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posted by: "Christine" at Ms-Christine.com
posted on: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 18:18:47 -0000


Email addresses are deliberately not clickable links on the
DOMestic blog in order to reduce the likelihood of people
receiving spam when posting their email here. See how
to copy and paste

If however you wish someone to reply to your email address, then
you can't reply using the blog form. You need to supply your
email address in the method described here.-


If you wish to reply to a person direct, then you will need to
copy and paste the email address manually. For those who don't
know how to highlight content to copy and paste, it is probably
best that you learn how to use your computer before attempting
to reply. It's basic stuff, but here's how it works on many

To copy text:

Highlight the email you want to copy with the mouse or other
pointing device. Then press Ctrl-C (Windows and Linux) or
Command-C (Mac).

To paste text:

Position the text cursor where you want to paste.
Press Ctrl-V (Windows and Linux) or Command-V (Mac).

This message is in response to the vast amount of folk who are
still replying via the blog for direct contact despite the blog
form clearly saying NOT to do that.

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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[Tip:- The correct answer is "No". If "Yes" see direct contact guidelines.]

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