees wide apart and each foot planted on a separate
chair. He made one more plea for relief: "Please Madam, I
desperately need to use the toilet."

Jayne snorted with contempt and told him that he could go after
the demonstration.

Mrs Brady produced the large wooden spoon for Jayne's

Having gently slapped her left palm with it Jayne agreed that it
was a fairly light implement and wouldn't do him any harm...
then she asked about the scrotum slapping method.

It was agreed that Mrs Brady would allow James to wear the
panties to prevent his wife's offence at having to look at his
genitals, but he would have to take ten spoon whacks on each
inner thigh followed by three ball slaps with her fingers
through the material of the panties. She would move from her
left to her right. First the inner thigh, then the scrotum that
could be seen sagging and protruding through the thin material
of the crotch followed by the other thigh.

James was in agony with his distended bladder consuming his mind
and his ability to think rationally. He knew that he could not
hold on much longer and just hoped that perhaps the pain would
take his attention away from his bladder problem.

When the housekeeper started on his inner thigh, the spoon being
applied even harder than normal to impress her employer, it did
just that and even though he was starting to sweat he was able
to hold on.

But then came the time for the three scrotal slaps. Mrs Brady
cupped the fingers of her right hand and gently felt them around
the hanging bulge in the panties. She increased his fear by
several notches by reminding him how much it would hurt and that
he would have to remain with his legs spread apart even after
the third slap. She lowered her hand... and brought it up hard
to contact the bulge.

She was on target, and it hurt, but still James managed to hold
on. Mrs Brady then turned to Jayne and explained the psychology
of punishing testicles. The first slap, particularly when they
were covered as in this case, was merely to gauge their position
and their ability to move. The second would be the one that
really hurt with the male realising that he would have to be
prepared as any undue movement would be taken as a refusal to
accept this particular type of punishment.

James knew that she meant what she said. He was now faced with
having to take the type of pain that he always dreaded. His fear
factor, already high, went off the clock and for a second or so
he was so frightened that he forgot that the control of his
swollen bladder was his main concern. He relaxed his sphincter
for just one second.... but it was enough to start the flow, and
once started, he could not stop it. His bladder released itself
and a torrent of hot urine quickly soaked the crotch of the
panties and ran down on to the kitchen floor.

The two women, oblivious of their responsibility in causing this
flood reacted with shock and horror. Jayne found the whole scene
revolting and stormed out having instructed Mrs Brady to deal
with him. Over her departing shoulder she also instructed him to
wear the panties until dry and continue to wear them as such
when on punishment duty as a reminder of his disgusting lack of

Needless to say, the housekeeper made full use of Jayne's
orders. She started again on his now wet thighs... but it was to
be twenty bruising slaps each side and with the wet spoon
wielded with sadistic force. She then ordered him to remove the
soaking panties, move the chairs from the table and place them
wide apart so that he had to squat with a foot on each. This
left his genitals and restrained penis hanging low.

She bunched up the wet and heavy panties and five times brought
them sharply up to slap his wet scrotum. The pain was
unbelievable but James knew he must take it... and he did.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Since that terrible evening he had worn the stiff and odorous
panties, the smell of which was always greeted by his wife with
a screwed up face and expressions of disgust. And he was wearing
them tonight as he waited at attention outside the room.

When she arrived she clicked her fingers as an instruction to
follow her.

He knew that he faced a routine beating, but hoped that her
promise to lay on the strap for his lack of effort with Mrs
Brady's underwear that week would have been forgotten. It
certainly seemed so.

She carefully examined his inner thighs where Mrs Brady had
recently laid on more spoon whacks commenting on how long the
bruising took to dissipate every week.

Then, having stripped off his humiliating smelly panties he was
told to take up the normal position on the low leather bench for
the twenty slaps with the paddle on each cheek.

She was obviously in a good and charitable mood in that the
slaps were certainly hard, and stung as they always did, but at
least she spread them out over the entire buttock area.
Following his five minutes corner time, with hands on top of his
head, he was told to replace the panties and leave.

His hand was on the door handle when the voice behind him
snapped out: "So you have deliberately decided not to remind me
about your strapping then James?"

What could he say? He had been caught out and would no doubt,
knowing his wife, have to pay the price.....

She had trapped him and soon had him standing at attention in
front of her as she sat in the high backed chair. The chair that
she always occupied when she felt the need to lecture him.

"I stated quite clearly that you were to remind me to lay on ten
with a strap at the weekly maintenance punishment session, and
yet you totally failed to do so. I will take your omission as a
deliberate act of disobedience and deal with it accordingly. I
realise that these punishments are somewhat painful for you but
that is no excuse. They are, after all, for your own benefit and
should be accepted with good grace. I will endeavour to get
through your thick skull that when I give an order, it is to be

She stood, walked over to the rack of disciplinary items,
selected a strap with a wooden grip and a single blade well over
a foot in length, one and a half inches wide, and about a
quarter inch thick. She then resumed her seat... and her

"I have decided to give you double the original strokes and with
a more effective strap. This hasn't been used on you yet but my
guess is that you will find it unpleasant. For that reason you
will be strapped to the horse so that you won't be tempted to
avoid punishment. Following the infliction you will remain in
position and I will allow you to display your respect for my
body. Should you fail to achieve my... satisfaction... as you
often do... it will be another ten strokes. Now, remove your
punishment panties then mount the horse with your hands and feet
positioned for the securing straps."

He had only been across the large leather padded horse twice
before and neither time had she considered it necessary to
secure him. The previous times she had been harsh with him but
this time he sensed that she would be even harsher. And once he
had been thoroughly secured by the Velcro bands... she was.

There was a mirror positioned on the wall that enabled him to
see not only his face but whoever stood either side of the
horse. He watched with a frightened fascination as Jayne raised
the strap over her shoulder and brought it down... hard.

She then stood calmly and patiently watching the hands of a
large wall clock until a minute had elapsed and then laid on the
second stroke across the same area. This went inexorably on
until she had laid on the first ten strokes, all of which she
laid in a three inch band on the upturned crown of his buttocks.

James was still trying to control his breathing as the pain
continued to sweep over him when Jayne casually sat astride the
head end of the horse with her legs splayed and her skirt almost
around her waist. She leant back so that her white pantied
crotch was just inches from James's face.

"Take a good look, aren't you lucky that Mrs Brady didn't find
fault with your washing these panties. Just one mark left by
carelessness and you would have to take another thirty with this
strap instead of just another ten... ten that is if you manage
to provide a satisfactory level of service to this area. A lot
more if you fail! It may take time James, but you will learn
obedience no matter how long it might take me."

With that she slipped off the horse, picked up the strap and
started to lay what James hoped would be the final ten strokes.
This batch were concentrated on a three inch band beneath the
earlier ones which should have afforded him some relief, but as
this extended to where his buttocks and thighs meet it turned
out to be even more sensitive than the earlier application. Each
was laid on with vigour at one minute intervals and every one of
them was agony.

Finally she put down the strap, slipped out of her panties and
mounted the horse for the attention of his tongue.

He knew that despite the pain from the strap he would have to
put everything he had into the service. Her thighs were still
damp from her exertion and a faint smell of arousal reached his
nostrils as he brought his tongue to the inner lips protruding
slightly from the vulva. Even though her legs were widely
splayed the lips were hardly parted and he had to twist his neck
so that his tongue could separate the folds and enter the salty

He allowed some minutes of running his tongue up and down to
penetrate as far as it could before concentrating on the nub
near the top. As it swelled provocatively his job was made
easier and she was soon moving her hips and pressing against his
face making breathing difficult. He could feel his neck muscles
becoming tired and stiff and his tongue ached but the thought of
the extra ten strokes somehow kept him going... until she
suddenly climaxed and he was safe from further beatings... for a

Jayne had got what she wanted most of all from her new regime, a
husband so terrified of failing her that he would perform oral
service as though his life depended on it. The orgasm she
achieved while knowing this male was so intensely devoted to her
pleasure was absolutely fantastic and so powerful that she could
not bear going for a second climax, and she could not bring
herself to move for some five minutes.

Eventually, she slipped once again from the horse. She
unstrapped him and left the room without a further word.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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