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chastity for small penis?

Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 20:33:03 -0400
From: Danielle

I have tried the CB 3000 on my slave however his penis is so
small that it won't stay locked on. Does anyone know if the CB
6000 will work any better on really small penises, i.e., one
half inch when flaccid.



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i have the cb60000 and it is pretty secure but, my penis is a
shrinker, and soft is only about 2-3 inches, so it is possible
to pull out the back.

i tried to add the inserts from ksd using the #3 size, the one
that makes the opening the smallest, it really helps, but it
will still wiggle out the back.

maybe a belt type would work? but they are pretty expensive.




Try the exobelt v series. That will work well for smaller



Miss Danielle,

i am pretty tiny as well and am about to buy the CB6000s which
is a very short tube to fit the CB series. You may buy either
the whole unit or just a smaller cage.

i hope that this helps


Danielle wrote:

>his penis is so small that it won't stay locked on -snip- one
>half inch when flaccid

Hi Danielle, we can make a custom sized device just for you.
Please visit us at chastityheaven to see all our models. We just
went public today with our new, much more professional website!
Please check it out.

Custom sized is the answer for his penis size. Plus, there is no
comparison between the comfort of stainless steel and the
discomfort of plastic... your cage, if purchased from us, will
be custom made by a fine craftsman. We've been told they are
works of art.

I am still in mine after more than 4 months and it's still just
as comfortable now as it was when I put it on on June 15th! I
could never do that in my CB-2000 or Curve.

Independent reviews will be coming out in the coming weeks and
months, and I will keep readers updated when they do, but trust
me, a device from us will serve your needs well. Thanks!



For a small penis you might need to resort to a piercing to hold
it in place. My penis is about that size, and if I try I can
push it all in when flaccid, so escape would be easy. A piercing
in the end of the penis would be required to keep the penis in
any cage.


slaveboy wrote:

>we can make a custom sized device just for you.

I went to the chastity heaven web site. Very impressive and
reasonably priced. I will definitely consider that.



Danielle wrote:

>I went to the chastity heaven web site. Very impressive

Why Thank You Danielle!

Since going public and having our very first Internet review,
things are picking up and we're getting a lot of interest.
DOMestic readership is getting involved nicely too, so a big
Thank You to Christine and David!

The web designer and fairly well known blogger "Aarkey" received
his Cage model about 2 weeks ago and he has a very in depth
review on his site at aarkeybabble.blogspot.com

I'm sure some of the readers read "Aarkey's" blog so we were
glad he offered us up a professional redesign with a device as
partial payment for it. He has reviewed most other devices out
there and they can all be found on his blog, so you are able to
compare what he says about us with what he has said about the
others, including Birdlock, CB-2000 and Curve as well as many
many others.

Because of size issues, ours is the only device he has been able
to wear more than a couple or few days. He says he will be
posting ongoing updates. I know he's getting out today for his
birthday after a record breaking (for him) 7 1/2 days in it.
Aarkey also had a size issue, but his issue is he is too big for
the other devices so we made him one that fits perfectly. Please
read his review and ask any questions you might have if you are
considering getting one. Devices are delivered within 2 weeks,
and usually a lot less than that. Customers seem very surprised
that we are able to deliver a custom sized and custom made
device so quickly.

Also, please be aware that if you or any reader has a request
for minor changes in the design of the device you are
considering buying from us, we will happily accommodate any
reasonable requests for modifications to suit your needs. Just
ask. More about that on Aarkey's blog and he also posted pics of
him wearing it and using his piercing to make it even more
secure. We're also very excited about an added security option
we are about to release for sale very soon (possibly this week)
that is very promising for those wanting added security. Ask if
interested at chastityheaven

Lastly, there will be other reviews and articles by a major
chastity website soon and it's one of the bigger chastity sites!
I'll keep readers posted when that option becomes available too.

Thank You



Small penis?

Tell him I said, "Ha! Ha!"

Then give it a good SMACK!



I have been looking for the chastity heaven website and it seems
to have been taken down. Does anyone know if they have a
new website?

thank you



Allen wrote:

>chastity heaven website.. seems to have been taken down

A "whois" search on the domain name suggests that it is up for
sale, and the parking page is now hosted on an outdated and
insecure server. So we have removed that domain name from our
links on the DOMestic blog.

>Does anyone know if they have a new website?

Have you tried writing to the email address given by the web
chastity heaven website owner on the DOMestic blog...


at the link above?

David at Ms-Christine.com



Being a great fan of genuinely secure chastity devices, a
concept I've always found "heavenly" even if the reality is not
always workable, I seem to remember that the devices were also
being made by "maturemetal"

David wrote:


So I clicked on David's link and found another link in the first
paragraph of slaveboy's post to the new chastity devices post


Reading that post by slaveboy entitled "Chastity, foot worship
and the feeling of being gelded" I see that slaveboy later
mentions in his reply to "jboy" that his new "heavenly" chastity
devices are indeed the same ones being offered by "maturemetal"


So hopefully that link will help you get your hands on a
"heavenly" one?

If so, please tell us all about your experience with it. I would
certainly like to find an inescapable one that could keep David
out of mischief. But until then, I'll just have to rely on my
trusty black handled cane. -sigh- A woman's work is never done!

sincerely, Christine

The Fem Dom Training Software. Now on your phone and mobile
devices. Advises on how best to train your husband/lover.



After spending a lot of time and wasted money on this subject,
let me share my insights.

My penis is very small when flaccid (oh and tiny when erect) so
despite loving the idea of chastity it never used to work. I
always got bored and escaped.

What I found out:

First - cheap and secure don't go together - you can always get

Second - expensive and metal is often impractical and
embarrassing at the airport. :-)

Don't despair however there is a solution. I have had a small,
almost painless frenum piercing. It was simple to get and very
humiliating (mistress watched and giggled with the guy who did

This now means that any of the cheap plastic devices are 100%
secure with the addition of an extra lock or fastener on a ring
through the piercing.

I can't pull out for a sneak wank now, which is super exciting
(did I say that?).

I did find that I could cum if I used a vibrator on the plastic
device, but it was a sad and rather unpleasant feeling.

Mistress found out and I confessed, resulting in an extra two
weeks in chastity.

It can be done.

Yours respectfully

(moderator changed "fermium piercing" to "frenum piercing" as we don't think "james" meant the element Fermium)

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