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The Prisoner - Chapter 90

From: Boz 4444
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The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 90

The previous episode, Chapter 89, is at:-

The week passed surprisingly normally for James. His wife made
sure that he was kept busy and Mrs Brady continued to supervise
the work in the ladies changing room and toilet area with her
usual unsmiling thoroughness.

He also had a fair amount of intimate laundry to wash but at
least he was learning to carry out this task to the
housekeeper's satisfaction. Unfortunately she did find fault
with his work in the boot room where, in her opinion, a pair of
his wife's riding boots were polished to a less than
satisfactory shine.

Thus, the housekeeper required him to strip below the waist, sit
with legs wide and feet on two chairs whilst she used one of the
wooden spoons to impress the need for hard polishing on his
inner thighs. At least she left his backside alone, which was
just as well as it was still heavily bruised from Mrs Cordell's

The marks from the spoon were still sore and vivid but the marks
of his caning were almost faded when Friday came around again.
He was becoming accustomed to this regular disciplinary session,
but on this occasion his wife told him that she had a dinner
date and that the scheduled Friday beating would have to wait
until she returned around 10pm.

He was almost relaxed about the event as he had taken great
efforts not to incur any further penalties from when he had been
assessed and as the report had yet to arrive he felt fairly
confident that he would get off lightly by recent standards.

That is... until there came a knock at the door, just after 7pm.
It was a special delivery and James was asked to sign. As he did
so he saw the logo on the thick envelope and realised that it
was from Mrs Cordell's assessment centre. He placed it on the
hall table where he knew his wife would find it when she came in
and.... waited.

By 9.45 he was stripped down to his punishment pants and at
attention at the door to the discipline room awaiting his wife.
It was some forty minutes later when he heard her come into the
house and was horrified to realise that she had company, and it
sounded like male company.

They spent some time, probably having coffee, and who knows
what, before he heard his wife come upstairs. She approached,
passing by before she spoke to him. She was dressed casually but
clearly to impress her date with a tight fitting designer dress
that showed her figure to the full. She carried the letter that
had been delivered earlier in the evening.

Had James spent the night opposite her at the dinner table as he
companion he knew what he would be hoping for when she invited
him back to her place for coffee, and he doubted that her male
companion who was probably still downstairs felt differently.

"Well James, a little delayed this evening but we can now deal
with your weekly routine beating for which you will have a
witness tonight. I discussed you and your behaviour with my
dinner date and he has expressed a wish to see how I deal with
you. I think you know him but obviously I require you to display
an adequate level of respect to him and address him as 'Sir' at
all times."

James could not believe that she would subject him to such an
abuse and humiliation, other women was bad enough, but what
choice did he have. He knew that he would just have to remain
respectful and servile in the hope that things would not develop
along the many lines that kept flashing through his head. The
thought of having another male watch him being ritually punished
was awful, and it would be hard to bear.

Just then he heard footsteps behind him and realised that they
had been joined by the male. A voice behind him added
considerably to his feelings of humiliation.

"Well Mr Hough, we meet again."

The man moved to stand in front of James who was still rigidly
at attention. James did indeed know him, he was at one time one
of his employees and someone that he had a real problem in
dealing with mainly because of his youth, good looks, athletic
build and rather superior attitude. It had reached a level where
James had fired him from his job as a Junior Executive and he
had done so in the most humiliation way in front of the other
employees to teach him a lesson.

"I hear that you are here to be punished, so I have asked your
wife if I might be allowed to observe. Afterwards Jayne and I
will be spending the night together as you will no doubt be in
no fit state to carry out your marital duties."

Turning to speak to Jayne he asked where the marks were that she
had told him about over dinner. Without any hesitation Jayne
told him to remove his punishment panties and to stand legs
apart and hands on head for inspection. The tone in her voice
encouraged no debate or argument.

James removed his ridiculous panties and took up the position.

The male sniggered in amusement and stood directly in front of
James looking him up and down then circling him to see the marks
and bruises. He pointed to his crotch and asked if the device
locked to his genitals was uncomfortable. Looking straight ahead
James said that it was. The young male picked up immediately on
his lack of respect.

"Sorry Jayne, but I thought he had been told to call me 'Sir',
perhaps he needs to be reminded of his new status in my presence
with a dose of one of these implements that you have told me

Jayne looked with a sneer at the now wretched James, "As usual
James you seem to insist on learning the hard way by failing to
obey me."

She opened the door to the basement punishment room and led her
boyfriend and James in.

"He is due for his weekly beating with the paddle," she said to
the younger man whom she addressed as Harry.

Jayne then selected a medium weight split strap from the rack.
"I think using the strap should provide a contrast and get the
message home about treating you with respect. Have a feel of the
implement and tell me how many strokes he will need."

Harry was grinning from ear to ear as he held the strap and
stared at James.

"I would say that anything less than a dozen hard ones on the
bare would be a waste of time Jayne."

Naturally, no one asked James for his view. He stood there in
the inspection position realising that he was about to be
severely hurt by his wife just to feed her new boyfriend's
sadistic fantasies. And that there was nothing he could do about
it other than to accept the pain as best he could.

He was soon bent over the leather caning bench with his body at
right angle to his spread legs and his hands gripping the

He heard his wife slip off her high heeled shoes and kick them
to one side before taking up a position to his left. The first
stroke of the strap demonstrated that she was out to impress her
boyfriend. It certainly impressed James as it lashed down on the
same area as the cane had just days before.

She gave all twelve strokes at full force and within a narrow
four inch band. He did his best not to show just how much they
hurt but his gasps and squirming were enough to indicate the
level of pain.

"He's clearly a wimp who can't take his punishment like a man,"
Harry smirked, "let me inspect him now."

Within seconds he was back in the inspection position in front
of the boyfriend who stared again at his plastic covered penis.

"I will ask you once more Hough... is it uncomfortable?"

"Yes Sir, it is Sir," snapped back James.

Jayne then seated herself on one of the leather surfaces and
opened the bulky envelope and took out the many pages and
photographs that it contained. She scanned through the sheets
and arrived at what must have been the summary. She read it
carefully shaking her head in disbelief at the comments. As she
did so she handed several of the sheets and photographs to Harry
who also took a seat and studied them carefully, with his
eyebrows frequently raised in surprise at what he saw.

"So James, you must have thought that your assessment was some
sort of fun exercise. Mrs Cordell was unbelievably unimpressed
with the levels of obedience and acceptance of discipline that
you showed. Your selfish attitude also carried over into your
ability, or lack of ability in providing personal service to her
lady assistants. On each section you were awarded marks
consistently below the minimum standard that she requires. Her
concluding remark seems to sum it up: 'This specimen will
require several periods of both strict training and severe
punishment before I will even consider spending more time on his
assessment. I fear that your kindness to him under your training
has resulted in a truculent attitude, a feeling of superiority
and a total lack of respect for females in general. I trust and
hope that you will follow my enclosed recommendations for his
much needed training in obedience, service and discipline.' What
do you think Harry?"

She carefully retrieved the page in question and handed it to
Harry, but decided not to read it all to James believing that
the recommendations would be more effective if they came as a

Harry nodded in mock seriousness and agreement as he read what
James would have to suffer.

The first item was that he should undergo a severe thrashing so
that he would be aware of the effects of a real, professionally
inflicted punishment such as were awarded in the Correctional

As the assessment had revealed that he tended to accept the cane
more easily before an ejaculation than after which could well
indicate a slight interest in the sexual aspects of punishment.
It would be prudent to arrange a thorough milking just before
the thrashing to ensure he felt the full benefit without the
pain being diminished in any way by any endorphin effect.

Jayne had often wondered if James might be a masochist, as he
fell so easily under her control and submitted in a slave-like
manner to her sexual demands. It seems that the assessment had
confirmed it....

She then read the name of a lady who specialised in such
punishments with her contact details. It emphasised that this
was a most serious solution but one that would change his
attitude to one that Jayne would find more acceptable.

Jayne realised that it was rather late to call the lady for an
appointment but resolved to be on the telephone to her first
thing in the morning in the hope of getting an early appointment
to start James's obviously overdue training.

The pages concerning his assessments in personal service did not
surprise her as he had already failed to demonstrate a really
effective amount of effort with herself. There were
recommendations on that type of training but also the suggestion
that he should attain a basic level of fear for female authority
first that only a formal and severe punishment could achieve.

Turning her attention back to James she pointed out to him that
her presence was required by her male friend in what had been
their bedroom, however, she would first have to administer his
routine beating to prevent any backsliding by him from his
already less than satisfactory standard of behaviour.

"I'm sure Harry would rather take me to bed than have to waste
his time watching a wimp like you get his just desserts! But
from this report it seems you urgently need some serious

She ordered him over the caning horse as he had been just a
little earlier. This time she used the restraining straps and
buckled them tightly around his upper spread thighs, over his
back and around his arms and wrists.

She explained to Harry that this would be 40 strokes of the
heavier leather covered paddle, given good and hard. He asked
what allowance would be made for the previous strapping and was
told that repeated beatings to the same area were not of any
concern to her. After all, if the area was somewhat tender, it
would be up to James to behave in a way that would not attract
further chastisement.

She explained that normally she spread the strokes evenly over
his buttocks but tonight she would concentrate twenty in the
same area of each cheek to get the message home as to how
displeased she was with his assessments. Hence the need to
secure him.

Without embarrassment and clearly delighting Harry, she then
pulled up her skirt to the waist exposing her stockings and
panties, climbed up on the horse facing James' rear and sat
astride him... and then she commenced the beating in the
position which usually caused her arousal from the writhing of
her victim beneath.

She started on his left cheek with an area low down that
encroached on his upper thigh. It was not a large paddle and she
certainly brought it down hard each time, with a blow every five
seconds or so.

Almost immediately James began to gasp, then moan as he squirmed
impotently against his restraints. The pain was still building
when she had finished the last stroke on his right cheek and was
climbing off... assisted by Harry.

She pulled her skirt back into place and still panting from the
exertion, unstrapped the now shaking male. Having apologised to
Harry for being, as she put it, a little warm and sweaty, she
went into a clinch with him with noisy kissing right in front of
her husband.

When they broke for air she told James to go up to her bedroom,
turn down the large bed and to make sure that there were
adequate tissues either side of the bed. Having done that he was
to go to the drinks cabinet and pour two large red wines for
them and bring them back up to the bedroom.

James, with buttocks burning and throbbing rushed to obey. By
the time he got back with the drinks the door was closed and he
could hear the sounds from within. Timidly he knocked and was
told to enter by his wife.

She was on the bed, covered by the bed-clothes. Harry's head and
shoulders were visible and from the look on his face his
intimate parts were receiving the sort of oral worship that
Jayne had always refused to give James.

He had no choice other than to stand at attention clutching the
drinks tray with the full wine glasses and bottle awaiting his
next order.

Eventually Jayne appeared above the sheets licking her lips and
told him to hand them the wine. He had to stand with his knees
touching the side of the bed to be able to reach over and place
the glasses first in Jayne's hand and then hand one to her

When doing this he was all too aware that he was naked and with
his inferior position only too highlighted by the cruel
restrainer that was causing him almost as much pain as were his
still throbbing buttocks.

As he started to move away from the bed the male, looking at
Jayne for her approval, told him to remain pressed against the
bed so that he had a full, close and complete view of his naked
wife sprawled out in front of him.

Jayne smiled her agreement as she sipped generous gulps from the
glass then placed it back on the tray. She then spread her legs
apart and started to stroke her sex with her fingertips
provocatively waiting for Harry to finish his drink.

James face demonstrated the pain that this sexual teasing was
causing his restricted penis but rather than achieving their
sympathy, this was clearly acting as a turn-on to both of them.
She then leant over Harry and reaching out, started to gently
play with the plastic device causing even more internal pressure
to her husband making him bend at the waist to reduce the
tension in his groin.

"What a pity you can't join in James" she purred. "It seems
really sad that Harry here will be having all the fun and you
will be having all the discomfort. It looks as if that chastity
device is really living up to the promises that the lady made
about it making it really uncomfortable for you to have sexual
thoughts... do stand up straight... it can't be that bad surely!
Perhaps I should send for Mrs Brady to give it a really thorough
scrubbing to take your mind off what we will be doing in the
next hour or so. And that reminds me...." she added with a sweet
smile: "I have plans for you tomorrow and she will certainly
need to give you a really good cleaning beforehand so off you go
to get a good night's sleep for now and then report to her at
one p.m. for a milking and scrubbing ready for what will happen
later in the day. Leave the drinks tray. You are dismissed!"

James exited the room that could only now be a place of
humiliation and pain for him and, having attended to his toilet
requirements, climbed into his narrow hard bed pondering on what
on earth she had planned for him.

Instinctively he realised that it probably had something to do
with his assessment but what it could be he could not
imagine.... which was perhaps, just as well.

His mind was soon taken off those worries by the loud moans of
ecstasy that wafted down the corridor, and his restrained penis
was soon suffering all over again as he thought of the pleasure
that Harry was taking with his wife.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was late in the morning until Jayne and her new boyfriend
were up and about.

James had already been obliged to put in three hours of hard
slog working in the renovation of the old toilets under the
supervision of Mrs Brady. Her standards were becoming higher by
the week and a careless failure to clean behind one of the
toilets resulted in James, sitting on the kitchen table with
trousers off and legs splayed, receiving more painful beatings
on the soft inner thighs.

In turn, he was becoming hardened to such punishment and
frustrated Mrs Brady by meekly accepting each whack with the
large wooden spoon without undue complaint and above

Even so, a dozen on each thigh left his legs painful to even the
touch of his coarse trousers. He knew that he would be seeing
her later and when she dismissed him she reminded him of the
fact that he would be meeting her in the kitchen at precisely
one p.m.

It was just before mid-day when he heard Jayne in her office on
the telephone. The bell to summon him came a few minutes later
when she was still engrossed in the Assessment report and the
telephone call. He snapped to attention on the mat in front of
the desk trying to ignore the ever present Harry.

The main telephone discussion seemed to be about an appointment
time and Jayne was both excited and relieved to hear that five
p.m. would be convenient for the person on the end of the line.

Phrases overheard were... "He will be delivered and collected of
course"... "I fully accept that severity will be required"...
"Little point in my investing in further training until we have
really established a total acceptance and fear of female
authority,"... "Indeed... indeed a thorough extraction will be
necessary to bring the pain aspect fully home...."

None of this one sided conversation gave James anything other
than a feeling of impending doom. But what could he do? He knew
only too well that a word from his wife and his financial
dishonesty would result in years in jail not to mention the loss
of his outwardly luxurious lifestyle. Whatever she had in mind
he would just have to accept as best he could. Surely that would
be better than becoming a "Prisoner"?

She eventually replaced the telephone, made a few notes on the
forms she had then looked up to address him:

"Well James, as a result of your appalling show under assessment
I have accepted their advice and arranged for you to be sent for
some professional training rather than leave it all to Mrs Brady
and myself. I am assured that at the end of this rather
expensive training you will have a deep respect for all females
and will be instantly responsive to all of their needs. It will
take place over the next few weeks at various locations around
the county. I am assured that it will be deeply unpleasant for
you and you will need to summon all your reserves of courage to
accept whatever they do to you without having yourself reported
back to me for cowardly behaviour. I will be giving each lady
involved in your training full and complete authority over you
when in their care, with permission to discipline you in any way
they consider appropriate at any time that you need it. From
what I know of you now, I anticipate that you will require a
very firm hand... until such times that you start to toe the

She smiled at Harry who sat on the opposite side of the room and
nodding sagely and seriously, all the while trying to hold back
and suppress his desire to burst into laughter.

Jayne continued... "Your first session will be this afternoon at
five p.m. with the lady that I have just been talking to. You
will be delivered and collected by my driver as you may not be
in too good a state to drive yourself back here. The session
today will be to train you in how you will be punished during
the rest of the course. Please don't bleat that you haven't
committed any offence as this will be punishment without reason
to let you appreciate the various techniques and levels that
ladies in authority may use. Off you go and report to Mrs Brady
who will get you cleaned up and prepared for the appointment. I
will be spending the rest of today with Harry here, but will
have you report what happened when I see you in the morning.

James was in a state approaching total panic. What in the hell
was going to happen to him this afternoon? Who would be the
woman that would have such total power over him and the
authority to punish him just for the sake of it? What would
happen on the other training days that his wife mentioned? With
all these thoughts rushing around his brain he went to the old
kitchen where Mrs Brady was already waiting for him.

Snapping to attention in front of the housekeeper he told her
that he was there for a milking and a scrubbing as he had been
instructed to do so by his wife.

Mrs Brady was dressed for her day off in a tight blouse and dark
slacks rather than dressed for her duties as housekeeper and was
clearly not pleased by being detained to attend to James' needs.
She ordered him to strip and when he was standing at his usual
present position in front of her she extracted the key from a
drawer and leant over to unlock the restrainer padlock. As she
pulled the component parts away from his body and then released
his penis he felt a great surge of relief even though he thought
it would not be for long.

His penis, around the rear of his exposed glans was red and very
sore due to the constant pressure from the plastic spikes every
time his organ swelled in the least. And the evening before it
had undergone severe punishment due to his arousal while beside
Jayne's bed.

If Mrs Brady had noticed she certainly didn't comment or make
allowances and soon had him on all fours on the large wooden
table with his head well down. She took down the small polished
copper saucepan that he had to keep burnished and she always
used for his "collections" and placed it under him, then donned
a heavy pair of ridged rubber gloves.

Before she started she gave him the usual reminder that this
would be made as unpleasant as possible then took a tube of some
ointment from a drawer.

Having placed a goodly helping on the gloved fingers of her
right hand she put the tube near his head so that he could read
the label. It was some form of cream to removed dead and hard
skin from ladies feet. As his foreskin was pulled even further
back and the cream was applied to his glans and the exposed
shaft he realised that it contained abrasive granules that
would, with friction, cause his penis more pain.

She reached between his parted thighs with her right hand and
pulled his foreskin down to cover his glans, then without any
comment, started her firm rhythmic pumping of his now engorged

Without the cream, the area where his shaft met his glans would
have been painfully sore to the touch. With the addition of the
scouring ointment and with the firm grip that she always used on
him, the pain became intense.

Despite this, the regular pumping action was still sexually
stimulating and with memories of the previous evening flooding
his mind his erection remained in place. His involuntary
movements of his pelvis was disclosing a certain strange
pleasure to Mrs Brady who determined that he would suffer for

Her left gloved fingers moved around the front of his left thigh
to grasp his dangling scrotum in a gentle grip. It was some days
since his last forced milking and it didn't take Mrs Brady more
than a couple of minutes before he dutifully spurted into the
saucepan. He groaned in appreciation hoping that she would then
stop the pumping action which now only caused pain rather than
any pleasure.

She did not stop. If anything she increased the rate of pumping
and held his still erect penis in a firmer grip. Her left
fingers increased the pressure on his testes to the level of
pain and she leant on his back with the firm pressure of her
large constrained breasts pressing into him.

He tried gasping and flinching against the assault but this was
her demonstration of how she would make the event as unpleasant
as possible. He had felt the pleasure and now he must pay the

It went on for some minutes until she tired from the effort and
releasing his genitalia, she stood up. She ordered him to an
upright position on his knees then, grasping his deflating
organ, pushed the foreskin fully to the rear exposing him to her
inspection. He could not help but look down. The whole shaft was
reddened and even throbbing. The gritty paste had added greatly
to the soreness caused by the restrainer prongs and there was a
dull ache in his scrotum where she had gripped him.

"Painful isn't it James?" she smirked.

She then casually remarked running her gloved tips over the
tender parts, "You can think yourself lucky that I don't insist
on two milkings this afternoon but I have been told that you
need washing before reporting for training later."

James was relieved, as the thought of two such treatments was

"You won't be having the restrainer put back on until you arrive
back here later tonight so you will have a period of freedom..."
Mrs Brady chuckled. "Not that it looks capable of anything other
than throbbing for a few hours. Go into the ladies changing
rooms and take a thorough shower, then dry yourself and change
into casual clothes. You will then wait in your room until the
driver arrives at four p.m. for your journey. You have a few
hours to think about what might happen during your training
which your wife has hinted will result in a great improvement in
your attitude. I will see if it has when I refit your restrainer
on your return."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Wow! Just wow! I just started this story on this chapter... but
I can see I'll need to read the rest! James' treatment is
apparently severe... as it should be!


Delighted to hear that you liked my story. I have written
another chapter, but for some reason Ms Christine has not
published it. Perhaps if you ask her....




On 27 Jan 2015 boz4444 wrote about "Chapter 90":

>I have written another chapter, but for some reason Ms
>Christine has not published it

You are mistaken boz. Chapter 91 was published in November 2012.
You can see it here...


It's is nevertheless true that too much to do in other areas,
developing our products for Kindle, Android etc., has kept me
from publishing further chapters, but I do mean to publish more
as soon as time permits.

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