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penis plug urethral play

Date: 15 Aug 2009 19:02:30 -0000
From: j_stimmt


I recently mail-ordered a penis plug and my queen has agreed to
use it on me this weekend as a birthday treat in combination
with severely administered spankings from her riding crop.

My only prior experience with urethral play was when I was
masturbating as a teenager and used some lubricant and a Q-tip.
I didn't really know what I was doing at the time and for added
effect, I strapped a rubber band around my cock.

A day later, blood was coming out of my urethra and I was
totally freaked out.

So, it's with some trepidation that I venture back into this
type of play with my beloved queen. I know to sterilize the plug
with rubbing alcohol before using it and to use a water-soluble
lubricant for easier insertion.

I am also fearing that my queen/wife will get freaked and change
her mind about doing this.

Anyone else out there have experiences with / suggestions about
urethral play?


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I engage in some urethral play with my submissive husband, j.

I ordered a penis plug for him several years ago, but was
disappointed when I was unable to get it in. Some time after
that I ordered a set of urethral sounds, which I use on j fairly
regularly. I must admit that initially I used the sounds with
quite a bit of trepidation, as I was fearful of causing serious
physical harm. With careful use, however, they are pretty safe.
You may want to consider using a sterile lubricant. Stockroom
and most D/s sites sell it.

j experiences very strong sensations when I use the sounds on
him, and though his urethra is still too narrow for the penis
plug, I am sure that one day I will have it stretched out

I have blogged about this in the past. Feel free to check those
posts out. Let me know if you have any questions, and have fun!


Sensual Femdom,

Thanks for your reply. Interesting about the penis plug being
too big for your husband's urethra. The one I ordered was a
"starter" plug, designed to penetrate, but not to stretch so
much. My assumption is that one gradually increases the
thickness of the plug over time until larger ones can be used.

But... I read somewhere online - the exact reference escapes me
now - that stretching the urethra too much can cause a urinary
tract infection because after the play is done, urinating can
cause small amounts of urine to be trapped inside a pocket
created by the stretching and then causes bacteria to grow (I
tried to find the original weblink for this claim, but was
unable). Anyway, this freaks me out a little, but my involvement
is not nearly as intense as the thickness of what I imagine a
sound might be.

BTW, my wife did freak out when it came down to using the plug.
Beforehand, she expressed her fears and we decided that she
would "order" me to insert the plug in myself. After I did this,
she asked me to take it out because she felt she could not go on
with the scene - it was scaring her too much.

I offered to show her some of my research online - there are a
couple of doctors who have written small articles on the safe
use of penis plugs.

Any other suggestions on what I can do to help her feel more
comfortable with this type of play?

She doesn't seem to have a problem with snapping a clothespin on
the end of my cock, it's just the penetration part that she has
trouble with.




In general, penis plugs are safer than urethral sounds. That is
because sounds descend much farther down the urethra (closer to
the bladder). Also, the sounds have some weight to them. I
wouldn't say they are heavy, but they are solid. If not held the
entire time they can drop down too far. Many sounds, however,
have a ribbed area to prevent this.

Any time you engage in urethral play there is some risk of
infection. You must be careful to be safe! Sterilize the penis
plug (or sounds) prior to use. While boiling can eliminate most
of the bacteria, the only way to truly sterilize it is by using
a pressure cooker. Great instructions here:


When using your plug or sound, use lots and lots of lube. There
is no such thing as using too much lube! Put a good amount of
lube on the end of your penis, and coat your plug (or sound) in
it as well. A great lube is Surgilube, which is very thick as
well as sterile.

After I use sounds on j I have him drink a glass or two of
cranberry juice. The acidity in the juice helps prevent the
bacteria from growing in the bladder.

Regarding your wife's comfort level, with any luck that will
grow in time. Using sounds and plugs is something that is not
for everyone, but I have grown to love the control I have over j
during our urethral play.

Feel free to contact me through my blog - click on my profile.
You can email me through it.


I have used urethral inserts for many years without problems. I
have plugs, sounds, catheters, and other devices designed for
such play... and advise anyone to never use anything not
designed for such activity.

Stretching a urethral opening is not the same as stretching an
anus... the urethral opening is NOT a sphincter... it is merely
an opening. It must be stretched VERY slowly over a long time or
it will tear (no fun). However, the urethra itself (the tube
inside the penis) is very stretchy and will handle much larger
sizes than the opening.

I rarely use a sterile lube. For a long time I did, but after a
while just started using saliva. I know all the caveats about
infections, etc., but the simple fact is... the urethra pretty
much clears itself out. As long as you are healthy and have good
oral hygiene, it's likely you won't have a problem. After all,
when you're sucked off, a saliva-filled mouth is right there,

My wife enjoys doing this to me, too. While she doesn't like it
done to her, she does like to insert sounds and plugs in me;
likes "fucking" my cock with them; likes sucking me off while my
dick is filled this way; and likes the visual and mental
stimulation of the play.

Bleeding could be caused from too-rough action at first, but
careful regular play will toughen up the urethra. I am quite
capable of jerking off with sounds or plugs in my cock and the
feeling is wonderful. I especially enjoy a deep sound, one that
is into my prostate, as the stimulation there is incredible and
the resultant orgasm is very intense.

Sometimes, she will use a quite large plug - big enough to
prevent the escape of the ejaculate - and "trap" the cum
inside... very erotic, though slightly painful (which is the
point, no?)

The cock, balls, and urethra can all take far more "abuse" than
we expect... as long as it is carefully administered. Cock
slapping, ball punching, dick fucking... pinching, twisting,
tying... they will take them all and smile the whole time!


Urine itself is sterile, and even highly nutritious. We consider
it waste, but some cultures bathe in it as an antiseptic, or
even drink it. Trapped urine should not cause infection. But do
drink plenty of fluids and keep it moving.

A UTI (urinary tract infection) could only be caused by
introducing bacteria into the tract, either by an insufficiently
sterilized toy, or by contact of the toy with bacteria near the
opening of the penis, just inside the opening, or outside on the
surface. So clean that penis before playing, and rinse out the
opening a bit.

The bleeding you experienced from use of the cotton swab (ouch!)
was likely the cotton's abrasion of the sensitive tissues of the
urethra. These tissues are designed for contact only with
liquids! But if you use a smooth insertable, such as a sound or
a plug which doesn't stretch too much, you should not have much
of this problem.

If there is a drop of blood or two, don't be too alarmed, it
likely just means you've abraded some tissue a little too much.
Allow some time for it to heal and try to be gentler next time.
A small amount of pink mucus is likely to be expected,
especially if you penetrate into the bladder with the urethral
sound. (Be extremely careful and slow if you go that deep.)

Since you are introducing objects from the outside into the
body, and disturbing cell membranes in the process, there is a
risk of infection. After any urethral play, drink plenty of
liquid so that you'll urinate heavily to flush out that tract
with good sterile urine. Cranberry juice and such are excellent
for urinary health.

Try not to use petroleum-based lubricants such as vaseline or
bacitracin. They are better than nothing, but are really meant
for external use. When used internally, they will stick to your
innards and not flush out quickly enough to be consistent with
good health.

Do not hesitate to see a doctor if there is any sign of a
Urinary Tract Infection, since these can be very dangerous.
Certain antibiotics such as doxycycline are especially good for
UTI's since they concentrate in the urine.

Be aware that it is very unusual for a man to contract a UTI
without engaging in something like anal sex, or being
catheterized in the hospital, or engaging in urethral play.


My wife has a fetish about controlling my ejaculation....

penis plug controlling ejaculation causes pain in crotch


i started using sounds about two months ago, i was just taking a
6mm., now i'm on to 11mm. i look at the 18mm there is no way i
will get that big but i take it slow.

if it don't fit in, don't force it.



For extended wear of a penis plug can the plug be longer than
the length of a flaccid penis or will that cause damage if too


Please read the advice I've just posted about
penis plugs for prolonged urethral play at:-


Also you may want to take a look at this
Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment


hi, I want to use a penis plug but I'm scared to try it out as I am
a cut guy and I just want to feel at ease using one but I know
it will hurt me and I need to know if I can use anything in my
home that will look like a penis plug.



christopher wrote:

>I want to use a penis plug

There are lots to choose from, this search on Amazon for example shows lots of penis catheters including many that are suitable for use as penis plugs.

>but I'm scared to try it out as I am a cut guy

I don't believe it makes any difference that you are circumcised. Here for example, is a penis plug for natural and circumcised penis that is advertised on Amazon.

>and I just want to feel at ease using one but I know
>it will hurt me

If it hurts, stop it. If done carefully and with the right equipment it will be pleasurable with only mild discomfort.

>and I need to know if I can use anything in my
>home that will look like a penis plug.

Absolutely NOT. That is very dangerous.

Never use any household items, or any item that is not specifically designed for inserting into your penis. There are too many risks, and numerous horror stories of people who ended up in A&E (accident and emergency) at the local hospital because things went wrong.

Rules to follow....

1. Use only medical grade equipment designed for the purpose like catheters and sounds.

2. Use the right size. The width of your own urethra is ideal. Wider will cause your urethra to stretch and cause pain. Whereas thinner can cause injuries and penetrate sensitive tissue.

3. Use lubricant, and lots of it. You need to choose the correct sterile lubricant.

4. Be gentle. The urethra is very sensitive tissue that can be easily torn or injured. You do not want to puncture the urethral wall. If you notice sudden sharp pain or blood you should seek medical attention straight away.

But most important, educate yourself thoroughly on this topic before you consider putting anything up there.

Please read the advice I posted about penis plugs for prolonged urethral play at:-


Also you may want to take a look at this

Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment

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