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How to get in direct contact

posted by: "David" at Ms-Christine.com
posted on: Tue, 07 Nov 2006 20:54:28 +0000


If you post via the blog, your email address will not be
displayed. There are no exceptions to this. These are our
security procedures for displaying your email:-

Anyone can type in any address on a blog form. So the way it
works here is that if you want to be contacted directly, you can
say so in a post to the blog, but only by sending that post by
to the list address DOMestic@Ms-Christine.com

Only if we receive your post via email can we verify that the
"From:" email address and your desire to post it to a public forum are
genuine. Then we can safely publish your email address.

If two people want to get in contact, then one of you should get
a private email address and post it with your message by email


We post web addresses, "From:" email addresses, but we don't
post phone numbers or physical addresses
as these cannot be
easily verified.

We are not an email forwarding service and we will not send
your messages on to advertisers for you.


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Ms. L wrote:

>I would like to know the best way to use your service to
>search for a submissive.

I would think the best way is to place an advert, and/or reply
to any existing adverts which interest you.

If you are going to post your email address publicly here or
elsewhere for direct contact in either an advert or a reply then
I would definitely use a disposable email address that you are
prepared to dump, such as those offered free by Yahoo et cetera.
You could even go one step further and protect that email
address by using something like the free service at spamgourmet.


I've not tried them, but such services claim that they
deliberately set up self destructing email addresses that dump
email over a number you can set yourself.

We will not post any email address unless it is the "From"
address of an email you send in to us.

>I have looked around the site and didn't find a way to best do

You'll find our guidelines for how to post a message which
encourages direct contact at:-


You sent your message in by direct email, and we would usually
post such an email address publicly if your message indicated
you wished to receive direct email. It didn't, so we didn't post

If you scan down the right hand side menu of the blog you'll
find a couple of sections of interest to you:-

"Meeting Others", where amongst others you'll find David posted
a message entitled "Finding Fem-Dom Friends" at:-


The right hand menu of the blog is alphabetical, so further on
down you will find Personal Ads.

Both the "Personal Ads" and the "Meeting Others" sections have
beneath them various sub-menus (excuse the pun) which are also
alphabetical by region and type. So you may find others have
made suggestions or placed ads relevant to your part of the
world in the appropriate menu area.

>Is there a certain protocol?

We don't have a particular protocol. Such rules as we do have
are at...


And you can sum those that apply to ads up in the following

We ask that your email subject line starts with P:, for personal
ad, but if you don't do that, we change it anyway. We recommend
that you open up and tell a story. By that we mean that we think
that it's best not to just post the kind of two or three line
"ads" you'll see others posting elsewhere.

>If I had a decent sub, I'd direct him to the task!

Yes, but then you wouldn't need to :-)

>Any guidance from you would be appreciated.

You didn't say which part of the world you are in, but there is
a discussion between rory and greg at:-


which includes some suggestions as to other places to advertise.
You'll find similar suggestions have been made by others
elsewhere in the world in some of the locations I've already

To sum up, I'd say reply to ads here, or place an ad here, by
sending an email to DOMestic (not using the posting form) and
say what you mean and mean what you say.

If folk have posted their email address here, then it's pretty
safe to assume that they are inviting direct contact. It is
against the rules on DOMestic to write directly to folk unless
they have expressed a willingness to receive direct email. But
we no longer post email addresses to the blog or the list unless
folk have said they wish to receive direct contact.

As a dominant woman, you might get a lot of unwanted responses
to any email address you post in any public forum. So unless you
have a lot of time to waste, you might want to make it clear
that you will not be replying at all to anyone who doesn't
demonstrate that they have read and understood your ad properly,
and replied in the way you specify.

If you do waste your time replying to folk who haven't read and
understood your own ad, then you might just send them an email
telling them to go back and read your ad again, and give them
the URL of your ad. Some folk don't seem to read and comprehend
the first time.

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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